The 9 Best Yoga Pants of 2019

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Yoga was once a hallmark of hippies, but over the past decade it’s achieved mainstream popularity. Yoga enhances your overall fitness, can help you lose weight and maintain it, decreases stress, and even combats risk factors for cardiovascular problems.

The booming popularity of yoga means that yoga gear is also very popular: yoga clothes offer comfort, flexible fit, and confidence-boosting styles that have made them popular beyond the gym. You can find people in yoga pants in fitness classes, doing poses in public parks, or even just running errands. With so many yoga pant options, however, it can be hard to choose the right one for your activity level. Here are our picks for the top yoga pants.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Lululemon Wunder-Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight

Lululemon Wunder-Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight

Courtesy of Lululemon

A list of top yoga pants wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Lululemon, and more specifically, their bestselling Wunder-Under Tights. The nylon-lycra blend mimics the feel of cool cotton, and their four-way stretch make them great for both advanced students holding the Firefly pose, or for someone who’s just starting out with Downward Dog.

You can’t talk about Lululemon leggings without talking about how great they make you look, either. Thousands of people are devoted to Lululemon’s pants because of the quality material and diverse designs, but there’s no denying that their pants make you look fantastic. Their perfectly-placed seams and shapewear-enhanced rear make these a must-have for any yoga fan who wants to feel confident on their commute to and from class as well as during their session.

Best Budget: ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants

If you’re looking for some of Lululemon’s high-end features without the high-end price tag, the ODODOS High Waist Yoga Pants have similar shapewear control and 45 colors and prints to choose from. They’re Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in the yoga pants category, and they have the same four-way stretch, moisture-wicking ability, and stylish designs of pricier brands. They're also inexpensive enough to buy a second pair in another color.

Best for Work: Rekucci Women’s Ease in to Comfort Dress Pant

Rekucci Women’s Ease in to Comfort Dress Pant

Courtesy of Amazon

Yoga pants make you look and feel great, but if you hate taking them off to put on stiff dress clothes for the office you’ve probably considered in investing in a version for work. Finding a pair that truly feels like a yoga pant but fools the eye so you don’t catch HR’s attention is a struggle, but Rekucci’s hybrid dress pants live up to the challenge.

The Rekuccis have that yoga pant feel with mild shapewear control along your midsection, and there’s not a dreaded zipper in sight. Back darts create a smoother rear fit without annoying gaping at the waist, and a front leg crease adds 9-to-5 professionalism to a pajama-comfortable pant. The pants also come in a range of 37 color choices.

Best for Hot Yoga: Athleta High Rise Chaturanga Capri

Athleta High Rise Chaturanga Capri

Courtesy of Athleta

Bikram Yoga (or “hot yoga”) classes are typically 90 minutes of poses in a sweaty, 105-degree room. Working out at tropical temperatures means you need yoga pants that are up to the task, and Athleta’s High Rise Chaturanga Capris are a must-have for Bikram lovers.

Capri-length is perfect for hot yoga—they keep you cooler than full length pants, but prevent the excessive sweat you’d be dealing with if you wore shorts. The waistband prevents pinching and smooths your midsection, while special seams minimize chafing.

Chaturanga Capri fans say that the pants are similar in quality to higher-end brands, and they’re washer and dryer safe for easy care.

Best for Men: YogaAddict Men’s Long Yoga Pants

YogaAddict Men’s Long Yoga Pants

Courtesy of Amazon

Yoga pants aren’t just for the ladies: plenty of men love yoga’s benefits. Skintight women’s styles might not be as comfortable for men, but this pair from YogaAddict give a little extra breathing room and still manage to stretch right along with you.

The Men’s Long Yoga Pants are great for men who’ve struggled to find a pair for class that are soft and flexible enough to move with them and don’t over-expose them. These pants are versatile and incredibly comfy, but the design is sleek enough to fit in at any upscale yoga studio.

Best for Expectant Mothers: Unique Styles Fold-Over Waistband Yoga Pants

Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite workout. There are some guidelines you’ll want to follow for safely practicing yoga when you’ve got a bun in the oven, but for those days when you’re looking to find some zen during your pregnancy, the Unique Styles Pants are a perfect choice.

Unique Styles pants feature a fold-over waistband and a flared leg opening ideal for balancing your look while your belly’s a little bigger. You can choose from 14 colors, and if you’re looking to save on yoga pants while you’re expecting you can purchase two, three, or four-packs.

Best for Travel: Rafaella Slim Ponte Comfort Pant

When you’re stuck on a plane for hours, you’re going to want the comfort of yoga pants to get you through your flight. Frequent fliers will especially appreciate the stretch of leggings, but many pairs give off a strong gym vibe. Rafaella’s Ponte pants have the spandex stretch you expect from yoga pants with dressy details to match business-class expectations.

This pair of comfort ponte pants have an elastic waistband and a smooth fit through the hip and thigh you’d expect from yoga pants, but front zipper pocket detailing and a classy front seam mean you can dress them up with some accessories for a chic look while traveling.

Rafaella fans gave shout-outs to the pants perfect fit (especially their wide range of sizes to satisfy both petite and plus size women), easy machine wash care, and versatility for work, play, or travel.

Best for Plus-Sizes: VOGUEMAX Women’s Three-Quarter Capri Leggings

VOGUEMAX Women’s Three-Quarter Capri Leggings

Courtesy of Amazon

A lot of advertisements for yoga pants feature super-slim models who look like they don’t even need to do yoga to stay fit. However, yoga is for everybody (and every body), and just because your body type doesn’t match what you’re seeing in ads doesn’t mean you should give up on finding your perfect pair of yoga pants. VOGUEMAX’s capri leggings are ideal for plus-sized women who love their yoga classes but might need some extra coverage or thicker material.

The Three-Quarter Capri Leggings are made of slightly thicker (but just as breathable) modal fabric and are available in sizes up to 3X. They’re perfect for your favorite fitness class, but they also work well as a lower layer for summer skirts and dresses. Plus, there are nine color options to choose from.

Best Harem Style: Happy Trunks Harem Pants

A lot of yoga fans swear by the skintight, stretchy styles that we’re used to seeing, but harem pants are another great option. You can move just as easily and hit your poses with the same accuracy, but their loose looks are a little friendlier for running errands after class, and they often come in fun, unique prints. Happy Trunks Harem Pants are an affordable way to dip your toe into the harem yoga pants pool.

These harem pants are handcrafted by Thai seamstresses with light, breathable yet durable Thai Rayon. They’ve got two pockets for your cell phone, keys, and whatever else you need, and the smock waist lets you wear them in different styles.

“Happy Trunks” isn’t just a goofy name for a clothing company: the brand donates a percentage of all their profits toward Elephant Rescue Efforts in Thailand to make sure adopted elephants can roam free without becoming tourist attractions.

Fans of the pants loved the brand’s commitment to charitable causes, the above-and-beyond customer service that connects them directly to the company’s founder, and the wide selection of beautiful prints available.

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