What to Eat at Blaze Pizza: Healthy Menu Choices and Nutrition Facts

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Blaze Pizza is a fast-fired, made-to-order pizza chain with over 300 locations nationwide. The menu offers a selection of signature pizzas but encourages diners to build their own creations. The restaurant offers particularly healthy options, especially when compared to other options in the pizza arena.

Blaze Pizza pledges to serve freshly prepared food free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Due to its highly customizable menu, online nutrition calculator, and allergen identification tool, it is feasible to go for a quick, healthy meal that doesn’t derail your healthy eating plan. 

What Experts Say

“Known for its 'fast-fired' pizza, Blaze Pizza has a range of options, including vegan and gluten-free crusts. Skip the creamy, cheesy choices and opt for a vegetable-loaded pizza to boost nutrition and fiber. Be mindful of portions here. One slice of pizza (depending on the variety) contains roughly 130 calories and you could end up overeating carbohydrates (around 90g in one pie) and sodium (about 1500mg). Instead, share it or order a half pie and pair it with a side salad.” 

Barbie Cervoni, RD, CDE

Navigating the Menu

The Blaze menu offers 11-inch pizzas and pizzas in a larger size. Crust options include its original thin crust, a thicker high-rise crust, and a gluten-free cauliflower crust.

Blaze Pizza is also the first national chain to roll out a low-carb ketogenic diet crust which swaps out flour for flaxseed, eggs, and cheese. The keto pizza is part of the company's “Life Mode” pizza line that also includes the protein pizza, the vegan pizza, and the vegetarian pizza.

The menu also has a selection of entree and side salads and a few desserts.

The Blaze Pizza menu has its fair share of decadent options that are very high in calories and sodium. It is best to steer clear of the thick high rise crust, creamy or oily sauces, high fat, processed meat toppings, and extra cheese to keep calories, saturated fat, and sodium in check.

Most Nutritious Options
  • The Red Vine Pizza (Signature Pizzas)

  • Keto Crust + Red Sauce + Ricotta + Basil + Cherry Tomatoes + Chopped Garlic + Mushrooms + Spinach Pizza (BYO Pizzas)

  • Arugula and Fresh Fruit Salad (Salads)

  • S'more Pie (Desserts)

  • Water or Pear Cucumber Agua Fresca (Drinks)

Least Nutritious Options
  • The Meat Eater Pizza (Signature Pizzas)

  • High-rise Dough + Garlic Pesto Sauce + Shredded Mozzarella + Gorgonzola + Applewood Bacon + Smoked Ham + Pesto Drizzle Pizza (BYO Pizzas)

  • Buffalo Blue Salad (Salads)

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ Sea Salt (Desserts)

  • Lemonade, Sodas (Drinks)

Signature Pizzas

Blaze Pizza offers a variety of signature pizzas that feature suggested topping combinations on thin original dough. This section contains a mix of vegetarian options as well as pizzas with meat toppings.

The healthiest options are the simplest; stick to red sauce and vegetable toppings that are raw or simply prepared. Omit the additional option of a finishing sauce to avoid excess calories and salt.

Keep in mind that these signature pizzas are still customizable. So even the least nutritious option can be modified to be healthier. Also note that sodium can really add up here, so portion control and limiting multiple toppings high in sodium is key.

Most Nutritious Option

The Red Vine Pizza provides 110 calories, 3.5g fat (5% DV), 1.5g saturated fat, 15g carbohydrate (5% DV), 5g protein, and 200mg sodium (8% DV) per slice from an 11-inch pie.

The Red Vine Pizza is not only lower in calories than other pizzas, but it is also lowest in sodium and one of the lowest in fat and saturated fat.

Least Nutritious Option

The Meat Eater Pizza with High Rise Dough provides 190 calories, 7g fat (11% DV), 3g saturated fat (15% DV), 22g carbohydrate (7% DV), 8g protein, and 420mg sodium (18% DV) per slice from an 11-inch pie.

