The 8 Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2021

Hit a home run with these great picks for kids

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Our Top Picks
"The VCX design allows for movement between the barrel and handle for less vibration."
"A low-cost option that allows kids to get the hang of fundamentals and have a blast without major commitment."
"Long and well-wrapped, the handle sports an amazing grip."
"This 2.6-inch barrel bat is particularly good for hard hitters."
"With thinner barrel walls than many competitors, the bat allows for an enormous sweet spot and no dead zones."
"The lightweight feel and durable design make this perfect for younger players as well as high schoolers."
"The bat's lightweight composite construction provides faster speed for better hits."
"The single-piece baseball bat includes a low weight drop, at -12, for particularly fast acceleration."

Find the right youth baseball bat for your child’s next little league game. Before you start shopping, be sure to know which type of bat you need. For children ages 4 to 6, you’ll likely want a tee-ball bat. For ages 7 to 13, a USSSA or USA Baseball-approved youth bat works well. Older children may need a BBCOR bat.

Best Overall: Louisville Slugger Prime 919 Youth Baseball Bat

2019 Slugger

It is important to have the right baseball gear. When you get a bat, there will be a few things that your child really cares about: The design, the look, the feel, and maybe the size. When you bring home the Louisville Slugger Prime 919, the look and feel might stun them in the short term, but it's this bat’s performance that will pay off in the long run. They’ll love the way they hit with this bat. 

The Prime 919 is a three-piece, composite bat with a -10 drop and a 2.6-inch barrel diameter for a variety of youth players. It features an ADV MicroForm barrel construction and an RTX End Cap that leads to a perfect barrel shape, with a nice sweet spot and superior performance.

The VCX design allows for movement between the barrel and handle for less vibration, and the bat features an LS Pro Grip for added comfort. It also has a flashy handle and bat cap design that make little league a lot more fun. The bat comes in three lengths (29, 30, and 31 inches) and three weights (19, 20, and 21 ounces).

Best Budget: Franklin Sports Kids Youth Baseball Bat

Do you have a young child who is interested in baseball, but not committed enough to make the heavy investment some youth bats require? The Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Bat is a low-cost option that allows kids to get the hang of the fundamentals and have a blast while doing it. 

Perfect for tee-ball, backyard baseball or little league, this USA Baseball-certified bat is made of durable aluminum and features a 2.25-inch barrel. Available with three lengths and three weights, the bat works for a range of children.

The hi-tack grip allows youngsters to get a hang of swinging without risk, and the balanced weight distribution makes getting contact with the baseball a little easier. This inexpensive option is perfect for any yard.

Best Grip: DeMarini Voodoo Balanced Baseball Bat

Strap up your gloves and wrap your fingers around the DeMarini 2020 Voodoo. This top-end bat provides unparalleled grip for youth baseball players that lets your kids safely crank home run after home run.

The 2020 Voodoo uses the DeMarini design of dual construction, providing a composite handle and a x14 alloy barrel. Long and well-wrapped, the handle sports an amazing grip. This grip, combined with the 3Fusion connection, creates a low vibration, excellent control and keeps the energy in the barrel. The Reaction end cap also helps you translate a great grip into a perfect swing.

Best Big Barrel: Louisville Slugger Omaha 518 Youth Baseball Bat

For little leaguers in need of a big barrel, there’s nothing better than the Louisville Slugger Omaha 518. This 2.6-inch barrel bat is USA Baseball Youth-approved and particularly good for hard hitters. The flashy bat, with a black and yellow design, is made of a single piece of 7-series alloy. It features an unusually large sweet spot for the alloy bat.

This big barrel bat boasts a .87-inch handle with a reliable synthetic leather fade grip. Any baseball player will appreciate the tough end cap design that will withstand punishment. 

Best Fast Swing: Marucci CAT8 Youth Baseball Bat


Crank the ball out of the park, swing hard and swing fast, with the Marucci CAT8. This USSSA bat is particularly strong as well as fast with a single-piece aluminum alloy construction. 

What sets the Marucci CAT8 apart from the competition is the excellent barrel construction. With thinner barrel walls than many competitors, the “multi-variable wall design” allows for an enormous sweet spot and no dead zones, more forgiveness and more response.

The 2.75-inch barrel is also precision balanced for a faster swing and a more balanced feeling. This bat includes features such as an anti-vibration knob, dampening construction and a tack-heavy micro grip handle. Find it in lengths 28 to 32 inches and weights ranging from 20 to 24 ounces.

Best Wood: Louisville Slugger Genuine Maple Series Youth Bat

Louisville slugger genuine maple series youth bat

Have your little leaguer hit like the pros with the Louisville Slugger Maple Bat. Wood bats are an original part of baseball and a critical part of professional and high-skill leagues.

Many baseball fans like to have their youngsters start off with these old school, lightweight bats. From a classic name like Lousiville Slugger, this maple bat is a great choice for youth baseball players at a range of levels. 

This Louisville Slugger bat is a single piece of maple wood with a black barrel and an unfinished handle. As a wood bat, the maple option has a large sweet spot that hits hard and fast once it’s broken in. The lightweight feel and durable design make this perfect for younger players as well as high schoolers. The simple, classic bat is available in lengths from 27 to 31 inches.

Best Composite: Easton Ghost X Hyperlite Youth Bat

Composite bats are becoming some of the best and most popular options for youth players. They are ready to use immediately and can last forever. The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is one the best composite bats, and one that is loved by kids and parents alike. 

Made with a single-piece construction, the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is constructed with a carbon composite for a unique feel and “hyper-lite balanced design.” This lightweight formula provides faster speed for better hits.

The composite bat features a more flexible speed cap than those on previous Easton bats, which translates into a more responsive barrel and that perfect noise every time your kid makes contact with the ball. The bat also sports an aesthetically-pleasing design with a full-red coloring and a tacky grip that any batter will love.

Best Alloy: Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat

Although wood and composite bats are growing in popularity in little leagues, the alloy bat is still king on youth baseball diamonds. The Rawlings Raptor Youth Baseball Bat is an excellent and versatile low-cost option that provides great performance. 

Available in two designs and four lengths (27 to 30 inches), the Rawlings Raptor gives excellent power. The 2.25 or 2.62-inch, small barrel bat is USA Baseball-approved and uses an aerospace-grade alloy. It's a single-piece bat and includes a low weight drop, at -12, for particularly fast acceleration.

This bat also features a perimeter-weighted end cap to further help the swing. It's a great option for playing in the backyard, and is ideal for kids ages 10 and under.

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