The 10 Best Yoga Shorts for Men of 2021

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Whether you’re working on your core strength or participating in a hot yoga session, the right pair of yoga shorts can make a huge difference in your workout. If you sweat a lot in your practice, it’s helpful to look for shorts that are lightweight and absorbent.

Another important factor in yoga shorts is compression versus looseness. “They should be just tight enough to keep everything in its place but not so tight to restrict your range of motion or be uncomfortable in yoga postures,” says Jared Foote, a registered yoga teacher based in Koh Samui, Thailand. If you want to focus on form, compression shorts are ideal to observe your movements. No matter your preference, it’s important to know what works best for you and your body.

To compile this list of best yoga shorts for men, we interviewed yoga instructors and read product reviews to find the shorts that men actually love. Over the course of two weeks, we tested five yoga shorts on this list for at least one hour each. For each pair of shorts, we took note of style, material, comfort, stretch, and moisture-wicking ability.

Here are the best yoga shorts for men on the market.

Our Top Picks
These shorts are everything you would look for in a yoga short—high quality, extremely comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy.
With this budget-friendly and moisture-wicking set, you get two multipurpose workout shorts for the price of one.
Crafted from a soft, stretchy, and breathable material designed specifically for yoga, these shorts also feature two deep pockets.
Sleek and soft without compromising comfort, these compression shorts offer support without feeling restrictive.
Featuring gentle compression, these shorts are made with a soft material that won't bunch up when you move.
Best for Everyday Wear:
Alo Triumph Short at
The shorts are soft enough for lounging around the house, but the zippered pockets are a great feature for any workout.
Made for movement, these shorts offer compression, moisture absorption, and ease of wear thanks to their two-in-one style.
Crafted with a lightweight material and cutouts for breathability, these shorts are ultra-soft and great at absorbing moisture.
These shorts have the stretch of a compression short but the look and feel of a classic short so you can hold any pose with ease.
These conservative shorts offer breathability in addition to a four-way stretch that moves with you during your practice.

Best Overall: Lululemon Pace Breaker Short

  • Lightweight

  • Moisture-wicking

  • Variety of sizes and styles

  • Expensive

These shorts are everything you would look for in a yoga short—high-quality, extremely comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy. We found that they’re excellent for sweat-inducing workouts that require lots of movement. Plus, the soft material doesn’t compromise their moisture-wicking ability. Other notable features include the zippered pockets, which work great to keep your belongings intact.

The shorts are linerless but they’re still constructed to support your body in every way. If you need more support, the gentle drawstring is comfortable and kept us from constantly having to adjust them. One of the standout features of these shorts is their stylish appearance, which made us feel confident when stepping outside or heading to the gym for a workout.

Material: Polyester, elastane | Sizes: XS-XXL | Inseams: 5-, 7-, and 9- inch options

What Experts Say

“I look for shorts that fit perfectly around my waist so I don’t need to tie them. I look for the right length, not short shorts and not too long. I look for no zippers, and front pockets are a must. Also most importantly no underwear liners,” — Peter Bartesch, yoga teacher and fitness instructor based in the San Francisco Bay area.

Best Budget: Amazon Essentials Men's Loose-Fit Performance Shorts, 2 Pack

Amazon Essentials Men's Loose-Fit Performance Shorts, 2 Pack
  • Lightweight

  • Affordable

  • Variety of colors

  • Runs slightly large

  • A bit transparent

These shorts are a good option for those looking for a no-frills, basic short. One of the great perks is that for the price of one, you get two pairs. The shorts are a good option for almost any workout, from weight lifting to cardio. But for yoga specifically, we found that they felt a little baggier than we would have liked—resembling basketball shorts.

The material was a bit more mesh-like than we would prefer, and the shorts were fairly transparent—something to note if you plan to wear them at a studio or when running errands, and not just for a home workout. But this pair is still a great option if you're willing to sacrifice a little quality for a whole lot of affordability.

