Best Yoga Subscription Boxes

How to find the best yoga subscription box for you

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The Best Yoga Subscription Boxes

Yoga subscription boxes offer a wide array of products like yoga clothing, yoga tools, yoga accessories, or anything that can make your yoga experience more enjoyable. These can help you expand your knowledge and maximize the benefits of being a yogi. It can also encourage beginners to dig deeper and inspire more people to embrace a healthy lifestyle. 

We explored different boxes that may be useful for both beginner yoga enthusiasts or advanced practitioners. Some boxes focus solely on yoga clothing while others focus on self-reflection, meditation, or healthy eating. Most boxes include a variety of different yoga products and are a great way to find new brands or find new ways to enhance your practice. We loved how unique each box is and how many boxes are themed or have a different focus each month. 

We researched over 15 different yoga subscription boxes to find the best one for each category. To be considered they must ship to the US, offer a variety of yoga or fitness inspired items, have a subscription option, and are under $100 per month.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Yoga Club

Yoga Club

Yoga Club

Why we chose it: If you are a practicing yogi or simply want to look the part, the Yoga Club box is a great way to expand your wardrobe conveniently and cost-effectively.

What We Like
  • Take a style quiz to determine your preferences

  • Stylists curate your box for you

  • Can leave feedback on style and fit

  • High-quality yoga brands

  • Can change shipping frequency to quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly

What We Didn't Like
  • The exchange process can be a hassle

  • Do not get to preview outfit each month

  • No workout gear or equipment

  • More expensive than others at $79/month + $4.95 shipping

Yoga Club is a yoga clothing subscription service where you get a curated box of clothes delivered to you each month. They offer the most flexible subscription on our list and offer you many different options in terms of how many items you receive and how often. 

To begin your service, you fill out a style quiz with your preferences and sizes. A stylist reviews your selections and chooses an outfit for you each month. You can leave reviews afterward and let your stylist know what you liked and didn’t like about each item. We loved this box because they provide high-quality brand name items at a fraction of the price of buying them all separately. 

Their standard box, the guru box, includes an outfit with 3 matching items, usually a pair of pants, a sports bra, and a top. This box is $79 per month plus $4.95 shipping. They also offer other options such as the karma box which has 2 items or the mantra box which contains one pair of pants. You can prepay for added discounts and you accumulate “lotus points” to use for money back on your next box. They offer the option of getting deliveries every second month or quarterly if you have too many yoga clothes or want to watch your budget. 

Yoga club is a great way to find new brands you love and have someone else do the work of picking out new clothes. Their exchange process is a bit of a hassle and there are no refunds if you do not like the clothing you were sent. They only include clothing, no yoga accessories, or lifestyle items. Unlike other boxes, you do not get to preview what is in your box each month or choose to skip based on what was chosen. There is no mention on their website of supporting non-profits or women-owned businesses.

Best for Yoga Accessories: Yogi Surprise Yoga Box

Yogi Surprise Yoga Box

Yogi Surprise Yoga Box

Why we chose it: We chose this box as best for yoga accessories as it includes a wide variety of yoga props and other fitness-related items each month to enhance your practice and change up your routine.

What We Like
  • Moderately priced at $39.95

  • Themed boxes

  • Includes monthly yoga sequence

  • Promised value of $85 or more

  • A portion of proceeds go to a non-profit

What We Didn't Like
  • Doesn’t always include clothing

  • Monthly subscription only

  • No preview of what’s in the next box

Yogi surprise is a monthly yoga subscription box that contains lifestyle items any yogi would love. This box includes 5-7 natural, non-GMO, and cruelty-free items such as organic skin care, yoga essentials like wrist wraps or yoga straps, essential oil blends and incense, healing crystals, meditation guides, supplements, jewelry, and occasionally clothing. It is priced at $39.95 per month with a value of over $85. You can cancel your subscription anytime or purchase 3 or 6 months in advance for added savings. Boxes ship monthly, and there is no option to spread them out like other subscriptions on our list. 

