Blair Morrison


Blair Morrison is a gym owner, personal trainer, and 3 time CrossFit Games competitor from Northern California.  


Starting as a personal trainer in 2005, Blair has seen and done everything the fitness industry has offered in the last decade.  From bodybuilding to pilates, yoga to HIIT, rehab to CrossFit, he has either coached it or done it in the past ten years.  

As a collegiate football player, Blair's early fitness experience centered around strength and conditioning for team sports.  When he entered the personal training field after graduation, however, he realized that very few of his clients were interested in getting bigger, faster, and stronger.  At least not in the way a football player would.  So he began to experiment by blending what were considered mutually exclusive programs together for his clients.  (2 days of weight training followed by 1 day of yoga, for example).  The results were incredible.  People were intrigued by the variety and ecstatic about the results.  This type of cross training had to be the way forward.

In 2008 Blair found CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program that was designed and intended to be the ultimate in cross training.  He decided to compete in 2009 and finished 7th in the world.  In 2011 he finished 5th.  Since that time, Blair has travelled the world as an athlete and coach, even leading annual expeditions whose purpose is training without a gym.  He has led such trips to Iceland, New Zealand, Croatia, Chile, Ireland, and many others. 

When he is at home, Blair owns and operates two CrossFit gyms in the Sacramento area.


Blair did his undergraduate studies at Princeton University, graduating in 2004 as a four year varsity letterman with a Bachelors degree in History.  

He continued on to Leiden, Sorbonne, and ultimately Oxford, where he received his Masters degree in European history.  During his time abroad, Blair travelled across Europe exploring the different gyms and training styles currently available.  These experienced greatly informed the creation of his own gyms in 2011.  

A Word From Blair Morrison

My goal with this site is to provide readers with accurate, helpful, and direct information on the topic of cross-training.  Too often people are confused by the different trends, marketing ploys, or myths circulating the fitness industry, when what they really need is knowledge.  I am here to cut through the noise and give you real answers.

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