Big Agnes Cross Mountain Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes Cross Mountain 45 Sleeping Bag
Big Agnes Cross Mountain 45 sleeping bag.

If you aren't used to a sleeping bag, you can become frustrated by having it roll off your mattress pad. Big Agnes solves that by leaving the insulation out of the bottom of the bag and having a pocket to insert your pad into. Similarly, you can stuff a fleece or down jacket in a pocket to create a pillow. The result is a bag that sleeps comfortably - you can even roll over in it easily. The zipper design keeps out drafts. This is a great 3-season sleeping bag.

Features We Like Best of the Big Agnes Cross Mountain 45 Sleeping Bag

  • The insulation is synthetic 97% recycled fill is rated for 45 F, which is good for a 3-season sleeping bag.
  • Water-repellent surface treatment on the nylon rip-stop shell to keep out the elements.
  • Pocket in bottom to place an air mattress or pad for cushion; fits any rectangular 20” wide pad. It also has a pocket for a pillow or to stuff your jacket to use as a pillow.
  • Can't roll off your mattress pad, since the pocket for the pad keeps it in place.
  • Easier to roll over at night inside the sleeping bag.
  • Roomier toe space so you can move your feet around for comfort.
  • Well-designed to keep out drafts
  • Weighs under two pounds.
  • Comes in regular, for people up to 5'10" and long for people up to 6'6".


  • Must use a mattress pad. The bottom isn't cushioned, so you really need to bring one along if you are going to be using it on a hard surface.

Expert Review - Big Agnes Cross Mountain Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes eliminates weight while keeping the pad attached to the bag. The pad slips into a sleeve on the bottom of the bag, and there is no padding or insulation on the bottom other than that provided by the pad. This is great for those who like to roll over at night.

The zipper is well protected inside baffles that ensure that outside air doesn't leak in through the zipper. Up at the head, there is a built-in pillow pocket - you can stuff your jacket into it to use as a pillow, or stuff a pillow into it. You can use the draw cord to further enclose yourself in the bag on cold nights.

The bag it is coated top and bottom to repel water and keep you dry from condensation in the tent or a rainstorm leaking through.

The Cross Mountain bag has synthetic fill and is good for temperatures down to 45F. For lower temperatures, Big Agnes has the Gun Creek 30F bag and an Encampment 15F bag. I found the Cross Mountain bag to be perfect for the mild temperatures you can expect at the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks or when walking the Camino de Santiago in spring or fall. The bag comes in both regular and long sizes.

For a pad, you can use any 20" wide pad such as a Therma-Rest, or get one of Big Agnes's REM pads. I highly recommend an insulated self-inflating pad such as those as opposed to an air mattress. One caveat - you do need a pad when using a Big Agnes bag because it lacks padding on the bottom.

Get the Big Agnes compression girdle so you can easily deflate the pad while still in the bag and then compress it down tiny to fit into your luggage.

Where to Buy Big Agnes Cross Mountain Sleeping Bags

You can find these bags at as well as their sleeping pads, tents, apparel, accessories and more. You will likely want one of their air chamber or self-inflating sleeping pads if you don't have one already. You can also find them at online retailers.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. 

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