Yogi surprise box ships once in the middle of the month and all orders that are placed after the 6th ship the following month. They support small businesses and donate to a different nonprofit every quarter. If you aren’t ready to sign up for a subscription you can buy previous boxes for $45 and know exactly what you are getting before you order. 

We liked that it contains a variety of different items that will help support your yoga and meditation practice and is useful for both the novice or advanced yoga lover. The boxes provide great value for the cost and are a great way to introduce you to new products you may not have known about otherwise. Yogi surprise box is a great choice if you’re looking to add some variety to your practice or want to give a unique gift to another yoga lover in your life.

Best for Women: BuddhiBox



Why we chose it: We chose BuddhiBox as best for women as items included are jewelry, aromatherapy, and other essentials used by female yoga practitioners. They also support women-owned businesses in the US.

What We Like
  • Ships monthly

  • Support women-owned businesses in the US

  • $34.95/month + free shipping  

    4-6 items

  • Can prepay for added savings

What We Didn't Like
  • No clothing or yoga props

  • Fewer items than other boxes

  • No quarterly option

The Buddhi box is designed to enhance your yoga and mindfulness practice. It contains 4 to 6 yoga-inspired items each month. It is $39.95 per month with the option to prepay for 3, 6, or 12 months for added savings, but there is no option to spread out boxes quarterly like other subscriptions. Buddhi box states on its website that each box holds a value of over $80. You can cancel online at any time and any box ordered after the 8th will ship the following month. Like other boxes, they also donate a percentage of proceeds to a non-profit business. If you’re looking for a more curated box they offer a $49.95 quarterly jewelry box or a $16.95 monthly essential oils box. 

Items included in this box are designed to enhance your yoga practice through aromatherapy, crystals, jewelry, and self-care items. The boxes can also be gifted which would make for a lovely surprise for any yoga-loving friend. Each box is themed and includes sustainably-crafted, fair trade products from artisans in India, as well as women-owned businesses in the U.S. 

Their box does not include clothing or yoga props as others do and the jewelry and personal care items may not always be your style. Overall Buddhi box is a great choice for those who appreciate mindfulness reminders, online workouts, aromatherapy, or those who want to be introduced to women-owned small businesses.

Best for Customization: Ellie



Why we chose it: If you’re looking for a yoga clothing box that allows you the option to choose your outfits this box is for you.

What We Like
  • Can choose 2,3, or 5 items

  • Starts at $39.95/month + free shipping

  • Can pre-pay for 3 months with added savings

  • Can pause, change, or cancel at anytime

  • Can swap out outfits before shipping

What We Didn't Like
  • No lifestyle or mediation accessories

  • Quality is less than other top athletic wear brands

  • Limited choices

We can all use more yoga clothes, whether you wear them to the studio or around your home. Ellie is a convenient and affordable option for all your yoga clothing needs. Ellie offers a month-to-month subscription or you can prepay for 3 months for added savings. Shipping is always free and you can pause, change, or cancel your subscription at any time. The unique thing about Ellie is that you get a preview of what is in your next months' box so you can choose to swap it out or skip the box altogether if it’s not your style. 

The outfits offered are unique, coordinating, and follow current trends. If you choose the 2 item box for $39.95 you get a matching top and bottom, the 3 item box for $44.95 includes a sports bra, top and bottom and the 5 item box for $49.95 include a full outfit and 2 fitness accessories like a bag or resistance band. 

Unlike other boxes, they do not include items to support your meditation or mindfulness practice and reviews online mention that the quality of the pieces is not as good as other brands. You get limited choices on what outfits are available each month and sometimes outfits can be redundant. Overall, Ellie is a great choice for those looking to beef up their athletic wear wardrobe at a fraction of the price of buying items separately.

Best for Men: Do a Shot of Yoga

Do a Shot of Yoga

Do a Shot of Yoga

Why we chose it: We picked Do a Shot of Yoga as best for men because they offer gender-neutral items and you can even order a one-time box specifically for men.

