Fancy Bling for Your Fitness Tracker

One problem with fitness bands is that they don't match everybody's style all of the time. You are supposed to wear them continuously to motivate yourself to log 10,000 steps. But you'd really rather not flash a silicone or ​a plastic band at the office or when you go out for the evening. Designers are at work to offer fancy ways to wear your Fitbit, Misfit and other trackers so you don't lose a single step.

If you're looking for a gift to give a walker, these are fancy enough even for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Just be sure to include the fitness tracker if it's sold separately and she doesn't have the model required.



Bytten - Silver Matisse Slide
Bytten - Silver Matisse Slide. Courtesy of Amazon

Frame your Fitbit or Jawbone UP with a Bytten slide. They have lovely designs in brass, sterling silver and rose gold to dress it up, or some plastic versions for fun. They slide on over your band, so you can still see the display and use the button. Easy to put on or remove.


Fitband Bling

Fitband Bling
Fitband Bling. Courtesy of

Fitband Bling makes beautiful band accessories for popular models of Fitbit, Jawbone and other trackers. Slip these over the band to dress it up. They are inexpensive so you can go wild and change up your look to match your mood.


FUNKtional Wearables

FUNKtional Wearables Aberdeen Silver Bracelet
FUNKtional Wearables Aberdeen Silver Bracelet. Courtesy of Amazon

FUNKtional Wearables has dozens of different bracelets to cover your Fitbit Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Misfit, Jawbone, Pebble or another tracker. They have great designs at a great price so you can change your look easily. Now your tracker never has to leave your wrist when you want to dress it up. They have classic styles, fun styles, metals, beads, colors.


WITHit French Bull Bands for Fitbit and Apple Watch

WITHit French Bull Band for Fitbit Flex
WITHit French Bull Band for Fitbit Flex. Courtesy of Amazon

WITHit has colorful replacement bands for Fitbit Flex, Alta, and Apple Watch. The Flex bands have actual buckles, which can be a welcome change for wearers who don't feel the original band is secure.


Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch with Milanese Loop Band
Apple Watch with Milanese Loop Band. Courtesy of

If you like a sports band for wearing with your Apple Watch for play, you can also dress it up with the Milanese Loop band or many other bands made for the Apple Watch. Now there are inexpensive third-party versions available, so you can change the look of your Apple Watch for just a few dollars.


Misfit Shine Bloom Necklace

Misfit Bloom Necklace
Misfit Bloom Necklace. Misfit

The Misfit Shine fitness tracker is pretty enough on its own, with its sleek brushed aluminum finish available in a variety of colors. I often wore it as a brooch. You can get a sports necklace to wear it casual-style, or this lovely Bloom necklace in stainless steel to wear it for fancier occasions. The Shine fitness tracker is sold separately.


Tory Burch for Fitbit - Necklaces and Bracelets

Tory Burch Fitbit Necklace
Tory Burch Fitbit Necklace. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

If you have a Fitbit Flex, you can wear it fancy with this line of necklaces and bracelets from designer Tory Burch. The necklace is a stainless steel fretwork and comes in colors Tory Silver, Shiny Gold, and Rose Gold. The bracelets include stainless steel in colors of Tory Silver, Shiny Gold or Rose Gold, plus fun silicone bracelets in designer prints. The price does not include the Fitbit Flex, you need to purchase that separately. These are nice accessories for when the elastomer wristband isn't stylish enough but you want to keep tracking your steps.


Withings Activité Watch

Withings Activite
Withings Activité. Withings

This Swiss-made watch looks stylish for both men and women. You can choose either a white or black watch face and it comes with a fine French calf leather band. The smaller dial on the face is showing your progress towards your activity goal each day. The watch syncs with a phone app via Bluetooth and it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. You can also set a vibrating alarm. When you want to save the nice band, you can change swiftly to the included silicone sports band. Beyond walking and running, it is waterproof and will also track swimming. Unlike many smartwatches, you only have to replace the battery once every eight months rather than recharging every day or week.


Griffin Ribbon Wristband

Griffin Technology Ribbon Wristband
Griffin Technology Ribbon Wristband. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

You can slip you Fitbit Flex, Fitbit One, Misfit, Jawbone UP MOVE or Sony SmartBand fitness tracker into this stretch ribbon wristband for sporty flair. It's a fun change of pace for wearing your tracker. They come in several colors. And while it's labeled a wristband, you could also wear it as an ankle band.


Road ID for Fitbit

RoadID + Fitbit
RoadID + Fitbit. RoadID

Personalize your Fitbit Flex, Charge or Charge HR with a laser-engraved surgical steel faceplate. It slips on over the band, with no modifications needed. Customize it with up to seven lines of information. For safety, you can include your important medical conditions and emergency contacts. But you could also just bling it with your name and an inspirational quote.


Layer It and Let It Show

Charlotte Ronson Wears a Jawbone UP at Fashion Week
Charlotte Ronson Wears a Jawbone UP at Fashion Week. © Astrid-Stawiarz / Getty Images

Step out of your style comfort zone and let your fitness band show in all of its silicone-strap glory. Fitbits and Jawbone UPs have become ubiquitous. Layer it with a few bangles and it becomes part of your look, just like designers are seen doing at runway shows. I've been to several high-ticket celebrity chef dinners and my dining mates often rock a Fitbit next to their Rolex. They are great for starting a conversation. The bonus is - you won't lose a single step!


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