Elisabeth Akinwale


Elisabeth is an enthusiastic advocate of a balanced and varied approach to fitness and strength training.  Elisabeth sees Cross-training as not only a vehicle for physical development, but for personal empowerment and growth, as well as the path to longevity, health, and vitality. 


Elisabeth Akinwale is a fitness consultant and competitive athlete who has been involved in Cross-training for over 15 years.  Elisabeth has competition experience in fitness, recreational endurance events, National level Olympic-style weightlifting, and is a four-time CrossFit Games (trademark) athlete.  She conducts fitness seminars around the globe and blogs about fitness & motherhood on her personal blog at www.elisabethakinwale.com.


Elisabeth holds a B.S. in Social Work from St. Catherine University, and an M.A. in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago where she was a McCormick Tribune Fellow for Urban and Community Leadership.

A Word From Elisabeth Akinwale

Through the Cross-training site I am able to reach a broad audience and share my love of health and fitness.  Cross-training has been catalyst for for me in reaching amazing levels of physical fitness, health, and best of all, ENJOYMENT in my life.  I look forward to sharing a broad spectrum of as much information and resources to empower others to share in these same wonderful benefits.

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