The Best Running Gifts for All Types of Runners

Running is a simple sport — all you really need are a pair of running shoes (and some runners don't even use those).  But why stop there when there's so much fun running gear, apparel, and gadgets out there?  If you're looking for running gifts — either for yourself as a little reward or for another runner — check out these running gift ideas.

Running Gifts Under $25

2017 runners desk calendar
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If you're searching for an inexpensive gift for a runner, check out this list of items that will put a smile on any runner's face.

Running Gifts for Men

Garmin Forerunner
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Shopping for a male runner in your life? Get some inspiration for these running gift ideas for men.

Running Keepsakes for Half and Full Marathoners

Medal Art Hangers
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Choose one of these running items as a thoughtful gift for the runner in your life or as a treat for yourself after you finish a half or full marathon.

Running Gifts Under $15

Marathon Key Fob
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Looking for an inexpensive gift for your favorite runner? Check out this list of items under $15 that runners will love.

Running Gifts for Women

TrailHeads Ponytail Hat
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Looking for a gift for a female runner in your life? Get some inspiration for these running gift ideas for women.

Stocking Stuffers for Runners

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Looking for a small gift for your favorite runner? Check out this list of perfect stocking stuffers that runners will love.

Running Gifts for Marathon Runners

Fuel belt
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From hydration belts to foam rollers, here are some running-related products that a marathoner-in-training may need.

Marathon Jewelry

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A piece of jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate and reward a marathon (or half marathon) achievement. Choose from these bracelets, necklaces, and charms.

Funny Running T-Shirts

if found on ground drag to finish line t-shirt
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If you know a runner with a good sense of humor, get them one of these T-shirts with funny sayings, such as "Will Run for Cupcakes" and "I Run to Burn Off the Crazy".

Personalized Running Gifts

Running charms
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If you're looking a unique gift for a runner in your life, or you want to give yourself a special treat, check out these personalized running gifts.

Fun Gifts for Running Women

Running tutu
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If you have a woman in your life who loves to run, and also loves to have fun, check out this list of running items for some fun gift ideas.

Best Products to Carry a Phone on the Run

Runner with headphones
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Does your favorite runner like to run with his or her phone?

Check out this list of some of best products where you can stash your phone during a run.

Best Headphones for Runners

JLab Epic Earbuds
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Here are some runner-approved headphones that will keep any runner motivated to continue running with their favorite music.

Romantic Running Gifts

Runner getting massage
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Check out these thoughtful gift ideas for runners that go beyond the typical technical running shirt or hat.

Running Gifts for Moms

If you have a runner Mom in your life, here are some gift ideas that any running Mom will love.

Books for Runners

Born to Run
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Inspire and educate the runners on your gift lists with some of these running books.

Christmas-Themed Running Gifts

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Looking for a Christmas-themed gift for the runners on your gift list? Choose from these fun ornaments and other holiday-inspired gifts.

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