Darla Leal

Darla Leal

Personal Trainer, Freelance Writer, Consultant, Coach


Sports Nutrition, Personal Training, Competitive Fitness


Sierra College, Healing Arts Institute, California State University, Sacramento



Darla Leal began her health and fitness career teaching group exercise classes and workshops to surrounding gyms in the Roseville, California area. She became a personal trainer and during that time entered her first international fitness competition. Her strong sports background and international team coaching experience demanded her attention to appropriate nutrition and exercise programming.

Her wealth of knowledge on human anatomy, physical fitness and nutrition continued through college, international workshops, certifications, and working with people for many years. Darla has been a Master Fitness Trainer for over twenty years and qualified fitness expert currently running her Stay Healthy Fitness business. Her experience allows for a diverse clientele from competitor to the everyday person wanting to lose weight and tone. She also has a passion for those with injury and has successfully helped many people improve the quality of their life.

She is a healthy recipe developer and her nutrition articles are featured monthly in Natural Muscle Magazine for over five years. Her passion to develop nutrient dense recipes for healthy living earned her a spot as a contributing writer for Natural Muscle Magazine. Darla's recipes and side bar health tips are featured monthly. She is a qualified fitness expert and motivator who has dedicated her life to helping people stay healthy. Darla is also an avid health blogger sharing her "fit-over-55" lifestyle, motivation and fitness tips weekly on her Stay Healthy Fitness Blog.

She believes fitness is a journey, not a destination and we are all works in progress. Darla does not teach a one size fits all health and fitness program, nor does she believe in perfection. Progress is on her menu and striving to be our best healthy self is always the goal.

When Darla isn't working with clients or writing, she can be found sharing quality time with her husband, family, and guaranteed she is whipping up something healthy in the kitchen.


Darla holds two Associate of Science degrees in biological science and natural life science, human anatomy focus. She has completed specialized nutrition courses at the collegiate and international workshop level.

She maintains international fitness certifications through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and remains a member in good standing. Darla also maintains her status as an International Women's Tri-Fitness Coach. In addition, she has completed an advanced Certified Massage Practitioner certification specializing in sports and deep tissue.

She has received Intensive Medic First Aid Training, CPR Certified, and is licensed and insured. Her writing skill set has earned her national awareness being featured in Natural Muscle Magazine, her personal blog, and other critically acclaimed published works. She also contributes her life experience and working with wonderful women and men for many years as an important part of her educational process.

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