What We Like
  • Includes yoga book of the month

  • Includes a 10-day yoga challenge

  • Can cancel at anytime

  • Has the option of an online-only version or mini mailer at discount

  • Gender-neutral boxes

What We Didn't Like
  • Boxes sell out, so may have to wait until next month

  • $49.95 + $7.99 shipping

  • Cannot specify personal preferences

Do a Shot of Yoga is a unique yoga subscription box as it functions as both a book club, monthly yoga challenge, and their full box includes lifestyle items. We liked that each box is themed around the book of the month and includes a 10-day yoga challenge. This is great for those who want to deepen their practice or need the structure and routine of a program. They have a Facebook group where you can connect with others to discuss the book, keep each other accountable, and ask questions. 

The full box is $49.95 + $7.99 shipping and includes a yoga-inspired book, 10-day yoga challenge, and 2 or 3 lifestyle items such as yoga props, snacks, or things to use in your yoga practice. They also offer more budget-friendly options such as the online-only subscription or mini-mailer which only includes the book and online resources. 

This is a popular subscription so boxes do sell out which means that you need to wait until the following month to fulfill your subscription. You are unable to specify any personal preferences in terms of diet, and there are no returns. You do have the option of gifting a box or subscription to a friend which can make for a great surprise. Overall this is a great option for those who love to read, want to deepen their practice, and are looking for an online community.

Best for Discovering New Items: Yoga by Candace Mantra Box

Yoga by Candace Mantra Box

Yoga by Candace Mantra Box

Why we chose it: If you are a product junkie and love discovering new items this box, created by the founder of Yoga by Candace, is a great way to find your new favorite small business.

What We Like
  • Quarterly discovery box

  • Products from small local businesses

  • Retail value of over $75

  • Can choose from vegan, paleo, or “I eat anything”

What We Didn't Like
  • No clothing

  • Only ships quarterly

  • Limited number of boxes available

This box, designed by a blogger and online yoga teacher contains 7-12 products from small local businesses to help you enhance your yoga practice. Boxes are shipped quarterly and since each box is limited, they do sell out quite often. They have a retail value of over $75 and a quarterly subscription costs $49.99 plus $9.99 shipping. We loved that each box is themed and includes carefully chosen items such as tea, snack samples, essential oils, skincare, and more.

Unlike other boxes you can choose from vegan, paleo, or “I eat anything”. and they also have boxes designed for men. These boxes are a great way to sample new items and discover small businesses you may not have come across otherwise. Candace often includes coupon codes for items and information on where you can purchase them. We liked that it was a nice mix of different things, not just food or yoga props. 

This box does not include clothing and items can get repetitive at times. Overall, if you’re into supporting small businesses, gravitate towards natural beauty, and want new ways to enhance your yoga practice this box a nice little treat to show up on your doorstep every 3 months.

Best for Budget-Conscious: Enjoy Leggings

Enjoy Leggings

Enjoy Leggings

Why we chose it: Enjoy Leggings is an inexpensive and convenient way to build your collection of yoga pants.

What We Like
  • Only $16.95 + free shipping

  • Monthly subscription

  • Colorful unique leggings delivered each month

  • Can cancel at any time online

  • A portion of all profits go to charities to support girls and women

What We Didn't Like
  • No returns or exchanges

  • Lower quality

  • No brand discovery

  • Does not include matching tops or sports bras

  • Not much incentive to prepay, minimal savings

Looking for a cost-effective solution to build your yoga pant collection? Enjoy Leggings is only $16.95 a month, including shipping and they send you one pair of super soft and colorful leggings each month. Although you cannot choose your pattern or style, reviews state that they are unique and not something you find in a store. 

This is a monthly subscription, but you can cancel online at any time. You also have the option to prepay for 3 or 6 months at a time, but this doesn’t offer much when it comes to added savings so it’s not recommended until you know you love the service. There are no returns or exchanges on your pants but you can go in and change your size preferences as needed. Unlike other yoga clothing boxes, this box is not designed for brand discovery and does not include matching tops or sports bras. 

Overall, if you are into super soft and comfy yoga pants, don’t want to spend hours looking online for new ones and simply like the luxury of having an inexpensive gift delivered to your door each day then this box is for you. You can also gift this box to a friend which makes for a great gift for another yoga lover in your life.