The best way to modify this pizza is to stick to the original thin-crust or keto crust and instead of keeping both meatballs and pepperoni on the pizza, opt for one type of meat which will all help to reduce the sodium and calories.

Build Your Own (BYO) Pizzas

This section allows diners to create their own pizza combination from the crust to the sauce to the toppings which are broken down into sauces, cheeses, meats, veggies, and finishes.

Most Nutritious Option

The most nutritious BYO pizzas are those with original, cauliflower or keto dough, tomato-based red sauce, one kind of cheese, and fresh vegetables.

Example: Keto Crust + Red Sauce + Ricotta + Basil + Cherry Tomatoes + Chopped Garlic + Mushrooms + Spinach provides 110 calories, 4g fat (6% DV), 2g saturated fat, 7g carbohydrate (2% DV), 10g protein, and 100mg sodium (4% DV) per slice of an 11-inch pie.

Least Nutritious Option

The least nutritious BYO pizzas are those with the high-rise dough, garlic pesto sauce, two or more kinds of cheeses, two or more kinds of meats, no vegetables, and a high-calorie finishing sauce.

Example: High-rise dough + Garlic Pesto Sauce + Shredded Mozzarella + Gorgonzola + Applewood Bacon + Smoked Ham + Pesto Drizzle provides 220 calories, 9g fat (14%), 3.5g saturated fat, 25g carbohydrate (7% DV), 10g protein, and 500mg sodium (23% DV) per slice of an 11-inch pie.

Salads and Sides

Blaze Pizza offers a selection of salads in both entree portions or as a side. Some salads are available all year round and others just seasonally. 

This menu section also includes dough knots available in different portions. It is best to leave those off of your order if you are getting pizza in order to keep calories, carbs, and sodium in check. 

Most Nutritious Option

The Arugula and Fresh Fruit Salad, as an entree portion with dressing included, provides 310 calories, 20g fat (31% DV), 7g saturated fat, 29g carbohydrate (10%DV), 9g protein, and 390mg sodium (16% DV).

Least Nutritious Option

The Buffalo Blue Salad, as an entree portion with dressing included, provides 330 calories, 25g Fat (38% DV), 10g Sat Fat, 12g carbohydrate (4% DV), 14g protein, and 1620mg sodium (67% DV).

This salad also comes as a side salad which would be a healthier option but still high in sodium. The combination of banana peppers, gorgonzola cheese, buffalo sauce and ranch dressing all contribute to its high sodium content.

Omitting one or two of these salty toppings and replacing with a fresh ingredient would help bring the sodium down.


Most Nutritious Option

The S'more Pie provides 200 calories, 9g fat (14% DV), 3g saturated fat, 28g carbohydrate (9% DV), 3g protein, and 160mg sodium (7% DV).

Least Nutritious Option

The Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ Sea Salt provides 340 calories, 16g fat (25% DV), 10g saturated fat, 45g carbohydrate (15% DV), 4g protein, and 700mg sodium.

Not only is this cookie high in calories (the equivalent to almost 2-3 slices of many of the pizzas on the menu), but the additional sea salt makes this dessert extra high in sodium on top of an already high-sodium meal.

It is best to avoid the cookie altogether. Instead, opt for the S'more Pie or share the Brownie, the other dessert option on the menu.


Most Nutritious Option

The best option for a beverage is always water but if you want something with more flavor, choose a fruit-based agua fresca. The Pear Cucumber Agua Fresca provides 60 calories, 0g fat, 16g carbohydrate (5% DV), 0g protein, and 5mg sodium per 16oz drink.

Least Nutritious Option

A 16oz cup of Lemonade provides 150 calories, 0g fat, 38g carbohydrate (13% DV), 0g protein, and 5mg sodium.

The lemonade has the highest sugar content but the sodas on the menu do not fall far behind so it is best to avoid those as well.

