Don't Gamble With Your Diet at the Super Bowl Party

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You've been true to your New Year's diet and exercise resolutions. You've worked off the holiday pounds; your clothes fit nicely, and healthy eating has become a comfortable habit.

But there's trouble ahead. The first big party event of the year threatens to undo all your good work — the Super Bowl party.

Don't worry. You can enjoy a Super Bowl party without risking your waistline with a few timely tips. For starters, don't starve yourself the day of the party — you'll probably just make up for it by overeating later on at the gathering. Instead, eat a small fiber-filled snack such as a piece of fruit or whole grain crackers before you head out the door.

The odds of eating healthy will be in your favor if you follow the rest of my tips. (Odds, get it?)

Here are a few super tips for surviving the Super Bowl party. I'll bet if you follow them, you won't be upset.

How to Survive the Super Bowl Party on a Diet

Survey the Spread: When you get to the party, take a look at all the goodies before you dig in. Look for foods that are more nutrient-dense, such as raw vegetables, shrimp, fish, lean meats, fresh salsa, guacamole, fruit, nuts and whole grain crackers.

Utilize the Under: Under-sized portion size, that is. You don't need to load up your plate, especially if you're planning to return for more. Just take a little bit of each of your favorites and eat slowly. If you're still hungry, opt for more vegetables or fruit.

Push the Potables: As in push them away. A beer or two is fine, but more than that can add extra calories you don't need and may lead to an unwanted hangover the next day. Getting a little tipsy may cause you to give up your guard and go for more food. Drink water between your adult beverages to slow down your alcohol consumption.

Enjoy the Exotics: Why fill up on tortilla chips you can buy at any convenience store? Look for interesting foods that you don't get to eat very often, like lamb sliders. Maybe offer up some baked blue corn tortilla chips and fresh salsa or tarot root chips.

Refuse the Runner: It's so nice when your sweetie offers to bring you back a plate of snacks or an extra bottle of beer. But you'll have better control over portion sizes and food selections if you serve yourself. In fact, it might be nice for you to offer to be the food runner and bring back a healthy plate for your honey.

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