Cherry Blossom Walking in Kenwood, Maryland

Cherry Blossoms
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Kenwood, Maryland is known for its cherry blossoms and is a delight to walk through when the Yoshino cherry trees are full of pink blooms. The peak of the bloom is often the first week of April, but it can vary as much as 10 days from year to year. The trees in Kenwood often bloom a couple of days later than the cherry trees along the Tidal Basin in the District of Columbia. Watch for the prediction in mid-March. Kenwood is a preferred alternative to the crowds that throng the Tidal Basin area, but it can also be somewhat congested.

Kenwood Seasonal Walk

There is no street parking allowed in Kenwood, so the only way to tour these 1,200 Yoshino cherry trees is on foot or by bike. You can walk a route that includes many of these sights any day during cherry blossom time.

The Bethesda Cherry Blossom Seasonal Walk is a map-guided route that is open from early March to early May each year. You can pick up the map and register at the Starbucks, 4611-E Sangamore Rd, The Shops at Sumner Place, Bethesda, Maryland. You can guide yourself with the map during daylight hours any day. The walk is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) long and the route takes you on the Capital Crescent Trail and through the streets of Kenwood and back.

If you prefer a 5-kilometer (3.2-mile) walk, there are directions to drive to a different starting point and only do the Kenwood portion of the route.

Allow at least 90 minutes to do the 5-kilometer walk and three hours to do the 10-kilometer walk. While you can probably complete the distance much faster at a brisk pace, you will want to savor views and take photos along the walk. Depending on the day, you may have some delays with congestion and waiting for traffic signals as well.

Be sure to dress for changeable spring weather. Wear comfortable athletic shoes and layered clothing, including an umbrella or rain poncho in case the wet weather is in the forecast. It is also wise to carry a water bottle, especially if you are doing the longer route.

After the cherry blossoms have faded, you can still enjoy azaleas and other spring flowers along this route. It is hosted by the Seneca Valley Sugarloafers walking club and is open to everyone. The club hosts group walking events throughout the year. They are affiliated with the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV).

What to Expect of the Kenwood Cherry Blossoms

Kevin Shaw has enjoyed walking through the Kenwood cherry blossoms many times. He notes that the Capital Crescent Trail is a very popular rails-to-trails route that goes from Bethesda to Georgetown. On a pleasant weekend day, it can get quite crowded with many different users such as skaters and cyclists. It is a rather narrow trail with people going in both directions. If you are walking it on a high-traffic day you will need to stay aware of cyclists and rollerbladers.

Shaw says that strolling through the Kenwood neighborhood with cherry trees in full bloom has to be seen and experienced to be believed. There are many sightseers out in their cars and on foot through the neighborhood streets, which are not very wide in most places. Take your time and really enjoy the sights and smells of the day. Every turn will yield more cherry blossom-lined streets, and more people having a great time enjoying the scenery. During the peak of the bloom, enterprising children may set up refreshment stands at strategic locations along the route. The town has stately homes and many mature oaks to lend it a timeless quality. You will find many of the homes architecturally interesting. The town has a garden club to encourage and reward beautiful landscaping.

You can use restrooms at Westbard Shopping Center if needed. If you are returning to Bethesda, there are many shops and places to eat when you return.

Cherry Blossoms in the District of Columbia

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is held mid-March through mid-April each year to enjoy the cherry blossoms in the District of Columbia.

They suggest walking to the Tidal Basin from Metro stations. The Great Greenbelt Volksmarchers club has a year-round National Mall walking route that includes the Tidal Basin. You can pick up the map and register for it at the reception desk at Columbia Plaza Apartments, The Consul, W Lobby, 2400 Virginia Ave. NW, District of Columbia.

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