Complete Skateboard Buying Guide

Buying a skateboard can be tough: you want to make sure you buy the right skateboard for you, plus you want to make sure you get a good deal. Well, unless you just have piles of extra cash laying around ... in which case, I can help you there, too!

What Not to Buy—Cheap Means Dangerous

Katie Brady/flickr/CC BY 2.0

The first thing you need to know is to not buy a cheap skateboard from the toy store or nearest superstore. I'm referring to skateboards with Spiderman or Spongebob on the bottom, made by companies that have mass produced their skateboards with little concern for the quality of their product.

Skateboards are, by nature, dangerous. You don't want to skimp on the skateboard and get something that will make skateboarding even more dangerous because the wheels are made of poor material, the trucks are weak, the bearings freeze up or the board breaks, right? True skateboard companies actually spend a great deal of time trying to make their boards better, safer, and last longer.

Complete Pro Grade Skateboard

Birdhouse Complete Skateboard
Birdhouse Complete Skateboard. Birdhouse Skateboards

Complete pro grade high-quality skateboards usually run about $120 US, sometimes more and sometimes less. Not sure what brand to buy? You can check out the Top Skateboard Deck Brands list for some good ones to look for. Once you have a few in mind, head down to your local skateboard shop and look at what they have on the wall. Not sure what size is right for you? Most skaters learn what size they like through trial and error, but there are some suggestions in the Building Your Own Skateboard article. 

MiniLogo Complete Skateboards

Minilogo Complete skateboard
Minilogo Complete skateboard. Jamie O'Clock

For inexpensive but good quality, Minilogo is the way to go. Minilogo skateboards are a lot like blank skateboards (no graphic on the bottom, just one solid color), but they are higher quality. MiniLogo is a branch of the Powell skateboard company - a famous and well-established skateboard manufacturer. MiniLogo skateboards and parts are made right along with all of Powell's other professional grade skateboards, so they are high-quality skateboards. They are cheaper, however, because they lack graphics. MiniLogo skateboards look clean and simple. 

Cheaper Mid-Quality Complete Skateboards

Andy Mac Skateboards
Andy Mac Skateboards. Steve Cave

There are a few cheaper skateboard companies out there who make skateboards that are "good enough" for new skateboarders. This means that they aren't as high of quality as pro-grade skateboards, but they work well for beginners. The drawback is that they aren't made in the USA.

One such board brand is the Positiv, by Powell. Along the same lines are Powell Golden Dragon Skateboards. Golden Dragon skateboards feature drawings of Chinese-style dragons and are endorsed by Steve Caballero.

Beginner Complete Skateboards for Kids

Angelboy Complete
Angelboy Complete. Angelboy

For kids, there are corners you can cut when trying to get a cheap beginner skateboards, and there are corners you shouldn't cut. Please don't buy a $20 board from the nearest superstore. Your kid will hate it, hate skateboarding, and maybe even get hurt. 

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