The 11 Best Products to Buy in 2018 for Carrying Your Walking Essentials

No Pockets? No Problem!

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How do you carry your mobile phone, keys, ID and other essential items when you go for a walk? In days of yore, we wore fanny packs. But the fashion gods dictated that those were terminally un-cool -- just about the time everyone started carrying a mobile phone. Too big for the wimpy key pocket in your running tights, too essential to put in a backpack where you can't access it -- how do you keep it and other items handy? Here are some clever ways to carry your stuff when pockets aren't enough and a backpack it too much or too inconvenient.

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Running Buddy Magnetic Personal Storage Pouch

Running Buddy Magnetic Personal Storage Pouch
Running Buddy Magnetic Personal Storage Pouch. Courtesy of

The Running Buddy Pouch attaches at your waistband, with one side inside your pants and the rest of the pouch outside. It is made from sweat-wicking fabric that is a little stiffer than that of the similar RooSport. It has two pockets, one for your cell phone with a cord port, and another interior pocket good for ID and cash. The Running Buddy comes in a few different sizes, including a mini one and a 6+ one for larger phones. They even have one for a small, flat water bottle.


FlipBelt Sport Belt

FlipBelt. Courtesy of Amazon

The FlipBelt Sport Belt is a stretchy continuous loop of fabric with slits strategically placed. You just tuck your essentials into the slits and they ride securely at your waist. The fabric is stretchy enough that you can even slip a water bottle into it (although that will warm up your water). It's perfect for races and half marathons for easy access to your phone, energy snacks, tissues, etc. You could also wear it as a money belt for travel. They have a version that includes a zippered pocket in addition to the freeform pockets for extra security. It is machine washable and comes in many different colors.


RooSport Magnetic Sport Pocket

RooSport Magnetic Pocket
RooSport Magnetic Pocket. RooSport

The RooSport Magnetic Pocket lets you add a pocket when you need one. The flap folds over your waistband and the magnets keep it in place. You can use the zippered pocket for items you want to be secure, such as your identification, passport, money, and keys. It has a drop-in pocket on top for your phone, camera, or other things you want quick access to. It is excellent for travel as well as walking. It is comfy to wear and you forget you have it on. Its advantage over the Running Buddy Pouch is that it is a lighter weight fabric, which is easier to conceal under clothing and very comfortable to wear all day.



hipS-sister. Wendy Bumgardner

Like FlipBelt, the hipS-sister is a continuous loop of fabric, so you slip it on without any clasp or belt to bother with. It has two zippered pockets to hold essentials securely, plus a drop-in pocket perfect for your phone, iPod, or other things you want quick access to. That pocket expands enough that you could carry a water bottle in it if you really want to. It's designed to be worn on the hips as a fashion statement. You can get it in basic black, colorful patterns, or even bedazzled, such as one with 13.1 in rhinestones to wear while walking half marathons.



SPIbelt. Wendy Bumgardner © 2014

The SPI in the name stands for Small Personal Items. It is a minimalist fanny pack, as it is only 1.5 inches wide but the zippered pocket expands enough to hold your mobile phone, keys, identification, money, and a pack of energy gel. The belt is elastic rather than webbing, so it fits snugly at your waist to prevent bounce. It has an adjustable clasp and comes in sizes for the very small and the rather large in addition to one-size-fits-most. They also make a SPIleash for dog walking. You can buy race bib toggles to slip over the belt to hold your race bib, too.



Armpocket. Courtesy of

Lots of people don't like wearing something on their waist. Armpocket is a solution for keeping your mobile device and essentials handy without adding bulk on your waist. You can operate your mobile phone through the plastic cover and put your other essentials in the two organizer pockets.



SPIband. Wendy Bumgardner ©

You can wear the SPIband on your wrist or ankle. Tuck items into the zipper-less pocket and you have them handy but secure. It easily carries identification, money, credit cards, or keys. It's a great place to keep your tissues handy for drippy-nose days. It works fairly well as a sweatband, too. A mobile phone would fit, as it is stretchy enough for most models.



Walkapocket. Walkapocket LLC

The Walkapocket is an updated fanny pack that lies flat against your body. It has a zip pocket to keep items secure. The pocket goes around your waist with an integrated clasp belt. It's made out of Aerospacer, a lightweight and durable mesh fabric which is moisture-wicking and quick-drying. Besides use for fitness walks, it makes a great travel accessory, or you can carry your dog-walking essentials when you take your pooch for her morning stroll.



PortaPocket. Courtesy of

PortaPocket is a versatile system for carrying your essentials. You can wear it as an armband with their 12-inch mini-belt, or switch to their longer 18-inch belt to wear it on your thigh or calf, or to a 36-inch long waist/larger thigh belt. You can choose from a small, medium, large or extra-large pocket to hold your identification, cash, phone, or even passport. The pockets switch from belt to belt and close with a velcro closure. They are made of comfortable neoprene. It is water-resistant. They come in black, tan, and even "bling" styles.



DBelt PRO. Wendy Bumgardner ©

The DBELT is a flat belt that comes in two versions, the Original and the PRO. Both versions have three pockets with a larger one designed to fit mobile phones, a zippered secure ID/key pocket and a drop-in pocket great for energy gels. The DBelt has a velcro closure, making it easy to put on and take off. The PRO is made of sweat-wicking polyester/spandex in a variety of colors. Its pockets are lined with moisture-resistant material to protect your electronics. The Original is made of cotton/spandex and is available in basic black, without lined pockets.


WATERFLY Slim Soft Polyester Water Resistant Waist Bag

Light, delicate, and ideal for long walks, WATERFLY’s Slim Soft Polyester Waist Bag Pack is the perfect walking accessory if you only have a few items to store while you exercise. Though it’s relatively small, this waist bag pack has lots of storage capabilities, from a main double zippered compartment to two extra front pockets and an extra hidden rear pocket. Due to its adjustable polyweb waist belt, the WATERFLY Bag is able to fit nearly any waist size, and it’s also highly water resistant so that you don’t have to worry about getting your valuables wet if you get caught in the rain.

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