The 6 Best Cheap Skateboards of 2020

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Buying a cheap skateboard doesn't mean that what you'll get is necessarily the lowest quality. The skateboards in this list are affordable but aren't cheaply made. When it comes to skateboards, there can be some pretty harsh consequences if you go for the cheapest board out there. The biggest one is having a board so cheap that it breaks right in the middle of doing something dangerous. The boards listed here are not as high quality as expensive boards, but for casual or new skaters, these less expensive skateboards should work just fine.

Our Top Picks

Blank Skateboard Decks

Blank skate deck

Blank skateboards and skateboard gear are mostly wheels and decks that are made without any company name attached to them. They are generic, usually just one color, and cheap. The problem with blank skateboard gear is that there isn't just one company that makes it.

However, blank skateboards are cheaper, and some out there are good enough. For example, TGM Skateboards makes blank decks that are 100% hard Canadian maple. Ask the owner of the shop what the blank deck is made of before you rule it out. 

World Industries Complete Skateboards

World Industries Skateboard

World Industries used to be a hardcore brand, with rough and raucous graphics, but then the company started making kids' boards, too. They are pretty good and trustworthy completes—they aren't as good as a pro-grade skateboard, but for a new skater or a skater who's really trying to save money, they work. If you skate much, though, you will probably end up wanting to upgrade later. 

Positiv Complete Skateboards

Positiv Skateboard

Positiv Skateboards is headed up by Andy Macdonald, and these are basically the exact same boards as Golden Dragons. The team consists of Macdonald, Sandro Dias, Rodney Jones, and Carlos de Andrade. Their mission is to make high-quality skateboards available to skaters of all levels, especially skaters who are looking for a great value on their first skateboard. Positiv skateboards are designed and manufactured by Skate One, a company with decades of experience in building top-quality skateboards. 

Shop Skateboards

CCS Skateboard

Some skateboard shops sell their own cheap skateboards with their shop's logo on the bottom. These work out a lot like blank skateboards; some are poor quality, and some are just fine. Most, though, are really just fine. Skateboard shops don't want to put their shop's name on really bad boards. The trick with shop skateboards is that you have to actually go to a shop to get one instead of ordering online. Some shops sell their boards online, but it's best to go to a shop and ask them about their boards. Ask the same sort of questions you'd ask for blank boards.

Custom Skateboard Decks

Boardpusher custom deck

Some companies out there help you make your own custom skateboard deck. Most of these are a little cheaper than pro skateboard decks, plus you get to design your own image. Board Pusher is a good one to check out. These boards are fairly good quality, but they aren't necessarily a lot cheaper than regular skateboard decks.

Mini-Logo Complete Skateboards

Minilogo skateboard

Mini-Logo Complete Skateboards are high-quality decks and parts marked down in price because of their lack of graphics. You know the cool picture on the bottom of your skateboard? Well, having that cool art and a pro skater's name on the board means it costs a little more. ​Mini-Logo skateboards are made of quality parts, but they are just one color, with a small logo (that's where they get the name). The result is that with Mini-Logo, you get a great skateboard for less money. Mini-Logo boards are made by Powell and are the same quality as regular Powell decks. As far as quality vs. price, Mini-Logo isn't the cheapest, but the quality is higher than other boards on this list.

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