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Daily Burn

Daily Burn is sleek, well-designed workout website with a huge variety of workouts and programs, whether you want to pick and choose a workout from day to day or try a program designed by one of Daily Burn's personal trainers.​

The most recognizable of those trainers is Bob Harper, of The Biggest Loser fame and, for $19.95 a month, you get unlimited access to his and other programs, all available on just about any device you can imagine—your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.


Price: $19.95/month with a 30-day free trial

  • Live daily workouts - Each day you get a new live workout that's available for 24 hours on demand. You can participate with other users in a chat while you're working out, which is kind of cool
  • Your own personal coach you can contact any time about workouts, diet, and more
  • A daily meal plan with suggested meals and healthy snacks
  • Access to Daily Life, a website that includes more informative article on everything from fitness and health to lifestyle and tracking apps
  • A library where you can keep track of the workouts you've completed
  • A huge variety of programs to choose from. Some are several weeks long and range from yoga and cardio to Pilates and core

You also have the ability to let Daily Burn choose a workout program that fits you best.

The Basics

Daily Burn used to be a big, complicated tracking website with everything from meal tracking to workouts to calendars and more. They've really streamlined it down so that it's basically more about workouts than anything else.

When you sign up, you can get a 30-day free trial, which is a nice feature, and, as you fill out your profile information, you have the option of letting Daily Burn choose a program for you.

For example, if you say you're advanced and you want 60-minute workouts, they will probably recommend Bob Harper's program, Black Fire.

Once you sign up for a program you get a week's worth of workouts and a suggested daily meal plan—this includes some recipes, but no real calorie counts or nutrient breakdowns.

Using Daily Burn is easy. You can do it on your computer, Apple TV, Roku, your smartphone or tablet, and just about any other gadget out there that connects to your TV and lets you watch stuff.

The Programs

The real meat of Daily Burn is its huge variety of programs. Rather than offering a list of workouts (which, frankly, would also be nice), everything is packaged into programs lasting from 2 weeks to up to 8 weeks. They have some obviously killer programs, if the names are any indication—Inferno, Live to Fail and Bob's Black Fire, to name a few.

They do have one program specifically for beginners that I really like. It's very well thought out, taking very beginners through different phases of fitness, starting with mobility and stability and working your way up to more strenuous workouts.

The Nutrition

Every program comes with its own nutritional focus. For example, beginners focus more on creating healthy habits, eating breakfast every day, eating more vegetables, mindful eating, etc. They offer daily meal plans, but they also give you lots of options to choose from to make your own meals.


  • Slick, Clean Interface - We love the look of the site and the fact that the pages aren't cluttered with too many links, ads. or information.
  • Easy to Use - It couldn't be simpler to sign up and get started
  • Daily live workout - we love the live workout feature, which gives you a chance to workout with others—well sort of
  • Great Programs and Workouts


It's hard to find fault with Daily Burn. The layout of the site is good, the workouts are good, and the programs are helpful. If there's one thing we want from the site, it would be the ability to do any workout from any program. Once you choose a program (or it's chosen for you), the only way to access other workouts is to change your program.

Overall, Daily Burn is a great choice for people who want a structured program to follow and there are such a wide variety of workouts, instructors , and programs, almost anyone could find something that works for them.

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