The Best Home Gym Equipment of 2021

Skip the gym and work out at home

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Best Home Gym Equipment

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Commercial gyms are often crowded, expensive, and dirty. But you shouldn't give up on exercise altogether just because you don't have it in your heart to drag yourself to your local fitness center.

If you want to set up a home gym for a last-minute workout without the hefty membership fees, you'll need to start by finding exercise equipment and gear to get started.

Here is the best home gym equipment on the market.

Our Top Picks
This adjustable dumbbell set easily adjusts from 3 to 24 pounds, and is the equivalent of eight individual pairs of dumbbells.
Perfect for at-home total-body strength training and cardio, the TRX all-in-one suspension training system easily anchors to doors.
A Peloton bike will let you work out quickly and efficiently in the comfort of your own home, just a few steps from the shower.
Best High-Tech Equipment:
The Mirror at
Experience guided fitness classes of all kinds, one on one training, and an all-around personalized workout experience.
Get a good full-body workout without storing bulky weights at home with this set of five loop bands of varied resistance.
Replacing up to six kettlebells in a single design, easily change the weight of this all-in-one kettlebell from 8 to 40 pounds.
With a rigid, hollow core and a multi-density exterior, this foam roller will help you get rid of more stubborn knots.
Thanks to the rower's electromagnetic, computer-controlled resistance, you'll truly feel like you're rowing on water.
The resistance can be adjusted on a scale of 1 to 16, allowing you to choose the level of intensity for your workout.
With a 20x55-inch running surface and featherlight folding frame, this is the perfect treadmill for a home gym.

Best Adjustable Dumbbell: POWERBLOCK Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell

PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbells

If you want a piece of equipment for total-body strength training workouts that takes up very little space at home, these adjustable dumbbells are ideal. Each dumbbell easily adjusts from 3 to 24 pounds in 3-pound increments.

Effortlessly change the weight of the dumbbell with the accompanying selector pin, which works like a weight stack at the gym. These are great for at-home lunges, front squats, rows, shoulder press, and more.

This all-in-one dumbbell set is the equivalent of eight pairs of dumbbells, so for heavy-to-moderate weightlifters, they're a lot more efficient and cost-effective. The dumbbells come equipped with padded handles for wrist protection and a 10-year warranty.

Best Suspension Training System: TRX All-In-One Suspension Training Fitness System

TRX All-in-One Suspension Training Fitness System

A TRX suspension system is the perfect tool for at-home total-body strength training workouts for those who prefer to train with bodyweight. You can perform a variety of effective total-body strength and cardio exercises with nothing but a TRX. It's great for pushups, squats, lunges, abdominal work, pull-ups, and more.

The TRX all-in-one suspension training system is easily anchored in your home or outdoors. Indoors, it'll anchor to doors, rafters, or beams, and outdoors it can anchor to trees, poles, or posts. It only weighs 1 pound, so it's also the perfect gear for the traveling fitness fanatic and has been safety-tested to support up to 350 pounds.

The suspension system comes with a 35-page workout guide and includes six-month access to the TRX app with even more exercises.

Best Indoor Bike: Peloton Bike Essentials Package


Ok, so you have the space. But maybe you only have a firm 30 minutes to an hour to spare for exercise each day, and it's not enough time to get to the gym and back. A Peloton bike will let you work out quickly and efficiently in the comfort of your own home, just a few steps from the shower—making it well worth the price.

The Peloton Essentials Package comes equipped with a standard Peloton exercise bike, your choice of 1-, 2-, or 3-pound dumbbells, Peloton indoor cycling shoes, and 24-hour access to Peloton studio cycling classes for your entire household.

If cycling is your exercise weapon of choice but you don't have time to go to a studio, a Peloton might be just what you need.

Best High-Tech Equipment: The Mirror


If you're itching for a fitness class level experience in the comfort of your own home, check out The Mirror. From afar, this high-tech piece of equipment may seem like your average mirror, but turn it on and you'll experience guided fitness classes of all kinds, one on one training, and a personalized workout experience.

Weighing 70 pounds, its sleek design can be rested against your wall or mounted, making it perfect for tight spaces. The mirror comes complete with a large library of workout classes from HIIT to yoga, which can be easily accessed from your phone, tv, or tablet. Keep in mind, a monthly $39 subscription fee is required on top of the physical equipment to use it.

While there's no doubt the Mirror boasts an expensive price tag, it will transform your at-home-gym experience forever. And if you decide it's not for you, the company offers a one-year warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial.

