LifeTrak Zone C410 Fitness Wearables Review

Never Heard of LifeTrak Fitness Wearables? Now's the Time!

Call me lazy, but I hate constantly charging all my devices. I'm lucky if I remember to charge my laptop and phone, much less a GPS watch, Bluetooth headphones, and an activity monitor. I typically consider it a "win" if I can get through a workout without a device dying on me.

It's for this reason, and this reason alone, that the LifeTrak Zone C410 ($100) became my personal favorite fitness wearable (at least for now):

You never have to charge it.

Granted, the LifeTrak device isn't as flashy as some of the other devices on the market, and it doesn't have many extra features, such as smartwatch messaging or GPS tracking, but its ease-of-use for 24/7 fitness and sleep monitoring is the best I've seen to-date.

Features and Benefits

  • 1-Year Battery Life. As I've already mentioned, you don't have to think about charging this wearable. Simply strap it on your wrist and wear it for a year before replacing the coin cell battery.
  • Affordable. At just $99, the Zone C410 offers nice features at a reasonable price.
  • Water Resistant to 30-Meters. Wear the watch in the shower, while swimming or hanging out at the beach. As long as you're not free diving or SCUBA diving, you'll be in the clear.
  • Calorie, Step and Distance Tracking. The monitor does a good job of automatically tracking your daily step count and corresponding distance and offers a calorie burn estimate based on your activity, age, sex, weight, and height. These seem to be fairly accurate estimates, although I do recommend assuming all fitness monitors could be off by at least10% in either direction. In other words, if the device says you've burned 2,000 calories, you'd be better off assuming you've burned anywhere from 1,800 to 2,200 calories... and to avoid overestimating your daily activity level, it's often best to err on the lower side of the spectrum.
  • SleepTrak. The LifeTrak Zone C410 automatically tracks sleep quality and disturbances, providing insights into your nightly sleep patterns.
  • Strapless Heart Rate Monitoring. You can check your heart rate at any time of the day with a simple click of the button. The ease of use is handy, but I personally found this feature to be a bit buggy - especially during workouts, the watch would often fail to pick up my heart rate, or would drastically underestimate it.
  • Weekly Records Stored on the Watch. The watch itself stores a week's worth of data when it comes to sleep, steps, calories burned and distance traveled. This makes it easy to compare day-over-day information without logging into the watch's corresponding app.
  • App-enabled. While I never personally used the app (neither of my Android phones has been compatible), there is an app that works with iOS and select Android devices. The app provides more detailed data and graphs so you can track your changes over the course of a full year.


  • App Isn't Compatible With All Android Phones. I was bummed I couldn't try the app because the app wouldn't work on my smartphone.
  • Pretty Basic Looking. There are lots of cool-looking fitness devices and monitors on the market, and the C410 isn't one of them. While there's certainly nothing wrong with its digital display and adjustable strap, there isn't anything exciting about it, either. At the very least, I would have liked to be able to choose from different colored straps.
  • Buggy Heart Rate Monitoring. Like most strapless heart rate monitors, the C410 left something to be desired. During ​everyday activities, it seemed to pick up my heart rate reasonably well, but during a tough workout? All bets were off.

Who It's For

As I already said, this is my favorite fitness tracking device for the simple reason that you don't have to charge it. This watch is for anyone (like me) who doesn't want to think about plugging their fitness monitor in but still wants the ability to monitor sleep and activity habits with a wearable device.

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