Diet-Specific Options

Blaze Pizza offers options for those following gluten-free, low-carb, diabetes-friendly, vegetarian and vegan diets. Unless you use the Nutrition Calculator to plan your order in advance, you won't find many low FODMAP, low sodium, or low-fat options on the menu.


  • Keto Pizza
  • Vegetarian Pizza (with cauliflower crust)
  • Arugula and Fresh Fruit Salad
  • BLT Cobb Salad
  • Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Although there are only two signature pizzas listed, any pizza can be made with the gluten-free keto crust or cauliflower crust. Just be mindful to avoid the meatball topping which contains wheat breadcrumbs.


  • Low-carb Keto Pizza
  • BLT Cobb Salad
  • BLT Wedge Salad
  • Classic Greek Salad
  • Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Any pizza made with the keto crust will be very low-carb (1 slice contains only 2g of carbohydrate). Pizza made with the classic dough or cauliflower crust can also be low-carb (less than 30g carbohydrate) if you limit your portion to 2 slices. All of the toppings at Blaze Pizza are also low-carb. 


There are no pizzas that can be low FODMAP because all of the sauces contain garlic. A BYO salad is the best option for a low FODMAP diet.


  • Keto Pizza
  • BLT Cobb Salad
  • BLT Wedge Salad
  • Classic Greek Salad
  • Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Any pizza made with the keto crust will be very low-carb (1 slice contains only 2g of carbohydrate). Pizza made with the classic dough or cauliflower crust can also be moderate in carbs if you limit your portion to 2 -3 slices. 

All of the toppings at Blaze Pizza are low-carb. Avoid the high rise dough to keep carbs in check, choose vegetable toppings and pair with a side salad for more fiber. 


Build a pizza with original dough, red sauce, omit or limit the cheese to crumbled goat cheese or shredded parmesan and omit meat toppings for a low-fat pizza.


  • Red Vine Pizza with Keto Crust
  • Arugula and Fresh Fruit Salad (entree portion or side portion)
  • Tomato and Mozzarella Salad (side portion only)

The combination of salt from the dough, sauce, and cheese makes it a challenge for any pizza to be low sodium however the lowest sodium choices are the keto crust, red sauce or white cream sauce, ricotta cheese, and fresh vegetable toppings.


  • Red Vine Pizza
  • Art Lover Pizza
  • Veg Out Pizza
  • Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
  • Classic Caesar

Any BYO Pizza with vegetarian toppings will be vegetarian. 


  • Vegan Pizza
  • Arugula and Fresh Fruit Salad without any cheese

BYO pizza can be vegan if made with the original or high rise dough, red sauce, vegan cheese, or no cheese. The keto dough and cauliflower crust both contain dairy. Note that the pesto drizzle and ranch drizzle finishing sauces both contain dairy. 

Food Allergies and Safety

Blaze Pizza offers a lot of transparency around allergens and due to the menu’s highly customizable format, there are a lot of ways to modify your order to make it allergen-friendly.

There is also a user-friendly online tool on Blaze Pizza’s website called the Special Diets Wizard to help you determine which menu items contain (or do not contain) the most common allergens, including:

  • Peanut
  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Tee nuts
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Shellfish

You can also check for other ingredients you might prefer or need to avoid, such as gluten, artificial coloring, and nitrates.

Note that even though there is an option to filter for artificial coloring and nitrates, Blaze Pizza does not serve any items with these ingredients. 

Blaze Pizza also makes an allergen statement to address potential cross-contamination.

"Some ingredients may come into contact with common allergens, including wheat, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish and shellfish. Although efforts are made to avoid cross-contact of allergens, Blaze Pizza does not guarantee that cross-contact with allergens will not occur. Before placing your order, please inform your server if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy."

A Word From Verywell

Blaze Pizza offers many options for those generally following a healthy eating plan as well as those on many common special diets. In addition to the number of healthy options listed on the menu, there are numerous ways to either modify menu items or create your own.

The website's user-friendly nutrition calculator and allergen identification tool provides detailed information on ingredients and nutritional content, giving you the information you need to make the best choices for yourself.

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