Material: Polyester | Sizes: S-XXL | Inseam: 8 inches

Best for Hot Yoga: Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Shorts

Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Shorts
  • Wide variety of sizes

  • Moisture-wicking

  • Comfortable

  • Expensive

  • Slightly long

Designed specifically for yoga, the Nike Yoga Dri-FIT is made with stretchy material that won't restrict your movement. They're lightweight and breathable, which allows for more airflow during hot yoga classes. And thanks to an adjustable drawstring, you can tailor them to fit your body so they won't slide up or down. The longer style that sits mid-thigh is also great for men who want a little more coverage.

Other features include a small pocket on the right side of the shorts and deep pockets that can hold your phone, wallet, and keys. In addition to a versatile fit, Nike crafts these shorts with at least 75 percent recycled polyester fibers for a comfortable, flexible, and eco-friendly feel.

Material: Polyester, spandex | Sizes: S-4XL | Inseam: 9 inches

Best Compression: Alo Warrior Compression Shorts

Alo Warrior Compression Shorts
  • Super comfortable

  • Contours to body

  • Allows for mobility

  • Slightly long

  • Only available in black

If you're looking for a classic compression short, the ALO Warrior Compression Short features a sleek look that won't compromise comfort. Even though it contoured to our body, we didn’t feel restricted even while doing complicated poses.

The shorts have a comfortable waistband with a hidden, adjustable drawstring to ensure a perfect fit every time. And despite the high level of compression thanks to the spandex blend material, we found that they didn't cause overheating or bunching. In public, you can either wear them alone or with shorts layered on top.

Material: Nylon, spandex | Sizes: S-XXL | Inseam: 8.5 inches

Best for Comfort: Nike Infinalon Yoga Dri-FIT Shorts

Nike Infinalon Dri-FIT Yoga Shorts
  • Comfortable

  • Flexible

  • Soft material

  • Only one pocket

Some compression shorts are designed to give you a skin-tight feel, but these ones from Nike are made with ultra-soft material that makes them great for lounging or working out. While comfortable, they still feature enough compression to keep them from bunching or sliding around when you move. A secure elastic waistband with an internal drawcord also helps them stay in place.

If you don't like to carry a bag, you need to note that the shorts only have one pocket so they're not great for storing essentials on your body. Thankfully, the lightweight material makes them easy to wear under other shorts if need be.

Material: Nylon, spandex | Sizes: XS-XXL | Inseam: 11 inches

Best for Everyday Wear: Alo Triumph Short

Alo Triumph Short
  • Zippered pockets

  • Stylish

  • Slightly baggy

Versatile and great for any body type, these ALO Triumph Shorts are a classic option for lounging, yoga, or your go-to gym workout. They're crafted with a medium-weight tri-blend rib which offers both comfort and breathability. But thanks to the drawstring waist and customized fit, they have a relaxed fit that doesn't look baggy.

Two zippered pockets on the front of the shorts are great for holding a wallet, keys, and more. They also come in three neutral colors to fit your style preferences.

Material: Polyester, Cotton, and Rayon | Sizes: S-XXL | Inseam: 8 inches

Best Splurge: Nike Men's 2-in-1 Shorts

Nike Men's 2-in-1 Shorts
  • Moisture-wicking

  • Zippered pockets

  • Stylish

  • Expensive

  • Snug liner

These multi-layer shorts combine the best of comfort and style. They include a compressive inner layer that feels smooth while offering moderate compression. Additionally, there's an outer layer that's loose, breathable, and looks more like classic gym shorts. A hidden pocket is helpful for holding small items.

We found that they fit smoothly around the thigh area, and we appreciate the shorter style as it provides a full range of mobility. Crafted with Nike's Dri-FIT technology, they're also designed to keep you dry from your first pose to your last.

Material: Polyester, spandex | Sizes: S-4XL | Inseam: 7 inches

Best Lightweight: Adidas Primeblue Always Om Yoga Shorts

Adidas Primeblue Always Om Yoga Shorts
  • Breathable

  • Allows for mobility

  • Baggy towards bottom

  • No pockets

  • Slightly itchy

With a loose fit and cut-outs on the bottom, these shorts are breathable and incredibly lightweight. We felt comfortable wearing them during our workout. Additionally, they're great for lounging thanks to the soft cotton and polyester blend material. The cotton also helps them absorb moisture during high-intensity workouts.

