The 9 Best Yoga DVDs of 2021

Perfect your form in the comfort of your own home

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection at Amazon

"Three powerful 60-minute workouts in one collection... for increasing strength, flexibility, endurance."

Best for Beginners: BodyWisdom Yoga For Beginners at Amazon

"Eight different routines from Barbara Benagh... range from 10 to 60 minutes in length and offer a variety of moves."

Best Budget: Weight Watchers at Amazon

"Comes with the tools you need to get started, including a strap, block, and exercise tracker... instructor Sara Ivanhoe."

Best for Breaking a Sweat: Jillian Michaels at Amazon

"Two 30-minute workouts... quick flowing yoga sequences and twists and balance poses for an added challenge."

Best for Pregnancy: Natural Journeys Yoga Pregnancy at Amazon

"Heather Seiniger, 30-minute prenatal program... and 30-minute postnatal sequence... incredibly relaxing."

Best for Seniors: Jane Fonda at Amazon

"Three morning programs (Abs & Back, Energy, and Strength)... two night sequences (Mobility and Relaxation)... ideal for older folk."

Best for Runners: Gaiam Athletic Yoga at Amazon

"Runner Matt Giordano... three 20-minute sessions for athletes: one for pre-run, one for conditioning, and one for post-run."

Best for Stress: BodyWisdom Yoga For Stress Release at Amazon

"Barbara Benagh... 20 routines to relieve mental, emotional, and physical stress... 30 minutes of meditation by the Dalai Lama."

Best for Flexibility: Gentle Yoga With Jessica Smith at Amazon

"Four 20-minute workouts... for yogis of all levels, and customizable menu to choose what areas to concentrate on."

Practicing yoga has some serious health benefits—it can improve flexibility, build strength, improve muscle tone, ease back pain, calm symptoms of anxiety, and more. Although most of us could benefit from a regular yoga routine, heading to our local yoga studio for an in-person class isn't always possible.

When you can't attend in-person classes, following an instructor on your TV screen or laptop can be a good substitute. There are plenty of quality yoga DVDs that'll help you break a sweat and stretch out in the comfort of your own home.

Here, the best yoga DVDs on the market.

Best Overall: Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection

Acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee combines three of his most powerful 60-minute workouts in one collection so you get the ultimate variety. There’s “Yoga Burn,” which will build strength; “Total Body” to increase flexibility; and “Yoga Conditioning for Athletes,” which enhances endurance. Pick whichever one suits your needs or mood at the time—all three of them are guaranteed to focus your mind and take you through a dynamic routine.

Yee—who emerged on the national yoga scene in the early ‘90s—is a favorite with reviewers, and for good reason. They rave about his soothing voice, clear instructions, and perfectly-timed cues. And while the DVD is marketed to experienced yogis, many people who’ve purchased it say you only need a little familiarity with yoga to benefit from the workouts.

Best for Beginners: BodyWisdom Yoga For Beginners

Instructor Barbara Benagh—who has been teaching yoga for over 40 years—was declared “one of the most intelligent and insightful teachers around” by Yoga Journal. So it’s no surprise that Yoga For Beginners is one of the best selling yoga DVDs in the U.S. and Canada. The eight different routines available here range from 10 to 60 minutes in length and offer a variety of moves that will help you develop a practice, build strength, increase flexibility, and improve your health overall. Plus the workouts were filmed in beautiful Antigua, so the scenery feels extra tranquil.

This DVD is a favorite among people testing out yoga for the first time, especially those who had never worked out in any way before. Benagh offers clear instructions and doesn’t rush viewers, so they can take their time to get the hang of each position. And if you’re feeling like a particular move is too difficult, there are usually modification options too.

Best Budget: Weight Watchers: Yoga Starter Kit

If you’re just getting into yoga, you’ll need to buy more than a DVD. This handy kit from Weight Watchers comes with the tools you need to get started, including a strap, block, and exercise tracker, all for less than the cost of your average yoga class. And the versatile DVD has both beginner and advanced instructions, so you can keep playing it even as you grow stronger.

Those who’ve tried this workout say that instructor Sara Ivanhoe is warm, upbeat, and easy to follow, no matter your experience level. She also consistently cues the breath throughout the routine, a fact which newbies have found particularly useful. Best of all? Ivanhoe stresses the importance of self-acceptance and listening to your body, creating a nurturing environment to develop a yoga practice.

Best for Breaking a Sweat: Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Ready to add some cardio to your daily stretch session? Get ready for celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown. Just like her other training routines, you’ll go through lots of repetitions while pushing your body to work harder and more efficiently. There are two 30-minute workouts on this DVD; the first level focuses on quick flowing yoga sequences, and the second one adds twists and balance poses for an added challenge.

If you’re into feeling the burn, this is the yoga collection for you. It’s tough, and a few reviewers couldn’t complete the whole thing at first. But after hanging in there, they saw impressive results, becoming leaner, stronger, and—in some cases—even losing a little weight.

Best for Pregnancy: Natural Journeys Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts

Taught by Heather Seiniger, a mother and certified yoga instructor, these gentle workouts will keep you healthy and calm during your pregnancy. A 30-minute prenatal program develops strength, flexibility, and mental focus (which will aid you both in your daily life and in the delivery room!), while the 30-minute postnatal sequence will help you get back into shape and release tension throughout the body. The movements are not strenuous, so if you find yourself needing a slightly greater challenge, there are modifications to dial up your workout.

