How to Find Ohio Walks and Walking Events

Multipurpose Trail in Ohio
Multipurpose Trail in Ohio. Douglas Sacha/Moment Open/Getty Images

Ohio has plenty of walking events and walking routes to choose from. Of Ohio cities, Cincinnati has ranked as one of the Top 10 Walking Cities in the United States. Cleveland ranked as one of the 10 least-dangerous cities for pedestrian safety. The Ohio and Erie Canal Trail has also won awards as a family-friendly trail.

Ohio Walking Events

Find competitive walking races, non-competitive walks and fun ​walks in Ohio.

  • AVA Walking Events in Ohio: Ohio has been very active in hosting non-competitive volkssport walks for more than 30 years. Search this site for "Traditional Events" to find walks that are put on as group events. These will have a start/finish area where you can register and meet other walkers. Then you walk the marked trails, which are usually 5K or 10K (3.1 - 6.2 miles) long. The walks are not timed, so you can enjoy them at your own pace. They differ from running events in that they are made to be enjoyed at a walking pace, without being focused on beating people to the finish line. They are sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association and are offered for a low fee, usually ranging from free to $3.
  • Ohio Walks: You can find and register for walks that include ones that raise funds for charity, health walks put on by community groups, and more challenging walking events held along with running events.
  • Ohio Walk Calendar: This great calendar comes from ahotu Marathons and it lists events of all lengths that are tagged as having a walk.
  • Runner's World Ohio Events: Many running events also have an associated walk or they may have a generous finish cutoff time to accommodate walkers. You will need to check each one to see whether you are fast enough to qualify.
  • Racewalking Events: Look for judged racewalking competitions in Ohio. You may have to travel over to Indiana, which usually has more. This calendar is courtesy of
  • Flying Pig Marathon: This fun race in Cincinnati is open to walkers who can maintain a 16-minute per mile pace. They have marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K distances. Plus, they have the Queen Bee women's half marathon and Beer series of races.

Ohio Walking Trails and Routes

  • Year-Round and Seasonal Ohio Walks: AVA walking clubs design walking routes you can enjoy any day on your own. Search this database for Year-Round and Seasonal Events to find any of the dozens of routes in Ohio. These include routes in Xenia, which are popular with people who need to walk in a city starting with X for the A to Z walking award. The walking routes are usually 5K to 11K in length. Check the details for where to go to get the map, register in the log book and enjoy your walk. Each walk is rated for difficulty.
  • Ohio Walks at The huge database of walking routes at MapMyWalk can be used to find a place to walk. You can print out a map or use their app to guide you through it. Besides that, you can draw your own route online and then walk it.

Ohio Walking and Hiking Clubs