How Much to Eat When You are Walking to Lose Weight

Eating Fewer Calories Means Less to Burn Off

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A candy bar equals three to five miles worth of walking. A Big Mac is worth six miles or a 10K race. If you have fallen into eating habits where you are taking in more calories per day than you use, you will not lose weight.

    To lose weight steadily, you need to eat fewer calories per day than you burn off. For most women, that is a 1200-calories per day diet, and for men and active women a diet of 1500 to 1600 calories. At that calorie level, you should lose about a pound per week.

    How Much Are You Really Eating?

    Most of us are not aware of how much we really eat per day. Make a food diary for a week and take a look. If you faithfully log everything you eat you will become more conscious of how the calories add up for the day. You may not realize you're drinking calories in your latte or how many miles it will take to burn off a bag of corn chips. Make small changes and add them up to get lifetime results.

    • Best Pedometers for Dieters: Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and Misfit are some of the activity monitor apps that allow you to log your food and match calories burned with calories eaten. You may not have realized they had these features, or it may be a good reason to get one.

      Make Changes in What and How Much You Eat

      • Eat the foods you enjoy but in smaller portions.
      • Replace processed snack foods with vegetables and fruit.
      • Eat 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
      • Restaurant portions are two to four times the amount you should eat at one meal. Eat out less often, and take home half of the food on the plate when you do.
      • Make changes you can live with the rest of your life. Try new foods and new recipes. Eat to live.

      Fit and Fat

      When you walk six hours a week, you achieve better fitness and decrease your chance of heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Medical research shows that disease attributed to obesity is in many cases caused by inactivity rather than just being overweight. Enjoy life better at any weight by maintaining your active lifestyle.