5 Easy Ways to Get Better Posture

There are so many good reasons to improve your posture. Good posture is important for balance throughout the body. And it can help you to maintain proper form during exercise, helping you to avoid injuries and have a more effective workout. And surprisingly, better posture might actually help you lose weight.

Posture and Weight Loss

Improved posture alone doesn't cause weight loss, but it can affect the factors that make weight loss harder or easier. For example:

  • Better posture may help banish diet-related fatigue. In an interview with Dr. Holly Phillips, the medical expert suggested that improved posture is one of the best natural ways to improve energy levels during weight loss.​​
  • Good posture helps improve confidence. Do you want to look thinner right away? Good posture thins your frame instantly, making you look and feel better about your body. Studies have shown that when people practice good posture, they feel more confident.
  • Good posture improves comfort and mobility. When you stand up straight or sit tall at your desk, your muscles work more efficiently. This helps to improve your comfort level and may help you to move more throughout the day.

So, are you ready to stand tall and lose some weight? There are five simple ways to improve your posture.

Practice Proper Alignment

Good posture makes you more comfortable

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Did you know that you can teach yourself better posture? It's one of the easiest ways to improve your posture to look and feel confident. Simply stand in front of a mirror and practice good alignment. 

Here's how to do it:

  1. Center your weight on both feet and lengthen your spine so that the crown of your head feels like it's being gently lifted towards the ceiling.
  2. Relax your neck so that the nape is long and elegant. Then center your chin so that your head doesn’t droop.
  3. Roll your shoulders back and down to gently straighten and lift your upper back.

Take a minute to relax into your improved postural stance and make adjustments, but don't slouch!

If you practice good posture for three to five minutes each day, you'll soon find yourself checking your posture and making natural corrections throughout the day.

Do Posture Exercises

Regular exercise will help to improve the range of motion in your joints and help your muscles move more efficiently. Exercise may also help you to reach or maintain a healthy weight for better posture. Certain exercises are also especially good at improving posture.

Yoga classes generally improve postural awareness and include exercises that promote proper alignment. Tai Chi classes are also good for people who want to improve posture. But if you can't get to a group class, there are also exercises you can do at home to get rid of bad posture. Try to do just five minutes each day to stand taller and move more comfortably.

Wear a Supportive Bra

A good bra will improve comfort and support in your upper body. The wrong bra, however, can have a big impact on your body. According to lingerie expert Marie Redding, "When a bra isn't the right style for your body type, you may suffer from backaches and premature sagging. You may even look like you've put on a few pounds."

So how do you find the right bra to improve your posture? You can use Marie's expert bra-fitting tips or speak to a bra-fitting specialist at your local department store or lingerie boutique.

You can also find a bra designed specifically for improved posture. BackJoy, for example, makes the PostureWear Elite Sports Bra. This support garment helps to relieve strain caused by poor alignment and you can wear the bra during exercise or leisure activities.

Use Tech Tools

If you like using tech tools and you have a smartphone that you check often, then consider using devices such as Lumo Lift to improve your posture. The small magnetic device is worn on your chest and gives you a gentle vibration or buzz when you begin to slouch. Use it with an iPhone or Android app to see how often you slouch and move throughout the day.​

Lumo Lift works while you are sitting at your desk, standing during your routine activities or even while you exercise. Walking expert Wendy Bumgardner said in her review of the item, that she liked using it as a posture coach, but acknowledged that the magnet didn't always stay on during some exercise activities. 

A similar tech tool called UpRight measures posture and records data with a smartphone app. This small device attaches to your back with adhesive.

Evaluate Your Shoes

One of the most important ways to improve bad posture is to wear good shoes. That means wearing the right size and also the right kind of shoes for correct alignment.

Steven Weiniger, a spokesperson for BackJoy and also the posture expert and creator of the StrongPosture exercises on BodyZone.com, says, “Wearing the wrong shoe size will hurt for the afternoon, but wearing the wrong kind of shoes can lead to serious damage to your entire body." He goes on to explain the effect.

"Your feet and shoes provide the foundation for keeping your whole body aligned. Whenever one joint is off-balance, especially in your feet, a chain reaction is set off that throws other joints out of line, thereby placing unnecessary strain on the spine, from your hips to your neck."

So what are the right kind of shoes for good posture? There are several brands that make supportive shoes to promote good posture. And the good news is that they don't look like your grandpa's orthopedic shoes! 

Brands like BackJoy have a full line of boots and shoes for men and women that include the Natural Gait Line System™, which guides your feet as you walk to keep your head, hips, and feet balanced in good posture. Vionic shoes are another favorite among walkers with good posture. Their supportive shoes and boots offer OrthaHeel technology to align your feet and promote better posture.

A Word From Verywell

Whichever method you choose, you'll find that paying attention to posture provides real benefits. You'll look better instantly, feel better throughout the day, and better posture may help you lose weight. So take five minutes today and give it a try. You've got nothing to lose except for those nagging sore muscles and a few stubborn pounds.

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By Malia Frey, M.A., ACE-CHC, CPT
 Malia Frey is a weight loss expert, certified health coach, weight management specialist, personal trainer​, and fitness nutrition specialist.