Can I Decrease Fat Stores With Sesamin?

Shedding fat can be a struggle and many are still looking to sesamin as a possible answer to help speed things along.  

Sesamin and Fat Loss

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Sesamin is a lignan extracted from sesame seeds and a compound of sesame seed oil. Lignans are molecules that communicate within the body to perform an action like stimulation of fat oxidation for example. Sesame seed oil has been linked to increased fat burning, decreased fat stores plus high antioxidant qualities offering up a bounty of other health benefits. A study reported in The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine states “the reduction of body weight and body mass index in our study mainly may be due to sesame oil substitution, since the values increased once the sesame oil substitution was withdrawn.” 

Sesamin: Provides Superior Health Benefits

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One might think you hit the fat-burning jackpot simply eating boatloads of sesame seed covered sushi rolls, pouring gallons of the precious oil on your salad, or heading straight for the sesamin supplement bottle. Don’t get me wrong, health benefits of sesame seed oil are absolutely superior, however, studies linking sesamin to fat burning are still in their infancy. While researching this subject, it was actually difficult to find clinical studies specific to fat oxidation, but more leaning toward reduced cholesterol and hypertension. Let’s take a closer look at sesamin and how it may stimulate fat loss.  

Sesamin Research Reveals Great News

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The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine conducted a study in 2006 reporting the effects of sesame seed oil on hypertensive patients with poor lipid panels. There were 50 participants of mixed gender aged 35 to 60 who were measured at baseline and instructed to consume sesame oil for 45 days eliminating all other oils from their diets. The patients were re-measured after 45 days with results of lowered lipid panels and normal blood pressure readings. The oil was then removed for 45 days and the participants were re-evaluated showing a return of increased lipid panels, especially triglycerides, and blood pressure readings.

During the 45-day sesame oil-consuming portion of the study, lowered body weight and BMI readings were revealed showing a possible link to sesamin and fat oxidation. Reported in 2010 by Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus (ACS), “Sesamin binds to and activates a receptor in the body called Peroxisome Proliferator Activator Receptor Alpha (PPARalpha) and is involved in the regulation of lipid metabolism, specifically the transcription of genes involved in the oxidation of fatty acids and lipogenesis.”

Science is simply saying sesamin increases the fat burning process and decreases the storage of fat in the body.

In conclusion, “sesamin possesses the capacity to increase the fat burning process and decrease the storage of fat in the body by modifying the gene expression of the fatty acid oxidation enzymes.” 

Sesamin Does a Body Good

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Sesamin has shown to supply numerous health benefits including possible links to increased fat loss. Sesame seeds/oil is a wonderful healthy fat rich in antioxidant properties and linked to decreased blood pressure and reduced triglycerides (fat in the blood).

As with all fats, more is not always better and it will be important to be aware of the recommended portion size for your daily caloric intake and for weight loss success.

Bonus Takeaway

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Sesamin has been a popular supplement for fat loss. Sesamin can also be obtained from natural sources like sesame seeds and sesame oil. Since supplements aren't regulated, It's recommended to fulfill nutrient requirements through whole foods. However, oil supplements may be best for those not enjoying the taste and texture of eating oils.

In any case, do your research before buying supplements or adding anything new to your daily food intake. Sesame seed oil is a fabulous healthy fat with numerous health benefits and in proper portion provides great antioxidants for the body while promoting fat loss. 

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