Cold Therapy for Weight Loss

Get the facts about using cold to reduce fat or boost metabolism

New clinical studies are providing scientists with compelling information about fat. Many researchers are excited about the use of cold exposure to activate brown fat for weight loss. And doctors around the country are using the power of cold to eliminate stubborn fat bulges. This has left dieters with many different ways to use cold therapy to lose weight.  But the new scientific evidence has a down side as well. Not every cold therapy for weight loss will give you the results that you want. Learn as much as you can about each cooling treatment before you invest any money or waste your time.

Brown Fat Activation for Weight Loss

freezing away fat in the cold
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If you read the latest research and weight loss news, then you've read about brown fat. Some studies suggest that if you use cooling methods to activate brown fat you can slim down faster. But before you make plans to freeze your butt off, find out what the research reveals about beige fat, white fat and brown fat for weight loss. 

using ice to freeze your fat off
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Guess what happens when you freeze your fat? In some cases, the fat cells die and the fat bulge goes away. But in other cases, nothing really happens. The key to success when you're trying to freeze away fat is to choose the right method. 


Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts (review)

Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts (review)
Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts

 Some dieters use Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts to eliminate fat bulges in the tummy, the thighs and on the back. So I decided to give them a try as well. This is what happened when I tried them and what I learned about the science involved in freezing fat away.

brown fat for weight loss
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Many dieters can't get rid of stubborn trouble spots even with a good diet and plenty of exercise. So many of them turn to CoolSculpting, an FDA-approved medical procedure to reduce fat bulges and contour your body.