Can I Run and Train for a Half Marathon?

Rudi Von Briel/Photodisc/Getty Images

“I’d like to run a half marathon that six months away.  I’ve done a 5K race, but nothing longer than that.  Is it realistic to think I can complete the half marathon?”

Running a half marathon (13.1 miles) is definitely an achievable goal for a beginner runner who has a few months to train, as long as you're committed to running or working out at least 3-4 days a week.

Keep in mind that if you do register for the half marathon, you absolutely do not have to run the entire distance. Many half marathon participants run/walk the race, taking walking breaks throughout their run. You also don’t have to run 13.1 miles in training.  If you can complete 10 miles in training, you should be fine on race day.

Training for a half marathon is a serious commitment and it helps to follow a training schedule.  Sticking to a training program will help you safely prepare for the race (hopefully avoid injury) and keep you motivated. As you continue with the training, your fitness will improve and you'll feel more prepared for your half marathon race.  Here are some half marathon training schedules for beginners:

Half Marathon Run/Walk Training Schedule:  This 12-week half marathon training program is designed to help you run/walk to the finish line of your half marathon. To start this plan, you should have been run/walking for at least two months and should have a base mileage of about 8-10 miles per week.

Half Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners:   This 12-week training schedule is designed for beginner runners who want to get to the finish line of a half marathon race. It assumes that you already run at least eight miles per week. If you've never run before, follow this step-by-step plan for building a running base before you start with the half marathon schedule.

Half Marathon Training Schedule for Advanced Beginners: This 12-week schedule is geared toward runners who can run four miles and can run 4 to 5 days per week. You may have never run a half marathon before, but you're looking for a schedule that's a little more challenging than the half marathon Beginner Schedule.

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