Best Resistance Bands: Fit Simplify Resistance Bands


To get a good full-body workout without storing bulky weights at home, consider investing in a set of resistance bands for your home gym. These loop resistance bands from Fit Simplify will make basic exercises, like squats, planks, bridges, side-stepping, and others, more challenging. They also offer great support for post-workout stretches.

This set comes with five 12-inch by 2-inch loop bands of varied resistance—from extra-light green to extra-heavy black. They're made of 100% natural latex, are TPE-free, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Best Kettlebell: Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights

Bowflex SelectTech 840 Adjustable Kettlebell

If you're kettlebell-obsessed and can't imagine having a home gym without one, consider this adjustable kettlebell by Bowflex. Replacing up to six kettlebells in a single design, you can easily change the weight of this all-in-one model from 8 to 40 pounds with the turn of a dial. It's perfect if you're looking to share it with a roommate or partner who tends to lift lighter or heavier weights than you.

The weight settings on this space-efficient kettlebell include 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 and 40 pounds. With one weight you can easily get a full-body workout, switching from high-rep kettlebell swings to heavy kettlebell squats without having to buy a whole set. You'll also get access to 24 trainer-led exercises that focus on foundational kettlebell techniques.

Best Foam Roller: TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

Foam Roller

Foam rolling after exercise can help ease post-workout muscle pain and reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness. The TriggerPoint foam roller has a rigid, hollow core and a multi-density exterior that'll help you get rid of more stubborn knots without discomfort. The 13-inch by 5.5-inch foam roller gets the job done while taking up hardly any space, which makes it perfect for a home gym.

Even if you have never foam rolled before, you'll quickly learn how to use this tool. The foam roller comes with access to a free online instructional video library on foam rolling best practices. It also comes with a one-year warranty and can support a maximum of 500 pounds.

Best Rowing Machine: Hydrow Rower Starter Package


Take your at-home rowing experience to new levels with the Hydrow Rower. Although it costs a pretty penny, this feature-packed rowing machine is well worth the price. Thanks to the rower's electromagnetic, computer-controlled resistance you'll truly feel like you're rowing on water. And its 22-inch display screen and built-in speakers will add to the realistic feel of your workouts, transporting you to a setting of your choice as you row.

Prefer to listen to your own music? Simply sync your device to the Hydrow Rower via Bluetooth. Your rower will also ship with a pair of wireless headphones and a heart rate monitor that you can easily sync up to the rower to better track your heart rate. The rower supports up to 375 pounds.

Testing Insight

"Throughout testing, I took a ton of classes—there are more than 2,383 on offer. Surprisingly, there were more than just rowing-specific workouts. Your Hydrow Rower also offers mobility, strength, yoga classes, and more. That is a definite bonus."—Rozalynn S. Frazier, certified personal trainer and Verywell product tester

Best Runner-Up Rowing Machine: Sunny Health & Fitness Multifunction SPM Magnetic Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Multifunction SPM Magnetic Rowing Machine

If you have some extra space to spare for your home exercise equipment and rowing is your cardio of choice, you might want to invest in an indoor rowing machine. This one from Sunny Health & Fitness has a foldable slide rail and two transportation wheels for easy storage.

The cardio machine's resistance can be adjusted on a scale of 1 to 16, allowing you to choose the level of intensity for your workout. There's also a bunch of handy features, like a bottle holder for easy access, a device holder to prop up your electronics, and nonslip handlebars.

The machine's extra-large foot pedals help keep you secure throughout each pedal stroke, while the digital performance monitor keeps track of your pace, watts, distance, and calories burned. With an 11-inch seat height and a 250-pound weight limit, this machine fits most users.

Best Treadmill: Horizon Fitness T101 Series Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

A standard treadmill can easily cost upwards of $1,000, which is probably more than you're looking to spend on workout equipment for your home gym. But the Horizon T101 treadmill offers quality at a more reasonable price point.

Plus, with a 20-inch by 55-inch running surface, it's a more reasonable size for home use. The "featherlight" folding frame is a handy space-saving feature that makes storage a breeze.

With firmer cushioning in the push-off zone and softer cushioning in the impact zone, the running deck is designed to be less harsh on your knees. It has 10 speed keys and 10 incline keys for a varied run, built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, fan, tablet rack, and water bottle holder—everything you need to get a great cardio workout from home.

