Everyone Can Dance! Get Your Groove on With Kerboomka

Harness Your Inner Beyonce and Break a Sweat With Kerboomka

Nikki Pebbles, co-founder of Kerboomka. Nikki Pebbles

If there was ever a woman with two left feet, it would be me. When it comes to choreographed dance classes, I'm slow to pick up choreography... but that doesn't mean I don't have rhythm and can't dance. Quite the opposite, actually. I love dancing, I just can't follow someone else's steps.

That's what struck me as unique about the wild and wonderful Kerboomka program put together by the equally wild and wonderful Nikki Pebbles. Her call for women to "Embrace their inner Beyonce and let loose. Its about confidence and loving yourself completely," resonated with me. You see, confidence I can do.

Kerboomka Background

Kerboomka is a brand, similar to, but separate from, dance fitness crazes like Zumba. Four years ago in 2011, Pebbles had just finished her undergrad degree in child psychology, and was seconds away from going to graduate school. But she couldn't quite take that leap. Having danced as long as she could remember, Nikki felt a deep desire to follow her passion and enter the fitness industry. At 22 years old, and with no background in business, she launched Kerboomka with her partner. The hip-hop dance class set to popular music was born.

Class Structure

Because Pebbles and her partner wanted Kerboomka to be appropriate for all ages, levels and backgrounds, each class follows a specific structure. First, instructors break down the steps, teaching participants the basics of the choreography so they can successfully follow along throughout the class. Songs featured earlier in each class are slower, allowing dancers to grow more comfortable with the choreography and gain confidence. As the class goes on, songs increase in speed, dancers pick up the pace, and ultimately, burn more calories as they push themselves harder.

Focus on Confidence Sets Class Apart

When you have a woman like Nikki Pebbles at the helm of a fitness business, you know the class experience is going to be fun. Her flaming red hair, big smile and bubbly persona are enough to brighten anyone's day. But it takes more than a charismatic personality to make a business successful. What Pebbles and the other 20 certified Kerboomka instructors bring to each class is a deep desire to empower women (and men! Guys are welcome, too) and build confidence. It's that whole "harness your inner Beyonce" thing.

After watching a few of the class videos available on Pebbles' personal website, I couldn't help but think, "Yeah, I could do this!" And not just because the choreography is broken down in a way that even I could follow, but because the atmosphere and the feeling of the class is so accepting. In some classes if you mess up, you feel like you've somehow failed. In Kerboomka if you mess up, who cares? Just keep on dancing and enjoy yourself!

I think Pebbles says it best, "I believe that anyone can dance. Dancing unites people. Music transports the soul to another place." So don't worry about which foot goes where, and when - just get out there and give it a try.

Finding a Class

Currently Kerboomka classes are available in the New York City area, but Pebbles points out that she's taught all over the U.S. at various events, and because the program has a certification process, as more instructors become certified, the class will be available in more locations.

If you don't have a class near you, you can still try it out! The first-ever Kerboomka DVD was released in early 2015 and is available on the Kerboomka website for $20.