5 Best Yoga Mat Bags

Smart buying tips for the stylish yogi

Choosing the right yoga mat bag is about more than just fashion. Sure, you want it to look great, but people will often order an amazing-looking bag online only to find that it fits the thinnest PVC-type mat. At other times, the bag may look the part but end up getting easily stained or smelly because the fabric is neither breathable nor fully machine washable.

In the end, the ideal yoga mat bag would be appropriate for the type of yoga you're doing and have some or all of the following features:

  • It would be larger than your yoga mat so that you don't have to struggle when putting it on or taking it off.
  • The fabric would need to be breathable or at least have air holes for circulation. This may include bags made of netting or ones with built-in antimicrobial properties.
  • It should be made of a washable fabric or constructed of a composite material able to withstand a disinfectant washing.
  • If there is a shoulder strap, it would need fit comfortably. The shoulder strap should also be reinforced so that it's not easily broken.
  • It is a gym-style tote, find one with a comfortable grip, ideally a rolled strap or a padded grip. Bags can get surprisingly heavy when fully loaded.
  • It needs to be functional so that you can pack a water bottle, towel, and change of clothes if attending a Bikram class or a yoga strap and block when doing Iyengar or Yin. Having space for your cell phone, keys, and wallet is also nice.

With these aims in mind, here are nine yoga mat bags that may just fit the bill:


The Lily tote bag from Lolë has a lot going for it. Boasting a great shape and tons of extra pockets, it converts easily into a backpack for traveling or heavier loads. While it comes in a stylish gray, black, copper, and beige, we especially love this punchy iridescent blue. Good for everyday use, the Lily tote easily accommodates a rolled-up yoga inserted vertically.

The Lole Lily Tote sells for $85 to $140 dollar, depending on the retailer.


Finally, there is a great-looking, fully-functional yoga backpack that doesn't break the bank. Unlike your typical yoga bag, the Yoga Sak holds your mat in a vertical position. This leaves your arm entirely unencumbered while providing you plenty of handy storage compartments. This one is highly recommended for cyclists or yogis who like to carry a lot of props.

The Yoga Sak retails for around reasonable $55.


The Susama Yoga Crossbody Sling Bag could very well be the most comfortable and practical yoga bag we tested. It's big enough to carry your workout clothes and everything else that rattles around in your purse, but not so big as to weigh you down. The ergonomic crossbody design is incredibly comfortable and places a minimal strain on your shoulder or back. Your yoga mat slips easily into a net cradle and secured with reinforced velcro straps so there's no unzipping or fussing about.

Best yet, the Susma Yoga Crossbody Sling Bag retails for under $30.


The Hotdog Rollpack is a nifty duffel style bag for executives who need to squeeze in a yoga class before, during, or after work. In addition to an array of zipped compartments that help keep you organized, the bag unrolls to fully functional garment bag, keeping your work clothes neat and tidy for your next meeting or after-work event.

The Hotdog Rollpack retails for between $40 and $85.


The Maduka GO Steady 2.0 is a very smart take on a basic mat bag, offering a roomy compartment for your yoga mat (even the extra-dense Manduka Black Mat Pro) and separate pockets for clothing and other gear. The mat compartment is aerated with oversized grommets that not only look cool but keep your mat from getting moldy after a hot yoga class.

It is available in black or gray and retails for $60 to $70.