Best Yoga Mat: Lululemon The Reversible (Un) Mat


If your favored form of exercise is yoga, Pilates, or basic bodyweight strength training, a yoga mat may be all you need for home exercise. This lightweight, thinner model only weighs 2.32 pounds and measures 26 inches by 71 inches when open, so it's easily storable.

It's made with moisture-absorbent material that'll help you keep your grip during sweaty exercises and balancing poses. The mat is also coated with an anti-bacterial additive that helps prevent mold and mildew. It comes in an elegant midnight orchid design suitable for any yogi.

Best Jump Rope: Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope

Fitness Factor Adjustable Jump Rope

For a seriously intense cardio workout that can be done in pretty much any space—no matter how tiny—a jump rope is all you need. This adjustable one is suitable for people of just about any height, from 4-feet 9-inches to 6-feet 6-inches tall.

The skipping rope is designed with an anti-tangle mechanism that allows it to spin quickly and smoothly without catching. The foam handles are soft and easy to grip, which reduces tension on your wrists and hands during your workout. It comes with step-by-step instructions for setup and a list of trainer-recommended jump rope exercise routines.

Best Bench: Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

If you're looking for the best home workout equipment for weightlifting, a bench is indispensable. With 12 backrest angles, this adjustable bench can be used for both decline and incline exercises—think chest press, rows, flyes, skull-crushers, tricep dips, step-ups, hip thrusts, and more. It adjusts from a 20-degree decline angle all the way to an 80-degree incline.

The bench is 59 inches long, 23.5 inches wide, and 48.5 inches tall, and it easily folds for storage so it won't take up too much space in your home. It also has transportation wheels and only weighs 35 pounds, making it easy to move around and out of the way. It'll support up to 800 pounds.

Pair this bench with adjustable weights for an at-home strength training workout parallel to what you'd get at a commercial gym.

Best Flooring: ProsourceFit Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat

ProsourceFit Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat

Maybe you're looking to set up a home gym in the basement but don't want to work out directly on the cold floor, or you don't want to ruin your expensive tile floors with heavy weights—either way, this puzzle exercise mat can help.

These dense, durable square foam tiles will protect your floors and cushion your exercises for added comfort. Each tile measures 24 inches by 24 inches and is either 1- or 3/4-inches thick, depending on which option you choose. The tiles are made of non-skid material providing traction for plyometrics, are water-resistant, and are noise-reducing.

Choose between a variety of colors and sizes that'll cover 24, 72, or 96 square feet.

Best Gliding Discs: Synergee Core Sliders

Synergee Core Sliders

If you're looking to add an extra dose of intensity to your workouts, using core sliders or gliding discs is a great way to do so. These small circular discs can be used to strengthen the major muscle groups in your body and can be integrated into nearly any type of workout, whether it's HIIT, strength, or sculpting.

The Synergee Core Sliders are a great option since they're double-sided and versatile to use on any floor. There's a softer foam side for use on hardwood floors, and a harder plastic slide that's perfect for carpeting and rugs. They come in a pack of two, and each slider measures 7 inches, making them easy to take with you or stow away. Every order also comes with a handy exercise manual to guide you through workouts. Add these core sliders to your next workout and watch the sweat drip.

Best Massage Gun: Theragun Elite

Theragun Elite Handheld Percussive Massage Gun

When your muscles are extra sore from working out, nothing will give them the proper TLC like a massage gun. We recommend the Theragun Elite, since it features an easy-grip, OLED screen, and a customized speed range to target sore muscles. You can control the desired speed of the gun from the app on your smartphone, ranging from 1750-2400 pulses per minute. It also has a strong battery life that runs for 120 minutes per charge.

Plug in this machine and feel it deeply penetrate and relieve those painful muscles, all without making a lot of noise. This is because Elite is made with QuietForce technology, making it 75 percent quieter than Theragun's previous model. It also comes with a carrying case, five different attachments, and a power adapter for easy storage.

Best Ankle Weights: Bala Bangles

Bala Bangles

Ankle weights are an effective, hands-free way to incorporate an extra level of resistance into your workout. We recommend these popular ankle weights from Bala, since they're sleek, versatile, and will stay in place throughout any workout.

Each set of Bala Bangles comes with two bangles and a carrying case for easy transporting. Strap them around your ankles during any sculpt or cardio workout, or wear them on your wrists during walks for an extra resistance burn. They come in three different weight sizes, ranging from half a pound to two pounds, making it easy to choose the best weight for you.

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