DBELT - Carry Your Exercise Essentials Fashionably

DBelt PRO. Wendy Bumgardner ©

The DBELT is a fashionable way to carry your walking essentials whether you are doing a workout, jog or fitness walk, or if you are shopping or traveling. I like this new trend of flat waistbelts as alternatives to the old-school fanny pack. You don't have any straps or buckles, just a sleek, flat belt with secure zippered pockets for your mobile phone, ID, cards cash and keys.

DBELT Original

The original DBELT is made of a cotton/spandex blend. It's four inches wide and closes with velcro. It is stretchy enough for a good, snug fit without bounce or slippage. You buy it in sizes from P/S for 24-27 inch waists through L/XL for 36-40 inch waists. It is machine washable/dryable. The original DBELT comes in basic black, which would work for men as well as women.

There are two zippered pockets, and you can wear the DBELT with them in front or in back, it is your choice. One pocket has a cord port and is six inches wide and 3.5 inches tall and stretches big enough for most mobile phones. You can keep your device secure and hidden from any "Apple pickers." The second pocket is 4.25 inches wide and three inches tall, perfect for ID and cards. Neither pocket is waterproof.


The PRO comes in a variety of colors and is made of sweat-wicking polyester/spandex. The three pockets are lined with moisture-resistant material to keep your electronics and essentials dry. It has a slide-in velcro-secured pocket big enough for large smartphones, including the iPhone 6 Plus. It has a zippered essentials pocket and a drop-in top pocket. It comes in sizes from P to XXL. It has an ergonomic cut.

DBELT light enough to wear over or under your pants, shorts or skirts. For travel and urban strolling, you might want to wear it under your clothing like a money belt.

DBELT was created by Danielle Etienne (hence the D in the name), a working mother with deep links to the fashion industry. She worked with Michael Rabinowitz, founder of the luxury lingerie line Le Mystère to design the DBELT. They aimed for a chic accessory that would work well for workouts.

Why to Wear the DBELT

Big Mobile Phone Problem: Who walks or runs without their mobile phone nowadays? But mobiles are getting bigger and bigger as they combine more functions. Simple pockets on your workout clothing don't hold them securely without bounce. The DBELT's larger pocket solves that problem. You have good access to your device when you need it to navigate, text, or take photos. But the rest of the time it's safely tucked away bounce-free to track your workout with apps, play music, or allow you to take calls hands-free.

No Bounce - No Bulk - No Rub: The sleek belt won't ever get in the way of your workout, and the flat design will help prevent chafing you could get from belts and straps. Your keys, phone and ID are snug against your body whether you are doing a fitness walk or run, a gym workout, or a dance workout.

Secure Essentials: Gym lockers, backpacks, fanny packs and purses are all targets for thieves and pickpockets. The flat DBELT is stealthy. Wear the pockets in front and you won't have to worry. It's flat and comfortable enough to wear under your clothing. You might also flip it in reverse and remove the small tag so the zippers are now next to your body for extra security.

Bottom Line on DBELT

DBELT works for me, both for 15 minute walks when I just need my phone and keys, and for walking longer walks when I want to keep items handy in addition to what I carry in my Camelbak hydration pack. It's also wide enough to pin my race number to for races.

I have reviewed similar items and here is how they compare:

FlipBelt: Doesn't have zippered pockets, but instead is a continuous tube with slits. It comes in various colors. It works well when I want to carry more stuff, but is a little less secure as the pockets don't zip. Slip-on design rather than velcro closing.

hipS-sister: Has two zippered pockets, plus a drop-in pocket. It comes in a variety of colors. I bought a Sparkle Sister with 13.1 in rhinestones for my half marathon walks. Slip-on design rather than velcro closing.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.