7 Fat-Destroying Exercises for Beginners


Beginner Moves With Serious Burn From Fit Body Boot Camp

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Fit Body Boot Camp is the world’s fastest growing and most popular indoor fitness boot camp brand, with hundreds of locations worldwide. The boot camp’s unique brand of fitness combines individualized personal training from licensed professionals, clinically proven Afterburn workouts, and nutritional guidance to guarantee weight loss results. We’re all about helping people lose weight and make a change to their lifestyle for the long term. I started this company because I believe in the boot camp model and how it benefits both the clients and the trainers. We don’t want to just give you a diet; we want to give you the tools to build a healthier future for yourself.

These 7 exercises are great for any beginners who are interested in getting in shape. For each exercise you’re going to do 40 seconds of work and then 5 seconds of rest before switching to the next exercise. For maximum results you should go through the entire circuit 3 times before doing the cool down stretch at the end.

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Triceps Dips

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This exercise is easy to do at home, just find a chair or anything sturdy to use. We used a plyo box in this case. Start off by sitting with the box behind you and your legs extended. Place your hands on the box and lift yourself up until your arms are straight and your heels are supporting you. Slowly lower yourself down until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle, breathing in and making sure your butt doesn’t touch the ground. Push yourself back up into the starting position and repeat for 40 seconds.


Reverse Lunge

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Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Using your left leg you’re going to step backwards so your legs form a “V." Slowly, you’re going to bend your knees until both are at a 90-degree angle with your left knee almost touching the ground. Be sure that your front knee doesn’t go in front of the toe, but stays in line with the ankle. Keep your core tight and back straight. Return to starting position and alternate legs for 40 seconds.


Lateral Step Ups

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Another exercise that’s easy to do at home. Find a low table you don’t mind standing on or use the stairs in your house if you have them, or you can perform these on the ground.

Stand with the stairs to the right of you with your legs shoulder-width apart. Step up on to the stair from the side straightening your right leg all the way out. Bring your left knee up into a high knee, bending it at a 90-degree angle and pumping your arms. Step back down to the starting position and alternate legs for 40 seconds.


Bicycle Abs

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Now for some ab work, you’re going to lie on your back on the ground with your legs in the “table-top position.” Your knees should be at a 90-degree angle. Extend your right leg out and away from your body, making sure to keep it off the ground, while pulling your left leg closer to your body. At the same time use your opposite elbow to touch your knee. Quickly alternate back and forth between sides, making sure to keep your core tight for 40 seconds.


Dynamic Plank

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Next we’re going to take a plank and add something a little extra to it. To begin, you’ll start with your knees on the ground and your arms supporting you as if you’re about to complete a push up from your knees. One arm at a time, lower yourself onto your elbows, making sure to keep your core tight and back straight. Return to starting position and alternate sides for 40 seconds.


High Knees

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This exercise is going to add some cardio to your routine while burning fat. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. You’re going to bring one knee up to hip height, bending the knee at a 90-degree angle. Stay light on your toes and quickly alternate between legs for 40 seconds, making sure to breathe deeply throughout the exercise.


Mountain Climbers

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This is another cardio exercise, it’s important to combine cardio and high-intensity strength exercises together for the ultimate fat burn. Start in a pre-pushup position, making sure your arms and back are straight. Bring your right knee up towards your chest, making sure to keep the core tight. Now you’re going to rapidly alternate legs, making sure to keep the correct form, for 40 seconds.


Hip Flexors (Cool Down)

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After a good workout it’s important to do some cool down exercises to stretch out your muscles and keep blood flowing to the right areas. This cool down will focus on your quads and hips. You’re going to get down on one knee with your hands resting on the bent knee in front of you. Slowly you’re going to lean forward, straightening out your back knee until your feel a stretch in the front of your leg and in the hip. Hold for about 30 seconds on each side.

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