The 8 Best Cycling Gloves of 2019

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Cycling gloves might seem like they're just for the hardcore biker, but they serve a purpose for even the most novice of riders. In inclement weather, they protect your hands from the cold and even harmful rays, and in general, they add some padding to your hands so you can ensure a better grip, thus giving you a more comfortable ride.

If you are looking to add a pair to your routine, here are the top cycling gloves for your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: ZOOKKI Cycling Gloves

ZOOKKI Cycling Gloves

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If you’re serious about staying fit with cycling, you’re going to want equipment that works as hard as you do—especially when it comes to protecting your body. ZOOKI’s cycling gloves are the best overall option because of their premium features and reasonable price point.

These full-finger gloves are lightweight enough to wear during the summer months, with comfortable Lycra wrapped in two layers of mesh for extra breathability. A thicker palm pad with silica gel buffers your hand from discomfort without affecting your grip, and you can easily use your smartphone thanks to touch recognition fabric on the fingertips.

Best Budget: Gearonic Cycling Gloves

If you’re going to drop serious bucks on your bike, helmet, and cycling shorts, you might want to save some cash on your cycling gloves. GEARONIC’s gloves have a supportive, fingerless design that comes at an affordable price.

This pair’s anti-shock and anti-slip padding keep your grip firm and comfortable, and breathable mesh and soft microfiber construction provide comfortable compression to keep your blood flowing while you bike. These gloves are great for casual or professional cycling, and they’re affordable enough to buy one pair for indoor workouts at the gym and another for muddy rides on the trail.

Best for Hand Pain: INBIKE Cycling Gloves

Whether you struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, or general soreness while you’re cycling, you’re going to need a pair of gloves that protect your hands and wrists while minimizing pain and discomfort. INBIKE’s gloves are the perfect pair for a comfortable, cushioned ride.

These cycling gloves have large, soft gel inserts on top of an extra-thick palm pad for superior shock absorption and relief from pain and fatigue. You’ll get a perfect fit with breathable, stretchy Lycra fabric, and a terry cloth thumb helps you wipe sweat from your brow during intense workouts.

Best for Cold Weather: Castelli Estremo Gloves

Frosty temperatures don’t mean you have to hang up your helmet until spring, but you do have to take precautions to protect yourself from frostbite—especially when it comes to sensitive areas like your fingers. Castelli’s cycling gloves are recommended across the web for cycling in comfort during the winter months.

Aside from being wind and water-resistant, these gloves also boast a soft fleece liner for an extra layer of protection. It won’t leave your hands a sweaty mess, either—the fleece is designed to wick moisture away and transfer it to the glove’s outer layer. You’ll still maintain that vital connection to your bike with palm and finger grips, and an extended wrist cuff prevents nasty winds from sneaking up under the arm of your coat.

Best Fingerless: NEXTOUR Cycling Gloves

There are a number of benefits to wearing fingerless gloves when you go biking: you’ll have a better feel for your bike and the road, you won’t have to worry about the finger length of your gloves, and your hands will be less sweaty. NEXTOUR’s cycling gloves have the support and flexibility of standard cycling gloves with the fingerless freedom you need.

A great value, these gloves are sturdy and flexible, with a combination of super elastic and durable mesh fabric. They adjust easily for a perfect fit, and they stop just below your knuckles so you can easily grip your handlebars.

Best for Women: BOODUN Cycling Gloves

Whether you’re a woman selecting gloves for long rides or professional marathons, you’re going to need a pair with a perfect fit—which is likely smaller than what’s offered in the standard men’s sizes of cycling gloves. Enter BOODUN’s cycling gloves, the ideal choice for women’s cycling gloves.

BOODUN’s gloves have the same lightweight, durable material as men’s gloves, but they’re sized appropriately for smaller hands. They also differ in the padding department: instead of gel inserts, these gloves use a chamois-like material that resembles moleskin fabric as a buffer for superior comfort. They’re also available in 12 different patterns, and you can buy fingerless or full-coverage pairs.

Best For City Bikers: Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves

More urban areas are adding bike lanes and widening roads to make things safer for city cyclists, but any additional tool you can use to help yourself stay safe on a road filled with cars, trucks, and buses is worth the investment. Zackees’ LED Turn Signal Gloves have a high-tech look that gives motorists a heads-up when you’re turning or changing lanes.

These cycling gloves make city riding a breeze. Metal rivets on the inside of the thumb panel activate your turn signal when you push your thumb into your forefinger, and 54 lumens worth of LED lights will alert drivers that you’re changing course.

Urban bikers loved these gloves for their quality materials and innovative design. One reviewer said that the ability to move the signal around made it more visible than mounted handlebar signals, and others said that the durable construction and bright lights made them well worth the money.

Best with Gel: Pearl iZUMi Elite Gel Glove

Plenty of cycling gloves have gel padding built into the palms, but if you’re a long distance biker or a professional who needs extra padding for marathons, you’re going to need a gel glove with a little more protection and support. iZUMi’s Elite Gel Glove is an ideal pick for serious bikers who need to stay comfortable during long rides.

Instead of just inserting gel pads at your palm’s pressure points, these mitts use gel pads to create bridges over your ulnar and median nerves, relieving excessive pressure that can lead to cubital tunnel syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome. Their 1:1 ratio of gel to fabric works with the bones of your hand for a perfect fit that minimizes palm bunching and nerve compression.

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