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    Get trusted information on starting to exercise, working out effectively, race training, and more to make physical activity a part of your everyday healthy living journey.
    Woman doing exercises at her desk
    8 Ways to Move More During the Workday
    high intensity exercise
    Lactic Acid Build Up: What It Means and How to Get Rid of It
    The benefits of paddleboarding
    Everything You Need to Know About Paddleboarding
    Thoughtful young woman with curly hair lying in bed at home
    The Best Exercises for When You're Feeling Sad
    Dancing Boxing Jumping rope Yoga Tai Chi Walking
    The Best Exercises for When You're Feeling Angry
    People playing pickleball
    How to Play Pickleball: Tips For Getting Started
    Benefits of Tennis
    How to Play Tennis: Tips for Getting Started
    Montreal fitness classes, gyms, and centres include these free yoga classes.
    Are Competitive Group Fitness Classes Right for You?
    Below view of young man and woman playing squash
    How to Play Your Favorite Sport and Get Fit at the Same Time
    Male Push ups
    Best Chest Exercises for Men
    Mature Woman Doing Weighted Ball Exercises
    An Overview of Fitness Trends
    Young woman standing on the running track outdoor and warming up. It's night time.
    The Pros and Cons of Working Out Twice a Day
    Enjoying Exercise in Retirement
    Just Retired? Here's How to Boost Your Physical Activity
    Woman doing a plank
    Why Functional Fitness Exercises Should Be Part of a Weight Loss Plan
    woman talking on phone with exercising
    Burn 100 Calories Without Going to the Gym
    Exercise Ball Chair Precautions
    Be Skeptical of Benefits From Sitting on an Exercise Ball
    Senior women exercising at home
    Great Fitness Tips for Every Woman Over 50
    An elderly woman using strength machine in gym
    Why Personal Training Is a Growing Trend Among Seniors
    Girl balancing on medicine ball
    Do Kids Need Personal Trainers?
    Healthy Female Stretching in Gym Before Workout
    How to Know If You Found a Great Personal Trainer
    Man Running
    How Having Good Balance Can Reduce Your Chance of an Ankle Sprain
    athletic trainer timing athlete on track
    Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) Career Profile
    Two young men and a young woman running on a path with late afternoon backlighting
    What Research Says About the Best Time of Day to Run
    Couple Exercising
    Can Exercise Actually Improve Your Sex Life?
    Did You Know Regular Exercise Can Make You 9 Years Younger?
    Latina sports woman running up outdoor stairway in Berlin
    How Do I Get Rid of Loose Skin after Weight Loss?
    Woman walking
    Ready to Get Back to Your Workouts? Fall is the Perfect Time
    Young woman sitting in the gym with a bottle of juice and other person behind her
    Does Working Out When You're Hungry Help You Maximize Fat Loss?
    Woman doing inner thigh leg lift
    How to Find a Gym Near You and Choose the Right One
    African curvy woman and personal trainer doing boxing workout session outdoor - Focus on face
    How Can I Burn More Fat When Exercising?
    10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Personal Trainer
    Is a Personal Trainer Right for You? 10 Reasons to Hire One
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    The Top Health and Fitness Trends Over the 2000-2010 Decade
    Fitness Instructors Helping Overweight Male
    How to Deal When You've Embarrassed Yourself at the Gym
    Woman doing sit ups in park
    Is Your Health and Fitness Offending the People You Know?
    Desk exercises
    Exercise and Stay Fit Right at Your Office Desk
    Exercise: The Best Stress Relief
    Two young males jogging in an urban area together
    4 Tips to Stay Fit and Keep up Your Exercise Routine After College
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    Where to Find Helpful Fitness and Health Information Online
    man walking on a trail in the woods
    What Does It Mean to Be “Healthy”
    Interval Training
    The Best Ways to Exercise Your Stress Away
    USA, New Jersey, Young woman practicing yoga
    How and Why to Add Mindfulness to Your Exercise Routine
    Group of Women Working-Out
    Should You Add Metabolic Conditioning to Your Training?
    Pregnant Woman Walking
    How Exercise Affects a Woman's Fertility
    Beautiful senior woman resting after work out outdoor
    How to Lose Weight With Exercise During Menopause
    two women working out together; personal trainer and woman with a medicine ball
    How Can I Become a Successful Personal Trainer?
    Dietician consulting with a client
    3 Careers in Fitness and Exercise That Don't Require a Degree
    Gym equipment still life
    Benefits of Fitness Fusion for Your Workouts
    studio membership pass
    Don't Enroll in One Fitness Studio! Try a Multi-Studio Membership
    boxing gym
    Trade the Big Box Gym for a Specialty Gym
    boutique fitness gifts
    14 Exciting Gifts for the Boutique Fitness Class and Trend Lover
    Group high-fiving at a boutique gym
    Boutique Fitness Studios: Is the Cost Worth the Class?
    Commerce Photo Composite
    The Best Hair Ties for Working Out
    The Only Home Gym You Need to Crush Your 2021 Fitness Goals
    Woman putting on ankle weights
    How to Use Wearable Weights and Benefit From Their Use
    Woman doing a walking lunge
    Why You Should Incorporate Balance Training Into Your Workout
    Woman at gym putting ankle weights
    Why Ankle Weights Add Power to Your Workout
    Woman doing a bridge exercise
    How to Strengthen Your Glutes to Improve Your Running
    Woman using an indoor rowing machine
    What to Know Before You Take an Indoor Rowing Class
    Woman doing downward dog
    5 Reasons You Should Add Yoga to Your Cross-Training Schedule
    Female swimmer at a swim meet.
    7 Health Benefits of Swimming