The elastic waistband includes a drawcord that keeps them in place as you move. On the downside, we found that the fit was slightly baggy—making the cut-outs on the bottom look like wings instead of lying flat.

Material: Polyester, cotton | Sizes: S-XXL | Inseam: 8 inches

Best for Agility: Manduka Agility Short

Manduka Agility Short
  • Lightweight

  • Stretchy material

  • Expensive

The athletic fit of these shorts makes them great for any type of workout in addition to yoga. Lightweight and moisture-wicking, they dry quickly and keep you cool as you move thanks to the breathable, polyester blend fabric.

The waistband sits comfortably on your waistline so there's no need to constantly adjust during your practice. And while the four-way stretch material doesn't provide much compression, it keeps them stretchy and non-restrictive. Other notable features include a faux fly and secure pockets at the side seams.

Material: Polyester, spandex | Sizes: S-XXL | Inseam: 9 inches

Best Long: YOGA CROW Men's Swerve Shorts

Yoga Crow Swerve Men's Shorts
  • Inner drawstring

  • Doesn’t bunch up

  • Thicker material

  • Loose pockets

Breathable and flexible, these shorts allow free movement with ease thanks to the nylon and polyester blend fabric. They have a built-in mesh liner that offers support, and since they're thicker than some other options, they're great for anyone in need of strong compression. Anti-microbial technology also fights bacteria to keep them smelling fresh.

The skin-tight design means you don't have to constantly adjust them since they don't fall down or bunch up. Plus, yogis love that these shorts are a little more conservative due to the longer inseam and above-the-knee length.

Material: Polyester, nylon | Sizes: XS-L | Inseam: 7 inches

Final Verdict

The best yoga shorts for men are breathable, stretchy, and comfortable, which is why we recommend the Lululemon Pace Breaker Short 9" Linerless (view at Lululemon). These shorts pair a classic look with an elevated feel, supporting your body with every movement and position.

If you’re looking for compression, the sleek and supportive ALO Warrior Compression Shorts (view at Nordstrom) are a great option. They contour to the body without overheating and their soft material won’t bunch up.

What to Look for in Yoga Shorts for Men


Yoga can be done anywhere with minimal equipment, but a good pair of yoga shorts will make you feel and look your best during your practice. When it comes to style, the most important factors to look out for are length and compression. Some guys don’t mind knee-length shorts while others feel more comfortable with a higher seam. As for compression, some prefer to keep it loose while some like to keep everything in place. However long, short, loose, or tight you prefer, make sure to keep those in mind when shopping.


Practicing yoga takes a lot of mental and physical focus and your shorts shouldn’t distract you. When shopping for yoga shorts, one thing to look for is liner vs linerless shorts. Liner is built-in underwear in shorts, but sometimes the liner can be itchy or snug, depending on the material.

"I look for a combination of comfort, style, quality, and a good fit," says Sam Gach, Yoga Teacher, and Fitness Coach. "Personally, I like shorts that have a liner," he adds.


Like all workouts, yoga can get sweaty—especially hot yoga. Fabrics like polyester are likely to be comfortable and wick moisture while cotton will absorb it and might show sweat stains. Also, some materials are warmer than others, like nylon and spandex which are usually found in compression shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are basketball shorts okay for yoga?

    Even though he doesn’t prefer it, Sam Gach, Yoga Teacher and Fitness Coach, says they're okay to use for your practice. “If basketball shorts float your boat and allow you to move well and feel good, then go for it.” Basketball shorts are looser and longer in length than traditional yoga shorts, and some men might be more comfortable in shorts that can be worn for multiple activities.

  • How tight should yoga shorts be?

    “This comes down to personal preference. I believe people should wear what makes them feel good. Some people like them tight, some like them loose,” Gach says.

    Registered yoga teacher Jared Foote notes that shorts should be just tight enough to keep everything in its place but not so tight that they restrict your range of motion when trying to do yoga postures.

  • How short should yoga shorts be?

    The length of your shorts is completely up to your preference. Some men might prefer a shorter length to give their glutes and thighs room to breathe, especially during hot yoga. Length is not likely to affect your agility but shorter styles could be less distracting when holding a pose.

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