7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence During Weight Loss

Are you trying to get healthier or change your body image by losing weight? The weight loss struggle requires that you stay upbeat and motivated—usually for a long period of time. But it can be hard to feel good about yourself and when you're not happy with the way you look.

That's why it's important to boost your confidence during weight loss. Many people who are attempting to lose weight expect to feel better about their bodies after weight loss. But if you boost your confidence while you're losing weight, you'll be more likely to stay motivated, stick to your program, and reach your goals. Use these techniques to stay inspired today and for the duration of your weight loss journey.

Learn to Believe in Success

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Believing in yourself has real benefits. If you believe that you can lose weight, you are more likely to actually reach your weight loss goal. But if you think that you're going to fail, you're more likely to quit. So why not train your brain to believe in yourself? Psychologists and coaches do it all the time and you can, too. Start to boost your confidence with better beliefs today.

Set Smart Weight-Loss Goals

One of the biggest mistakes that people who are attempting to lose weight make is not setting goals. Or worse, they set goals that are unrealistic. Goals provide a roadmap for your entire weight loss journey. The goals you set at the beginning of the weight loss process can change the outcome of your program. So why not take a few minutes to set SMART goals? Learn how to set and adjust Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals.

Stay Energized and Upbeat

You're not likely to feel confident during weight loss if your energy level is at an all-time low. But eating less and exercising more can have that effect, especially during the early days of your weight loss plan. There are different ways to feel better, such as making sure you get enough sleep or enjoying nutritious foods to keep yourself fueled. Another way to feel better is to Improve your posture.

Look More Confident Today

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Don't wait until the diet kicks in to make yourself look fabulous. Do it now! Your confidence will grow and your weight loss program will boost into hyperdrive when you revamp your look. Dress to impress yourself. Wearing clothes that fit properly (instead of oversized ones) can make a big difference in your mood and self-confidence.

Exercise With Confidence

Too intimidated to hit the gym? If you haven't exercised in a long time, you might feel uncomfortable trying a new class or starting a new program. Wearing workout clothes that make you feel good can help a lot. Or, start with home workouts using an app or streaming video to practice techniques in private before you visit a gym.

Boost Motivation for Weight Loss

Everyone's motivation drags at some point in a weight-loss plan. It can be hard to keep your chin up when you don't see the results that you want on the scale. But there are motivation tricks that you can use to keep yourself on top of your game so that you complete your workouts, and keep your lifestyle changes on track. Find out how coaches do it and then incorporate those strategies into your own life.

By Malia Frey, M.A., ACE-CHC, CPT
 Malia Frey is a weight loss expert, certified health coach, weight management specialist, personal trainer​, and fitness nutrition specialist.