Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates DVD Review

Pop in This DVD for a Great Fusion Workout

Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates
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If you're an intermediate or experienced Pilates student, you'll enjoy Gaiam's Trudie Styler Core Strength Pilates DVD. The fitness DVD's workout includes flexibility and core work inspired by yoga and Pilates moves. It offers you the ability to do real exercise in the comfort of your own home.

About Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates DVD

  • A 45-minute full-length workout and a 25-minute express workout based on yoga and Pilates
  • Bonus interviews with Sting, Trudie Styler and James D'Silva
  • Bonus organic cooking feature
  • $14.98 through


  • Offers a flowing, continuous movement workout
  • Gaiam DVDs are easy to find in stores (Target, health food stores)
  • Great workout and energy
  • Goes beyond a workout to encourage a healthy lifestyle


  • Not really a Pilates DVD, despite the title
  • Workouts lack cues for safety and maximizing exercises

Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates DVD Review

Nowhere on the front of this DVD does it say celebrity personal trainer James D'Silva created and teaches the program - not eco-activist and wife of Sting, Trudie Styler, whom one would expect based on the name of the DVD.

But Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates is not a total celebrity scam. Trudie Styler demonstrates the workout along with D'Silva and does quite a good job. She is also featured in several segments of the bonus features where she and Sting generously give a glimpse of their home and lifestyle in Tuscany.

This workout is full-on fusion. It's more yoga than Pilates. In fact, it's more like James D'Silva's own version of Pilates, if anything. Still, it has some great core strength moves - a couple are from Pilates mat work - but it also has a ton of yoga and dance-inspired stretches, too. There is nothing about the exercises, the way they are taught (with few cues and variations) or the sequence of the workouts that makes this Pilates.

But the DVD has a lot to offer in mixed bag kind of way. Let's start with the workout. It goes straight through 45 minutes without stopping, which feels great. There is plenty of stretching and core work, as well as a good amount of butt and thigh firming.

Little is offered in the way of cues for alignment, safety and maximizing the potential of the exercises. The workout also assumes a fairly high level of strength and flexibility, therefore I recommend this DVD for those who have movement background - yoga, Pilates, calisthenics - not beginners.

Both D'Silvia and Styler demonstrate with good form and a lovely, balanced energy that is inviting to move along with. D'Silva narrates the routine with a calm, encouraging demeanor, and we also get to hear Sting's music in the background - a nice change from the monotonous techno loops that plague so many fitness DVDs.

DVD Bonus Features

It's also nice to have bonus feature interviews with D'Silva, Styler and the big draw: Sting. The interviews make the entire DVD that much more personable and welcoming. There's also an organic cooking class with Sting and Styler's personal chef. I suppose if you have the fortitude to cook a huge fish, head and all, first on an open grill and then in a specialty oven, it's useful. I just liked getting a peek into Sting's kitchen.

The bonus features also include a preview of one of Sting's albums. Clearly, the bonuses are meant to sell the DVD, which they do, but they also work together to share a sense of the natural, healthy lifestyle Styler and Sting have cultivated.

Final Thoughts

Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates is part of a series of DVDs Styler has made with D'Silva. Gaiam has also created weight loss yoga and warrior yoga DVDs with the duo. After testing out this "Pilates" DVD, I'd expect their other fitness DVDs to offer interesting and challenging fusion workouts, too.

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