Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes Review

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Brooks Ghost 10

Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes

 Verywell Fit / Deanna McCormack

What We Like
  • Sturdy, yet lightweight

  • High-end materials

  • Shock-absorbent cushioned sole

  • Neutral fit, good for most running types

What We Don't Like
  • A newer model is available

  • Not overly bright/reflective

Bottom Line

There’s not a lot to dislike about the Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes. In terms of cushioning, they’re supportive and shock-absorbent—good for high-mileage runners, beginners, and walkers, whether outdoors or on a treadmill desk. They’re also extraordinarily versatile, light, and responsive for speedier running and cross-training.


Brooks Ghost 10

Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes

 Verywell Fit / Deanna McCormack

We purchased the Brooks Ghost 10 Road Running Shoes so our reviewer could thoroughly test and assess them. Keep reading for our full product review.

Tell any runner you’re looking for a comfortable, high-performing shoe and chances are, they’ll point you towards Brooks. Based in Seattle, WA, Brooks has been making running shoes since the ’70s when they earned their place in running history as the first brand to introduce EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), an air-infused foam you’ll find in most shoes today. And they only make running shoes. This, according to their brand ethos, means they know what they’re doing when it comes to running.

Although not the most expensive shoes in the category, the Brooks Ghosts are consistently touted as a top-of-line “neutral” shoe and a stellar representation of the Brooks brand: comfortable, smooth, versatile, and made with premium materials. For two weeks, we put a pair of men’s Ghost 10s to the test to see how they stack up to their reputation.

Brooks Ghost 10
Verywell Fit / Deanna McCormack

Performance: Benefits for every runner

Year after year, the latest Brooks Ghost shoe is praised for its ability to deliver a consistently smooth ride for a variety of runners and their goals. At long distances, the shoes are cushy enough to keep foot and joint pain to a minimum and prevent plantar fasciitis. For beginners and casual runners (and walkers!), they’re light and smooth. If you have flat feet, you may want to consider wearing an insole for flat feet with the shoe.

Our tester, who happens to be my husband, noted the shoe’s great shock absorption and sturdy upper support as he tested the sneakers on a long road run. He was equally impressed that they didn’t feel bulky or unresponsive as he paced through speedier treadmill miles and intervals. With added Omega Flex Grooves to optimize forefoot flexibility, they also aren’t too stiff for cross-training. As far as “neutral” shoes go, the Brooks Ghosts are the standard. They’re super comfortable and don’t discriminate against any type of runner or foot shape. 

Brooks Ghost 10
Verywell Fit / Deanna McCormack 

Fit: A truly “neutral” shoeforgiving yet stable

Trying on the Brooks Ghost 10s for the first time, my husband said, “These are the shoes for me. Not too snug, roomy, or plain—a perfect fit.” They have a spacious toe box but snug midfoot that holds your foot in place without suffocating it. 

After a series of middle-distance runs, he added, “I don’t feel restricted in any way and they’re so, so comfortable. I already feel like they’re broken in, but not in a way that lacks support. Plus, I don’t yearn to take them off when I’m done running, which is a huge win for me.” The pair features a newly engineered mesh upper which provides a winning combination of stretch and structure.

Brooks Ghost 10
Verywell Fit / Deanna McCormack

Materials: Top of the line, but not the newest model

You have 3D Fit Print technology to thank for the superior, secure-but-stretchy fit of the Ghost 10s. The breathable upper, while providing relief from sweat and heat, could be an issue in extremely wet conditions, but the plush tongue covers enough of your foot to make it a non-issue. 

Other technology in the shoe, like the “Segmented Crash Pad” and “BioMoGo DNA” midsole, are what allows them to adapt to your foot, stride, and footfall. Plus, it’s what makes them so darn comfortable. As for the weight, my husband reported that they felt light, especially considering the amount of cushioning in the shoe. The one caveat with the premium technology and materials built into the Ghost 10s is that they might not be the absolute best from the brand. There’s currently a newer model available; the Ghost 11s.

Brooks Ghost 10
Verywell Fit / Deanna McCormack

Design/Style: Nothing special—in a good way

When you buy a pair of Brooks, comfort and performance are likely your top priority. The brand by no means claims to be trendy or stylish. But, while you might not throw the Ghost 10s on with a pair of jeans, they aren’t so far in the other direction, either. The design is basic, and the color selection includes neutrals, which means you can wear these daily and not turn heads—in a good way. Our tester liked that they didn’t look bright or flashy, but this could be a concern for runners who like a shoe they know a car will notice in low lighting.

Brooks Ghost 10

Verywell Fit / Deanna McCormack

Price: Right where you’d expect

One of the best parts about the Brooks Ghost shoe is that even though they are constantly rated as one of the best overall running shoes on the market, with new technology and high-quality materials, they aren’t overpriced. With an MSRP of $120, they aren’t exactly budget-friendly, but for what you get the price is right where you’d expect it to be. Plus, since the 10s are an older model, they’re often available at a discounted price.

Competition: Updated, and with more bounce

Another neutral shoe at the same price point, the Saucony Kinvara 10, might be more your style if you like a little more speed and responsiveness. They’re still comfortable (though maybe not as) but are lighter and provide a better bounce and feedback for runners looking to boost their pace. The Ghosts are better overall, but if you know your style and fit needs, you might choose a more specific shoe like the Kinvaras.

When comparing the Ghost 10s with their newer model, The Ghost 11s, however, the 10s come up short. The 11s have everything you love about the previous model but have been changed to include a lighter, springier midsole foam. They also have an added heel crash pad made of DNA LOFT foam.

Final Verdict

An all-around great shoe.

The Brooks Ghost 10 sneakers are everything you could want in a running shoe and are deserving of their place at the top of many “best-of” lists. Their supreme comfort, fit, and support caters to a variety of strides and foot shapes and makes them perfect for both marathons and casual running. The only better shoe in this category would be the updated version from the same line.


  • Product Name Ghost 10
  • Product Brand Brooks
  • UPC 190340226694
  • Price $120.00
  • Weight 10.4 oz.
  • Midsole Drop 12 mm.
  • Heel Height 30 mm.
  • Support Neutral
  • Arch: Medium to high
  • Surface Road
  • Weight of women's shoe 9 oz.