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Insoles can make a big difference in how your shoes feel. They can add cushioning and arch support. However, it can take a lot of trial-and-error shopping to find the right insole that gives your foot what it needs. FootBalance insoles are custom-molded on the spot to give you the support your foot needs. They are available at select athletic and outdoor shoe retailers, which you can find from the FootBalance website.

Foot Analysis First

At a store that provides the FootBalance insole molding, you will first get a computerized foot analysis. This will determine your arch height and where you place the most pressure on your foot when standing. Every foot is different, and you may have different needs for each foot. Foot analysis and a semi-custom insole can be a solution. The foot analysis process takes just a couple of minutes.

Quick Custom Molding for FootBalance Insoles

After the foot mapping, the shoe salesman selects the FootBalance insole that will best suit your needs. For example, you may only walk or run for short distances, or you may be training for long distance events such as the half marathon and wearing cushioned shoes. Some of the FootBalance insoles can provide motion control to correct for overpronation as well as support and cushioning.

The salesman warms up the insoles, and you spend about five minutes standing on them in various ways as he molds them to your foot. Whether you have a high arch or flat feet. you will get the exact amount of support you need. You should walk around in the store for several minutes wearing the insoles. If you have any discomfort or the arch seems to be too high or too low, ask for a repeat. You usually won't be charged extra.

Feeling the Difference With Footbalance Insoles

Once molded, the Footbalance insoles are ready to wear. When you slip them into your shoes you are likely to feel the difference immediately. Every shoe feels better. This can be a little dangerous when you are in a shoe store and trying on different models. They may all feel so good that it can be harder to determine which will be best to buy.

But the true test of the insoles comes in wearing them for your workouts. It's best to test them out on shorter and slower workouts at first, in case they change your gait. That is always a possibility and you want to build up your time gradually. If you have no new aches and pains, you can increase your speed and distance over the next week. Wear your usual insoles for longer and faster workouts.

One of the good effects of custom molded insoles is that you may have less foot and leg fatigue. The insoles are shock absorbers for your feet, so if they work, you should feel less fatigue.

Blisters can be a problem when you change your shoes or insoles. Because they conform better to your foot, it may mean fewer blisters. This was the experience of the reviewer. The typical blisters she had during a half marathon were eliminated and she never experienced them again after wearing FootBalance insoles on dozens of half marathons.

Do Insoles Increase Shoe Life?

Walking and running shoes lose their cushioning effects and start breaking down after you wear them for a few hundred miles. One rule of thumb is to replace them at 500 miles, although you may need to replace them more often. Good insoles can help extend the usable life of your shoes.

The Footbalance insoles themselves, however, need replacement as well. They should last eight to 12 months, according to Footbalance. That's about twice as long as your shoes should last.

Bottom Line on Footbalance Insoles

FootBalance insoles can help you feel less fatigue and have better performance. There are a couple of drawbacks. First, they are expensive—about the cost of a sneaker. However, you eliminate the cost of trial-and-error trying other types of insoles. It can be a cheaper option to get ones that fit your foot in one try. Second, you have to find a store that carries them and you can't order them online. They have a store finder search on their website.

For a semi-custom do-it-at-home insole, they have FootBalance QuickFit insoles. You heat and mold these yourself.

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