Dara Torres' Diet and Exercise Routine

How the Swimmer Manages Her Weight After the Olympics

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You might be surprised to learn that Dara Torres manages her weight in the same way that many of us do. Her diet and exercise routine isn't always perfect. This super-fit, former Olympic swimmer has adjusted her health habits to embrace a more relaxed life after the Olympics and away from international competition. But she still maintains a strong, lean body.

Swimmer Dara Torres Embraces Change

When Dara Torres fought for a spot in the 2012 Olympics, she was old enough to be a mother to many of her teammates. But this swimmer never performed or looked like a typical 40-something mom. Her world-famous abs and lean body give women of every age a reason to stay at the gym and train a little harder. If Dara Torres can stay that fit after 40, we reasoned, then there might be some hope for the rest of us.

Since her last competition, Dara has remained lean, strong and exceptionally fit. But her mindset has changed. She is more relaxed and she has adopted a more realistic approach to her daily diet and exercise routine. Torres is open and honest in her conversations about her diet and exercise tips for staying fit after competition, over the age of 40, and beyond.

Dara Torres’ Weight Management Habits

Just because Torres is no longer competitive, doesn’t mean that she has retired to the couch. The five-time Olympic swimmer still works out almost every day. But she has modified her schedule to embrace a healthier approach and a more realistic set of fitness goals to maintain her weight and her muscular physique.

“I’m not training anymore,” she says, “ so I have lower expectations for myself during my workouts.” And although she still gets “a little competitive” during her favorite spinning classes, she no longer feels pressure to compete or perform. “I’m over it,” she says.

Dara Torres' Workouts

So what does Dara Torres do to stay fit? “ I like to get my sweat on,” she laughs. “I work out almost every day and I take one day off each week.” She says that she prefers cardio workouts over the gym and enjoys elliptical workouts, slide board training, and spinning classes.

Dara Torres' Diet

With a more moderate workout schedule, Dara Torres’ diet has changed as well. “I’m not as hungry anymore,” Dara says, explaining the natural transition to a diet that includes less food. She has a relaxed attitude about the change. “I don’t count calories or weigh in,” she says.

So does she feel pressure to maintain her famous body? No. The athlete has adopted a coolheaded approach to the natural changes that come with age. “My body is always changing,” she says. As I get older I notice that I hold water weight longer and I get that little pooch in my abs,” she says chuckling. “I used to train as my job and now I’m just training for life, so I’ve set a different standard for myself.”

Dara Torres—Fit After 40 and Beyond

As a busy mom, Torres has a clear strategy to stay motivated for her workouts. “Music is a staple in my life,” she says. “I’ve listened to music during my workouts ever since I was in my teens and now it’s a necessary part of my routine."

After an interview, Torres taught a music-inspired spinning class to promote the new line of headphones that she helped design for Koss, a popular electronics company. The athlete explores a range of different activities—both social and fitness-related— to keep her body and mind active. She also loves to listen to music to keep herself invigorated during exercise. 

So what’s on Torres’ soundtrack? During the 45-minute sweat fest, she jammed to tunes ranging from Stevie Wonder to Fergie. Torres, who says she also loves hip hop and songs by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Robin Thicke, motivated the class to pedal, sprint and even sing their way through a class full of ​high-intensity intervals and then finally to a well-deserved cooldown.

Not every athlete ages well. But Dara Torres’ diet and exercise program promote a healthy approach to staying fit in her 40s. And she makes it easier for women around the country and abroad to continue to be inspired. Any woman, regardless of age, can use her tips to stay balanced, stay fit and stay happy at every stage of their lives.

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