Delicious Low-Carb Chocolate Recipes

When you think about chocolate, you may envision treats loaded with sugar. But some types of chocolate (such as dark chocolate) are lower in sugar and may provide some health benefits. Here is a list of recipes, resources, and products for using chocolate in ways that are compatible with a reduced-carb diet.

As you look for low-carb chocolate recipes, keep in mind that "sugar-free" does not mean "carbohydrate-free." These recipes are lower in carbohydrates than traditional sweets but still contain some carbohydrates. So choose recipes that fit into your eating plan and carbohydrate goals.


Easy Low-Carb Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

This nearly sugar-free peanut butter chocolate fudge requires no cooking with this easy recipe. Each piece of dense, chocolate/peanut butter fudge has only three grams of carbohydrate. Experimenting with better-quality chocolate and different sweeteners can produce the best results.


Sugar-Free Chocolate Rum or Bourbon Balls

These sugar-free chocolate rum balls are also gluten-free. You can mix them up in a few minutes, with no cooking. You can use other flavorings if you don't want to use liquor. They have only three grams of carbohydrate per ball. They taste even better the day after you prepare them, so make a batch the day before your party.​


Low-Carb Chocolate Ganache

Use this low-carb chocolate ganache to coat strawberries or as a truffle coating or a chocolate sauce. The consistency depends on the type of chocolate and sweetener you use and the amount of cream. For this low-carb version, unsweetened chocolate, your artificial sweetener of choice, and powdered erythritol is used in place of regular sugar. With ganache or chocolate sauce, you can satisfy your chocolate craving.


Chocolate Flaxseed Brownies

Chocolate flaxseed brownies are gluten-free and high in fiber and nutrition. This recipe uses agave syrup, so it is not as low in carbohydrates as some of the other chocolate recipes. But there are tips for reducing the amount, or you can substitute a zero-carb sweetener.

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