The 14 Best Gifts Under $25 for Runners in 2018

If you're searching for an inexpensive gift for a runner, check out this list of perfect gifts that runners will love.

26.2 Bronze Keychain

This premium-quality keychain makes a fantastic gift for the runner in your life. Made of solid bronze, the 26.2 medallion will give them a daily reminder of their accomplishment and show their love of running.  Also available with a 13.1 half marathon medallion.

Princeton Tec Amp 1L Flashlight

This small, but powerful, flashlight is perfect for runners who run in low-light conditions. Light and easy-to-carry, its super-bright LED bulb lasts for 72 hours on two AAA batteries.

RokBAND Multi-Functional Headband

RokBANDS are multifunctional headbands that you can wear as a headband, thick or thin hairband, scrunchie, beanie, mask, scarf, or wristband. Each RokBAND is made out of a poly performance microfiber fabric that wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. Available in 18 different colors, they feature lots of fun and inspiring phrases such as "will run for wine", "kick asphalt", and "Believe".

Ultimate Direction FastDraw Extreme

The Ultimate Direction FastDraw Extreme can keep fluids cold, no matter the temperature. The neoprene band that wraps around the bottle prevents the liquid inside from getting warm while protecting hands from getting ice cold. The bottle also features a zippered compartment that can hold keys, cash or energy gel.

Runner's World Desk Calendar

This calendar is a perfect way to get running tips, inspiring running quotes, and motivational running images every day.

Running Beer Pint Glass

Raise these beer pint glasses to toast your favorite runner. This 20 oz pint glass engraved with one of three unique running designs (female runner, male runner, and I Love Running) makes a perfect gift for a runner and a great addition to a home bar.

2017 Runner's World Wall Calendar

If you prefer a wall calendar, this one from Runner's World is also full of inspiring, beautiful images, tips, and quotes.

Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Long distance runners have to eat during their runs and these Jelly Belly Sport Beans are a yummy and convenient option. Available in six different flavors, they're a great stocking stuffer.

Runner's World Subscription

I always look forward to getting my copy of Runner's World in the mail every month. Whether your runner is a beginner or experienced runner, he or she will love the information and motivation inside this magazine.

Half Marathon or Full Marathon Christmas Ornaments

These adorable 13.1 and 26.2 ornaments will help runners reminisce about their half or full marathon every year at Christmas.

Injinji Running Socks

If your favorite runner complains about blisters on their feet, these injinji socks are a perfect solution. Like gloves for your feet, these innovative "toe socks" help prevent foot blisters by managing moisture in between your toes and entire foot and eliminating skin-on-skin friction. The CoolMax fabric wicks moisture dries quickly, and breathes well, making these socks ideal for marathons and long-distance running.

Mini Massage Balls

Massage balls can help reduce tension and increase circulation and mini massage balls are perfect to use on your back, feet, or anywhere you feel the tension. Runners can use them to relax sore and strained muscles after hard workouts and long runs.

Nathan Power Shower Wipes

These portable, travel size shower wipes are perfect if you need to freshen up after a workout, but don't have time to go home. They're safe to use on your entire body and will leave you looking great and smelling clean. And if you belong to a gym, the wipes are a great way to clean equipment before or after you use it.

Amphipod Micropack LandSport

The Amphipod micropack is perfectly sized to carry keys, cash, energy gels, or an iPod mini, nano, or Shuffle. It fastens securely and the pouch rests on the inside of a waistband, allowing the runner easy access to contents.

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