Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Book Review

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle review
Tom Venuto/Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is one of the best comprehensive guides for people who are ready to invest a significant amount of time and effort into losing weight and getting fit. But be forewarned. As author Tom Venuto explains, the plan is simple, but it is not easy. This is a great book if you're serious about making changes in your life. But the book isn't a smart solution for everyone.


If you are highly motivated to change your body but can’t find a plan to fit your needs, might be the perfect book for you. In this complete guide, you'll find smart advice about diet, exercise, motivation, and general lifestyle advice. It is well organized and easy to understand. The book provides a smart and clear path to help dieters and exercisers change their bodies.

The book is written by a former "fat boy" Tom Venuto. As Tom explains, he made the decision to change his body and set off to learn the secrets of bodybuilders to reach his goal. The transformation inspired his current career as a fat-loss expert, health and fitness writer and steroid-free bodybuilder. Tom holds a degree in exercise science along with a certification as a strength and conditioning specialist.

But even though the book contains smart, the evidence-based advice it may not work for everyone. Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, Tom’s second book, is not a good book for people who are looking for easy workouts, quick diet fixes or trendy weight loss plans. Instead, Tom’s book provides a well-written synthesis of the core principles that will help you successfully lose fat and build lean muscle.


So, what’s inside the book? Here is just a sample of what you'll learn in Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle:

  • The importance of goal setting. If you don't set goals properly, you’ll never reach them. It's that simple. Goal setting is the foundation of every successful weight loss program. Tom makes it easy to set and define goals that are reachable.
  • How to manage nutrition and training. Some people who want to lose weight go on a diet. Others hit the gym. But people who really change their bodies, understand that diet and exercise must work together to build a lean body. Tom explains how to eat right for weight loss and for proper fitness training.
  • How to cheat on your diet. It doesn’t seem logical that cheating on your diet would help you to reach your fitness and weight loss goals, but according to Tom, it does. In the book, he explains why cheat days are important and how to safely incorporate them into your schedule to reach your goals faster.
  • The difference between activity and exercise. This is one of the most common workout mistakes that I see people make, so I was glad that Tom addressed it in his book. He explains why non-exercise activity matters and how it is different than essential fitness training.
  • Pros and cons of supplements. Plenty of diet gurus and gym rats are ready to sell you supplements. But should you use them? Tom gives a balanced and insightful perspective on the pros and cons of supplements.
  • Why you sabotage your diet. We are often our own worst enemy. Tom explains how your brain can work against you and how to retrain your thought process to get past this common weight loss barrier.
  • Your best macronutrient balance. Venuto endorses eating enough protein to maximize your weight loss potential. But he also acknowledges that each person’s needs vary. He makes general recommendations for the best balance of protein, carbs, and fats and then guides you through the process of finding the right blend for you.

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is not a short-term fix. If you buy the book, expect to spend time learning Tom’s philosophies and mastering the principles that make the plan effective. But you can also expect to reap the rewards that come from your investment. It’s a great program for living a long, lean and healthy life.

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