Women who tried this DVD during pregnancy found it incredibly relaxing, saying they often looked forward to going through the calming sequence again and again. They also say it prevented them from gaining too much weight and stopped tension from building up in their bodies. Even better: it was a chance to deepen the bond with their growing baby.

Best for Seniors: Jane Fonda: AM/PM Yoga For Beginners

No matter what time of day you prefer to workout, Jane Fonda’s DVD has something for you. The three morning programs (titled “Abs & Back,” “Energy,” and “Strength”) will leave you feeling energized while the two night sequences (“Mobility” and “Relaxation”) let you unwind at the end of the day. The light, simple exercises are ideal for older folk looking to increase their strength and stability with a workout that’s not too taxing.

While it’s not technically just for seniors, many of its reviewers are close to Fonda’s age. (One happy purchaser declared “This is yoga for those of us who thought we couldn’t do yoga!”) They love her sincerity, easy-to-understand directions, and encouraging attitude—and they’re seeing results in both their physical and mental health.

Best for Runners: Gaiam Athletic Yoga: Yoga For Runners

Yoga instructor and runner Matt Giordano guides athletes through practices that will boost their performance in this DVD. The collection includes three 20-minute sessions: one for pre-run, one for conditioning, and one for post-run. Bonus: There’s also five minutes of content about stretching properly and preventing injuries.

Many runners credit this DVD with making them stronger, healthier athletes. The quick programs let them sneak in an essential stretch session without taking up too much of their jogging time. As a result, they’re experiencing fewer injuries, less pain, and are feeling more limber than ever before.

Best for Stress: BodyWisdom Yoga For Stress Release

Nationally renowned instructor Barbara Benagh is back with another beloved yoga DVD—and this time, she’s got the Dalai Lama with her! Yup, you read that right; in addition to offering over 20 routines to relieve mental, emotional, and physical stress, there’s 30 minutes of meditation instruction from Tibet’s spiritual leader. And even if you’re not into meditating, you’ll find Benagh’s interactive routines—which range from 15 to 60 minutes—will have you breathing easier. You can target specific issues (like insomnia or depression) or body parts (such as the neck or shoulders).

Many of the reviewers of this product suffered from chronic pain while others were dealing with anxiety or other mental health issues. Regardless of what brought them to the DVD, the majority of them found the workout greatly eased their symptoms. Now, they find that continuing this yoga practice daily keeps them calm and ache-free.

Best for Flexibility: Gentle Yoga With Jessica Smith

Committing to any yoga practice will help you become more flexible, but Jessica Smith’s sequences are specifically built for those focused on improving mobility and balance. Four different 20-minute workouts are simple enough for yogis of all levels, and you can use the customizable menu to choose what areas to concentrate on: neck and shoulders, back and chest, hips and knees, or total body. Choose just one or go for all four—it’s up to you.

Users can feel their aches and pains melting away as they flow through these routines. Smith’s gentle cues, breathing reminders, and attention to form make her particularly well-suited for beginners or people with injuries. No matter your skill level, you’ll end feeling refreshed and energized.

What to Look For in a Yoga DVD

Difficulty Level

Yoga can be beginner, moderate/intermediate, or advanced. You should look for a difficulty level that will be attainable but will match your needs—whether you wish to be more challenged or take it easier. Words and phrases to indicate difficulty level might be "easy," "anyone can do it," "for everyone," "starters," "gentle," or "intense," "power," "breaking a sweat."

Type of Workout

The focus of the workout is important in relation to your goals. A yoga routine may focus on strength, endurance, or flexibility. If you are buying multiple DVDs, you may want to get a few different focuses so that you can improve in multiple areas. Some routines are created for a target audience, such as pregnant people, older adults, or runners.

Reputation of Instructor

The selling point of most yoga DVDs comes down to the reputation of the instructor. Take note of who the instructor is and what experience they have. Yoga instructors can specialize in certain energy levels, focal points, and even beliefs.

Length of Routine

Fitting a yoga practice into your schedule can be difficult, and everybody's daily time commitments are different. Some people prefer long routines, while others prefer something shorter. Make note of the length of the routine, and think about whether you have the time, patience, or endurance to complete a routine of that length.

Of course, even if you start with shorter routines, you will gain the endurance and patience to work towards longer ones in time. So you may want a DVD that offers multiple options.

Energy Level

The energy level of a routine is very important. It can make or break your experience. Decide if you want relaxed, soothing energy or something more upbeat. Sometimes the DVD will have the instructor’s energy level written on it, and other times it can be helpful to look at keywords.

Some indicators of energy level might be hidden in the DVD's description. For example, a routine for stress reduction is likely to be relaxing, while a routine for strength might be more energetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I stay safe doing yoga at home?

    When working towards your goals, be sure to keep proper form. If you are unable to do a pose, that is okay! There are often ways to work towards that pose by doing a modified form. Sometimes, you have to choose an easier pose.

    Remember, feeling a stretch is good, but you should never feel pain when doing yoga.

  • Is doing yoga at home effective?

    As long as you are doing the poses properly, yoga can have many benefits. Try practicing in front of a mirror so you can see your alignment and make sure it matches (or is working toward) what the instructor is demonstrating.

    Yoga is intended to work towards harmony between the mind and body, and can have both mental and physical benefits. So don't skip the final resting pose, which offers a brief meditation.

  • How do I stay motivated?

    Try to match the routine to the energy you need. If you are trying to destress, choose a relaxing routine. If you are trying to start your day on an upbeat note, go for a yoga practice that is energetic and positive. Sometimes music helps too.

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