The 7 Best Yoga Shorts for Men of 2019

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While stretchy, synthetic yoga pants may be the dominant apparel option for women, most men turn to shorts for the optimal yoga experience. Whether at home, in a class or at the park, shorts can give men a more comfortable, secure, and flexible yoga experience.

Of course, not all yoga shorts are created equal. Some pairs are tighter and stretchy while others are loose and made of quick-dry material. The type, style, and utility of a specific pair of yoga shorts are up to the user. Do you want to be able to use the same pair of shorts for yoga and running? Do you want shorts that go below the knee? Do you do hot yoga?

Lie down your mat and take a deep breath—here are a few of the best yoga shorts for men on the market today.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Yoga Crows’ Swerve Shorts

A top seller, Yoga Crows’ Swerve Shorts are specifically designed with men in mind, featuring a durable and comfortable liner and odor-resistant material. These male yoga shorts are moisture-wicking and include four-way stretch functionality. The shorts are designed to not bunch up and include pockets and a drawstring.

In addition to its great fit, the shorts can be used for everything from hot yoga to kayaking.

Best Budget: Quick Drying Stretch Yoga Shorts from Gary Majdell

The idea is to stretch your muscles, not your wallet. Although there are a wide variety of yoga shorts for men out there, you don’t need to break the bank to get the right clothes for a yoga class. The Men's Quick Drying Stretch Yoga Shorts from Gary Majdell are Amazon Best Sellers and feature a low price tag. These shorts are tight and stretchy, made of nylon and spandex. Designed with anti-odor and moisture-wicking in mind, these yoga shorts allow for even the most intense sessions. Coming in a variety of colors, the Majdell shorts also feature a wide ​waistband for added security.

Men who bought these shorts praised them for drying quickly, their durability, and versatility, but do mention that the shorts can run small.

Best for Beginners: 4-rth Transition Yoga Shorts

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts to take the plunge into the world of yoga, check out the Mens Transition Yoga Shorts from 4-rth. The US-made, Modal fabric shorts are made with flexibility and stretching in mind. The shorts may seem small to those more accustomed to basketball shorts, but 4-rth designed these as a hybrid between athletic and track shorts for optimal movement. These shorts feature pockets that won’t bunch up.

Best Shorts for Hot Yoga: T.H.E. Short

T.H.E. Short Luxtreme Liner 9"
Courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon, the massively popular yoga apparel company also makes shorts for men with one thing in mind: sweat. T.H.E. Short, as the company calls it, is the perfect clothing for a hot yoga class. It is designed to stretch in every direction, to feel lightweight, and, most importantly, to wick sweat. These shorts feature a built-in liner, but Lululemon also has options without the liner. These shorts include pockets and are woven for durability.

Reviewers on the Lululemon website pointed to both positives and negatives in these hot yoga shorts for men. Although many pointed to the comfort and security of the liner, most pointed to issues from machine washing the product despite the fact that Lululemon says that these shorts can be machine washed.

Most Versatile Yoga Shorts: Under Armour Speedpocket Swyft

UA Speedpocket Swyft 7"
Courtesy of Under Armour

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts that can do it all, from yoga to marathon training, you may want to consider the Under Armour Speedpocket Swyft shorts. These polyester and elastane shorts feature a small pocket in the waistband of the shorts. This allows users to hold their phone for music and workout tracking without the discomfort of a phone flopping around in the pocket during inversion poses. These shorts are ideal for yoga, but also work great with cycling, running, or interval training. These UA shorts dry quickly and are resistant to odors. They feature reflectors for night running and include a mesh lining for added comfort.

Best Long Yoga Shorts: YogaAddict

A pair of long shorts may sound like an oxymoron, but long yoga shorts are a popular option for men who want more body coverage and maximum flexibility together. YogaAddict’s long shorts come in a variety of colors and waistband styles, but all hang just below the knees, several inches longer than most yoga shorts for men.

Great for most types of yoga as well as some other types of athletics, the shorts' superior comfort is a major selling point as well.

Best Fitted: Eros Sport Core Vibe Shorts

 Eros Sport sells its Core Vibe shorts for yoga enthusiasts who also are into cross training or martial arts. The small, tight shorts are versatile for a specific set of athletes who want microfiber shorts that are tight to the body. Including a jock pocket and an elastic waistband, these U.S.-made shorts are well-reviewed.

People who bought these shorts say that they feel like wearing nothing. Reviewers commenting on how great these versatile Core Vibe shorts are for ​Bikram yoga as well as Tough Mudder competitions.​

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