These Hiking Pants are 75% Cheaper at Costco—And They’re Selling Fast

These Eddie Bauer tech pants are perfect for cold weather adventures & just $27

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Growing up, one of my favorite weekend activities was to go to Costco and roam the aisles with my dad, tasting samples of their new food items and sneaking snacks and clothing into the cart. As I got older and moved to cities, I went less and less frequently, but we would still stock up on things whenever I came home—from winter sneakers to almonds to pillows. As a gymnast, runner, and now yogi and hiker, I have always been on the lookout for good deals on athletic gear. 

The secret is to pounce when you find something good because it won’t be around for long. When I find a good pair of leggings or shoes from Costco, I always regret not stocking up when they’re available, because they often disappear after a few days, weeks, or months, never to return.

This year, I am living on the road traveling from place to place and want to spend money on new restaurants and activities, not gifts or athletic clothing for myself. But of course I still need and want these things. So I turned to my beloved Costco, and I was not disappointed. I saved hundreds of dollars and was able to replace old items with much-needed new gear—like these Eddie Bauer tech pants.

Here are some items I would recommend checking out—whether they’re for yourself, your loved ones, or for your stockpile. While you need a Costco membership* to shop in-person, many of their items are available to anyone online, with or without a membership. And, unlike stores where things seem affordable until you see the $8 shipping, Costco also throws in free shipping without an order minimum.

These Eddie Bauer Fleece Lined Hiking Pants are perfect for cold weather hiking

Eddie Bauer Men’s Fleece Lined Pant


To buy: Eddie Bauer Men’s Fleece Lined Pant, $27

My boyfriend, who is on the road with me, is what some might call an extreme hiker and has already worn through two pairs of hiking pants in three months, so my mission was to find him a new quality pair for less. After poring over sales on all the major sites, I found what he needed at my beloved Costco. 

A good pair of men’s hiking pants are typically at least $60, and fleece-lined pants are usually at least $100. With his level of activity and his focus on adventure over image, he wears pants out—fast—so I was impressed to find such high quality hiking pants for a quarter of the price.

Since we’re in warm weather environments at the moment, I got my boyfriend the version of these pants without the fleece lining. And others are noticing the deal too—this version is already sold out in every color except black (Costco’s stuff can disappear fast). Try selecting the black color to find an in-stock option.

It’s winter time, so most people will appreciate the fleece version of this pair of pants that keeps you cozy even in the cold weather. On a frosty day, pair these with some shoes for walking on ice and you're good to go. As an outdoors lover with terrible circulation, it’s really hard for me to motivate myself to get outdoors and moving if it’s cold. And it would have been helpful for all of the winters I spent in New York to have a pair of pants that could keep me warm without wearing leggings under jeans or having to put on my gigantic snow pants. If you can relate, do not fear! Costco also sells a women’s version of these Eddie Bauer fleece-lined pants.

These $17 Kirkland Signature Leggings remind me of an expensive name brand

Kirkland Signature Ladies' Brushed Legging


To buy: Kirkland Signature Ladies' Brushed Legging, $17

As a yoga instructor and lifelong athlete, you might be surprised to learn that I prioritize comfort above all else when it comes to my leggings (and that goes for workout underwear too). Anything tight on my belly or focused on compression is a no-go for me. Costco has made different versions of these brushed leggings over the past few years. I appreciate how soft and comfortable they are—and love that they have side pockets! 

Years ago, I splurged on a similar pair that cost $100 and didn’t have pockets from Beyond Yoga, and they were the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever owned. But they wore a hole in the crotch after a year or two of constant wear, and I wondered if I could justify spending so much money again. These Costco leggings helped ease that longing. Take note that, like my Beyond Yoga pair, they may fall down more easily than other options if you sized up for comfort and opacity and are working out more intensely, so take that into consideration before you go hard on that rowing machine or other favorite exercise equipment.

I will say that this version runs smaller than versions in the past, so you may need to adjust your size. But Costco makes returns easier than most other online retailers. You can return online or directly at one of their stores.

This pair of joggers is $10, has deep pockets, and is perfect for lounging

32 Degrees Ladies’ Side Pocket Jogger


To buy: 32 Degrees Ladies’ Side Pocket Jogger, $10

These 32 Degrees joggers are my favorites for more low-key activities and lounging. They run a little big on the waist but have a drawstring to help cinch the waist and adjust it to fit your body. They’re high-waisted, and I love wearing them to restorative yoga classes, to lounge on the couch after a long run, or for walks around the neighborhood. And they've also been a staple in my work-from-home wardrobe.

These joggers have deep pockets, which my other pairs of joggers and hiking pants have always lacked. The material is a little shinier than it looks in pictures, but it's not as noticeable in black,

I've had this 32 Degrees long sleeve shirt for probably seven to ten years, and it is one of my favorite articles of clothing. While it’s no longer available at Costco, I currently have my eye on their funnel-neck pullover that looks extremely cozy and really similar to an L.L. Bean one I love that's well over four times the price (but worth it if you're looking for a splurge!).

Even though 32 Degrees products are available elsewhere, I prefer to purchase them from Costco, not only because the prices are often cheaper, but because Costco is known for higher ethical standards than many other large corporations. They pay their employees higher wages and offer better benefits.

More of my favorite fitness and post-exercise pieces from Costco right now: 

  • I wear this Buffalo Ladies’ Super Soft Hoodie with Pocket to work from home, start a yoga session, and go on walks on chillier Arizona evenings. It replaced a beloved and threadbare black sweatshirt, and I don’t miss my old sweatshirt at all. It’s fleece-y on the inside, stretchy, cute, and extraordinarily cozy. 
  • Purchasing this $20 Puma Ladies’ Sports Bra, 3-Pack made me realize that quality, comfortable sports bras that work for yoga, running, and hiking don’t have to cost $30 or $50 each. 
  • I am now one of those people who wears pajama sets to bed, and Costco makes it affordable. These Room Service Ladies’ Shawl Color Pajamas Set typically sell for $50, but Costco sells them for $23. I love coming home at the end of a hike, showering, and putting these on. They’re funky, expressive, and the buttery soft fabric is soothing and grounding. I like that they have more size variety than some other Costco options making it easier to find a pair that fits.

*Valid only for nonmembers for their first year of membership. Limit one per household. Nontransferable and may not be combined with any other promotion. You must join in person with a Costco representative. New members will receive their Costco Shop Card by mail in 4 to 6 weeks. Costco Shop Cards are not redeemable for cash, except where required by law. A Costco membership is $60 a year. An Executive Membership is an additional $60 upgrade fee a year. Each membership includes one free Household Card. May be subject to sales tax. Costco accepts all Visa® cards, as well as cash, checks, debit/ATM cards, EBT and Costco Shop Cards. Departments and product selection may vary.

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