I'm a Fitness Editor and These are the 5 Products I Can't Live Without

My Yeti Rambler never leaves my side

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Fitness Products I Can’t Live Without

Verywell Fit / Brian Kopinski

I am consistently overwhelmed by the number of fitness-related products on the market. While many of them are truly exceptional, such as standing desks, the fact of the matter is that I live in a Brooklyn apartment with exactly no storage space—I’ve got to maintain a minimalist approach when it comes to buying fitness gear. 

That being said, there are certain products that will always have space in my home. These are the products I use every single week, continue to buy, and recommend to everyone I know. 

Bombas Ankle Socks

Bombas Women's Ankle Socks


Buy now: Bombas Ankle Socks, $24 on amazon.com

I am an on-the-go girl and I need socks that match my energy, whether I’m headed to a workout class or checking multiple errands off my to-do list. I fell in love with the comfort and reliability of Bombas ankle socks as soon as I tried them on. The built-in blister tab protects my heels from any uncomfortable chafing and the cushioned footbed ensures my feet are good to go all day (they're also great for those who wear supportive inserts like insoles for flat feet). If I’m looking at a long run, hike, or intense rowing machine workout, I have to wear my Bombas. 

The Bombas Mission

In addition to providing consumers with high-quality socks, we love that Bombas has a mission-minded approach to their business. For every item of clothing purchased from Bombas, a piece of the same kind is donated to individuals experiencing homelessness. 

YETI Rambler 35 oz Mug

YETI Rambler 35 oz Mug


Buy now: YETI Rambler 35 oz Mug, $42 on yeti.com

When I’m dehydrated, my workouts suffer—whether I'm rowing, running, or on an elliptical machine. I can tell you how well my evening run is going to go based on two things: whether it’s raining and how much water I’ve consumed throughout the day. While I can’t control the weather, my water consumption is entirely dependent on me. Which, in turn, means it’s entirely dependent on me having a big tumbler in front of me, filled with cold water and accompanied by a straw. The YETI Rambler fits all my criteria and has earned a permanent place on my desk. 

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat 

 Manduka Yoga Mat PRO Pilates Sporting goods


Buy now: Manduka PRO Yoga Mat, $129 on amazon.com; also available at manduka.com

While I would love to be an anywhere, anytime yogi, I am not. I need a calm space, a sturdy mat, and tunes I can escape to. The Manduka PRO yoga mat is a critical component of my home yoga practice. It’s heavier than other yoga mats I’ve owned, which helps give me a studio feel in the comfort of my living room. The combination of density and support eases my worries when I’m trying newer, more advanced movements as well. I know I won’t slip and if I fall I know my landing will have some cushion. 

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Verywell Fit / Lily Moe

Yoga Pilates Mat Bag with Mat Carrier Pocket

Generic Yoga Pilates Mat Bag Basic Canvas Tote with Mat Carrier Pocket


Buy now: Yoga Pilates Mat Bag with Mat Carrier Pocket, $36 on amazon.com

I received a tote bag with a built-in yoga mat sleeve at an event a few years ago and my quality of life immediately improved. As someone who always brings her own mat to yoga, having an automatic space that didn’t crowd the rest of my belongings was a game changer. I often have workout clothes, a yoga towel, a lunch box, and a laptop on me. This bag provides optimal spacing for all of my belongings, and it’s nice to not have to worry about a sweaty mat rubbing shoulders with the rest of my pack. 

Brooks Launch GTS 9 Running Shoes

Brooks Running Launch GTS 9


Buy now: Brooks Launch GTS 9 Running Shoes, $100 on amazon.com; also available on brooksrunning.com

As a shin-splint-ridden individual, I am the definition of particular when it comes to my running shoes. I need a pair of shoes (and a brand) that I trust. That’s what I found when I started wearing Brooks’ Launch GTS 9 shoes. They’re the perfect balance of lightweight and stable, and I often find myself reaching for them as I head out on a run or for a rowing class. The frequency that I wear them says something—I have a shelf full of athletic sneakers, many of them well-suited for a run. But my Brooks are my favorite, most versatile workout shoe, meaning I recommend them to anyone looking for their new reliable exercise kicks—even if they're just pedaling on an under desk bike.

Brooks Launch GTS 9 Running Shoes

Verywell Fit / Lily Moe

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