Champions of Wellness

Champions of Wellness

We're honoring the top 100 leaders in wellness who inspire us and champion messages of healthy living.


Not just anyone can be a Champion of Wellness. It takes the right blend of knowledge, inspiration, and compassion to be a true ambassador of healthy living and motivate people to make healthy choices.

This year's inaugural top 100 Champions, who collectively tackle wellness from every angle, are going even further and changing the game. They are challenging the ways in which we talk and think about health and offering up alternatives to the usual fads and trends that saturate our screens.

"For these Champions, wellness is all about learning to be the best version of yourself—mind, body, and soul—in a way that is accessible for everyone and judgement-free." - Rachel Berman, RD, Verywell General Manager

Our Methodology

We polled the Verywell community to understand which categories in the ever-growing world of wellness actually interest them the most. After the final top 10 categories were identified, we turned to our expert judges—comprised of leading voices in the fields of nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and more—to nominate 10 trailblazers in each category who deserve to be recognized for their pioneering efforts in promoting healthy lifestyle messages.



Join us in celebrating the real voices that champion wellness—the voices that promote self-love and acceptance, the voices that share stories of triumph and hard work, the voices that encourage healthy behavior and human connection, and the voices that remind us to just breathe.

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