Best for Weight Loss: Fit Snack

Fit Snack

Fit Snack

Why we chose it: We loved that this box offers a selection of health-focused snacks from a variety of brands each month.

What We Like
  • Moderately priced at $28.90/month

  • Nutritionist approved snacks

  • Introduces you to new products

  • Great gift

  • Can pause or cancel online

What We Didn't Like
  • Value – Value of $32 or more. Value is less than other boxes

  • Not great for those with food allergies

Fit Snack is a monthly snack subscription box created to help you stay stocked with healthy snacks in the house and on the go. Each monthly box comes filled with 7-10 samples and full-size healthy food products. You will often find savory and sweet snacks, shake mixes, nut butter, and more. This box is a great way to try new brands without the commitment of purchasing full-size packages. 

The snacks are reviewed by a nutritionist and are guaranteed to contain 2 or more of the following health essentials – GMO-free, high protein, low sugar, gluten-free, organic, raw, vegan, all-natural. Although some items are vegan or gluten-free you cannot specify your dietary preferences therefore some items may go to waste. 

This box is a great gift for friends or coworkers who enjoy yoga or working out but already seem to have everything they need. Each box also includes nutrition tips and a new workout of the month for you to try. Overall, this box is a great way to try new brands, find your new favorite healthy snack, and change up your routine each month.

Final Verdict

Yoga subscription boxes are a great way to explore new brands, enhance your yoga practice, and learn more about yoga and meditation. Each box has a unique focus and depending on what you are looking for there is bound to be a box for you. Most boxes can be gifted or ordered as a subscription for your use. 

Yoga subscription boxes are convenient, accessible, and make shopping for yoga items easy and affordable. Some boxes include items from local small businesses, handmade items, and other helpful items such as essential oils, candles, and yoga resources. Many companies allow you to order past boxes so you can see what you are getting before it is shipped. Some boxes are limited and sell out before the month is over. 

The downside of yoga subscription services is that boxes automatically renew, so you must remember to cancel your subscription before the cut off if you no longer want to receive a subscription box. Since you don’t get to choose what is in the box you may receive items that aren’t particularly useful or accumulate many of the same types of accessories after a few months. If you’re looking to increase your yoga clothing options many boxes will send you great looking pieces at less than retail, but it is not guaranteed they will fit well or be your style.


What is a Yoga Subscription Box?

Yoga subscription box companies send you a curated box of items each month, bi-monthly or quarterly to help enhance your yoga practice. These boxes can include clothing, essential oils, yoga props, books, or product samples. 

How Much Does A Yoga Subscription Box Cost?

Yoga subscription boxes vary in cost depending on content and can range from $15 per month to $80 per month. 

Are They Made For Men and Women's Needs?

Most yoga boxes cater to both men and women but many boxes include self-care items designed for women such as face creams, jewelry, or essential oils. Some companies have boxes tailored just for men. 

Can You Select How Often You Receive Them?

Most boxes are a monthly subscription but may offer the option to pause your subscription or skip a month. Some companies offer boxes quarterly or bi-monthly which is great for those who already have a lot of yoga accessories or for those who are budget conscious. 

Are They Made For Beginners and Experts?

All boxes reviewed would be appropriate for both beginners and experts. Yoga subscription boxes are a great way for beginners to learn more about yoga and meditation and receive items they may not have been aware of previously. 

Should I Subscribe To A Yoga Subscription Box?

If you like surprises, have the budget for it, or simply want to learn more about yoga then a subscription box is a great way to expand your practice. If you want to know exactly what you are getting each month or have sensitivities to food or scents then you may want to skip a yoga subscription box service. 

How We Chose the Best Yoga Subscription Boxes

We looked at over 15 different yoga subscription boxes and chose boxes that catered to a variety of different needs. We made sure to include boxes that included only clothing or only snacks and also ones that had a combination of yoga clothing, props, and items to support meditation or deeper yoga practice. To be considered they must be able to be shipped to the US, be less than $100, and include yoga or fitness inspired items. We also looked at how often boxes were shipped, if you could cancel online and if they supported small businesses or donated to non-profit organizations. This is important for those who are socially conscious or want to purchase items to support small businesses.

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