The 5 Best Yoga Shorts for Men to Buy in 2018

Do your down dogs comfortably (and in style) with these men's shorts options

Unscientific evidence (meaning me scanning the room at yoga class) suggests that most men who do yoga prefer shorts to pants. Shorts allow for greater freedom of movement and are cooler. But shorts come in all shapes and sizes, from long and baggy to small and tight. There are advantages to each, depending on the type of yoga you are doing, but most choices are made on the basis of personal style. We've rounded up a range of cuts to suit a variety sartorial tastes and yoga habits. 


Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts

Along the lines of a basketball short, but a definite upgrade for yoga. A slimmer (but not tight) cut, stretchy fabric, pockets, and a built-in boxer-brief make these a dude pleaser. Yoga Crow specializes in men's yoga wear, plus these shorts are made in the good ol' U.S. of A.


Ohmme 2-Dogs Shorts

Ohmme is a yoga menswear company from the London. Founder Louis d'Origny is a devoted Ashtangi with a mission to design products that work for athletic, sweaty practices.  The 2-Dogs short combines a tight base layer with a looser over short, minimizing the number of garments you need for a yoga session. The quick-dry fabric makes them ideal for hot yoga. Ohmme's international shipping is very affordable for those outside the U.K.


Prana JD Short

The JD offers a (very) slim fit and plenty of stretch, making them a favorite for men with intense vinyasa and hot yoga practices. They're basically a bike short with a yoga upgrade.


Onzie Classic Short

If by classic you mean Larry Bird in the eighties, these shorts definitely live up to their name. Cut short and square but fully lined for comfort and brought to you by the Bikram Yoga-wear specialists at Onzie. 


Shakti Brazilian Trunks

As short as you want to go, hot yoga favorite's Shakti's shorts are created by Ana Bugarim Santos, a Brazilian native, Bikram-certified teacher, and swimwear designer, all excellent credentials. Her men's shorts range from knee length to Speedo, so you'll be sure to find the right style for your practice.


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