Bitbelt Secures Your Fitness Band Clasp

Don't Lose Your Fitbit or Other Wristband Fitness Monitor

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The fatal flaw for the Fitbit Flex and many other fitness bands is that the clasp can come undone and you can lose your expensive wristband fitness monitor. Bitbelt is a simple security belt that will keep the wristband in place. It also will work for other wristband fitness monitors such as the Nike+ FuelBand, Garmin Vivofit, and the Sync.

Bitbelt is a silicone sleeve that you slip onto the wristband. After you secure the clasp, you glide the Bitbelt over the closure. It is like a pedometer safety leash for wristband fitness monitors. Now you have a little more security that you won't lose your Fitbit.

You can simply leave the Bitbelt on the strap of your fitness monitor as you would with a watchband "keeper" loop. It should still be there when you next put on fitness band.

  • Cost: Bitbelts sell for only a few dollars, which is very cheap insurance for bands that cost $99 - $199. Shipping is free or low cost from the manufacturer or
  • Colors: They come in a variety of colors to mix or match your fitness wristband. Colors include clear, black, pink, royal blue, ice blue, blue/grey, red, fluorescent orange, turquoise and yellow. Combo packs are available.
  • Sizes: Bitbelt large fits the larger wristband monitors including the Fitbit Force, Nike+ Fuelband, Garmin Vivofit and Sync. Bitbelt jr. fits the Fitbit Flex and smaller wristband activity monitors.

Advantages of the Bitbelt

  • O-Ring Problems: Another fix for the Fitbit is to buy an o-ring at a hardware store. The #41 o-ring is the right size for the Fitbit Force, while a smaller o-ring would work for the Fitbit Flex. However, some users report that o-rings catch in arm hair, resulting in a painful plucking. They say the Bitbelt doesn't present that problem.
  • Getting a Good Fit: Bitbelts also can help you size your fitness band, which can be a problem for the Nike+ Fuelband. While it has links to add or remove, it can be hard to get it just right. Add one or more Bitbelts and you can find the right fit. You may have trouble with your fitness band getting loose when you lose weight (a nice problem to have!) I seem to have a wrist that is right in the middle between small and large size bands, so fit is often a problem.
  • Style: The Bitbelt is an attractive addition to your fitness band, while an o-ring or a small rubber band may work, they don't match the quality of your expensive band.
  • Support an Entrepreneur: Bitbelt is produced by a small company. I applaud their inventiveness to solve problems.
  • Cautions: The Bitbelt is a small, colorful item and it can present a choking hazard to infants and toddlers who are prone to putting such things into their mouths. Keep it out of reach of children.

Personal Experience with Bitbelt and Fitbit Flex

My friends who wear the Fitbit Force have all had difficulty with it popping off their wrist accidentally.

I struggled every morning with the Fitbit Flex to try to get the clasp closed securely. I really felt like I needed a lady's maid to dress me, like I was an aristocrat at Downton Abbey. And then once I got it on, it didn't feel truly secure. I never have had a problem like that with any watch or other fitness band.

I gave my older Nike+ FuelBand to my niece, and after she added links it wouldn't stay closed securely. The Bitbelt would help keep it secure. I'll be sending her a Bitbelt to use.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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