10 Best Yoga Blocks to Add Support to Your Practice

Enhance your poses with the slip-resistant Manduka Foam Yoga Block

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No matter what stage you are at in your yoga journey, extra stability is never a bad idea. Everyone from beginners to seasoned yogis benefit from adding a block to their practice, as it can be a crucial element to transitioning into more difficult movements. Providing your body with this extra support can help ensure that your form isn’t compromised while attempting a new position, as well as increase your confidence in your abilities. 

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The slip-resistant, recycled foam of the Manduka EVA Foam Yoga Block make it our best overall selection and a good choice for all skill levels. The Gaiam Yoga Block is a budget-friendlier option that is lightweight and comes in 27 different colors.

“Blocks can also be a fun way to explore different variations of a pose. When it comes to your practice, it’s important to be ‘flexible’ with your options, and blocks are a great way to keep things interesting and supportive,” says Bridget Creel, a yoga instructor certified through Yoga Vida. 

Most yoga blocks come in one of three types of material; wood, cork, or foam, and each offers different benefits so it's important to know what you need when choosing a block. We reviewed yoga blocks for our list based on the material their made of, shape and how easy they are to grip, durability, and cost.

Here are the best yoga blocks on the market.

Best Overall: Manduka Recycled High Density EVA Foam Yoga Block

Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Easy to grip

  • Comfortable on joints

  • Made of recycled materials

  • Less durable than cork or wood options

Who else recommends it? Insider also picked the Manduka Recycled High Density EVA Foam Yoga Block..

What do buyers say? 90% of 3,100+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 5 stars.

The recycled foam yoga block from Manduka can be successfully used by anyone, of any skill level which is a key point in selecting it our best overall pick. This 4-inch block is high-density while being lightweight and providing firm support and comfort throughout your entire flow. Its slip-resistant surface and beveled edges make it easy to grip for long periods of time, turning your focus toward your practice instead of sore wrists. To clean, simply wipe the block with a damp cloth and let it air dry before storing it. 

Manduka’s block may not be as high-end as cork or wood options, but it’s a safe bet no matter who you’re purchasing a block for. It’s durable, comfortable, and will provide the support needed in any yogi's journey. 

Material: Foam | Width: 4 inches | Shape: Rectangle

Best Budget: Gaiam Yoga Block

Gaiam Yoga Block


  • Budget-friendly

  • Easy to grip

  • Less sturdy than wood or cork options

This standard 4-inch foam block from Gaiam won’t break the bank as it enters your yoga routine. The lightweight, rectangular block has a non-slip surface and beveled edges that allow for an easy grip, making it an excellent, inexpensive option for individuals looking to extend and deepen their stretches.

The block can be easily cleaned with any mild detergent. As is the case with any foam block, Gaiam’s yoga block will be easier on the joints because of its softer texture—this also means it may not hold up weight as well as the harder, more durable cork and wooden block options. 

Material: Foam | Width: 4-inches | Shape: Rectangle

Best for Beginners: Trideer Yoga Blocks 2-Pack

Trideer Yoga Blocks 2-Pack

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Additional block provided for increased balance

  • Easy to grip

  • Less sturdy than wood or cork options

Trideer’s two-pack of premium EVA foam yoga blocks are ideal for individuals beginning to use blocks in their practice. The 4-inch rectangular blocks’ non-slip surface and beveled edges allow for a comfortable, firm grip to help reduce the risk of injury as you try more advanced poses. Beginners can specifically benefit from this option because of the second block provided—this acts as an additional safety net to be used in movements where both hands need the support of a block. 

Similar to other foam blocks, this set is not as durable as cork or wood options. That being said, beginners will find more joint comfort in the softer foam, so it’s an excellent stepping stone as individuals advance.

Material: EVA foam | Width: 4-inches | Shape: Rectangle

Best Cork: Manduka Cork Yoga Block

Manduka Lean Cork Block


  • Lightweight

  • Textured surface

  • Eco-friendly

  • Harder on joints

This high-quality cork yoga block from Manduka has a firmness that is not felt in standard foam blocks. The 4-inch rectangular block is lightweight, weighing only 0.04 ounces while maintaining that sturdiness cork blocks are known for.

An easy-to-grip, textured surface ensures a strong grip, while contoured edges add comfort to any pose utilizing this block. Additionally, this block is one of the most eco-friendly options on the market, thanks to its renewable and biodegradable material. Sustainability doesn’t stop there—the block will most likely last longer than its foam competitors, ensuring you don’t have to add “yoga block” to your yearly budget. 

A cork block may require a “breaking in period,” not for the block but for the skin and joints of the individual using it. For seasoned yogis, this will not be an issue, but beginners may find cork blocks uncomfortable. 

Material: Cork | Width: 4-inches | Shape: Rectangle

Best Bamboo: Wooden-Life Bamboo Yoga Block

Wooden-Life Bamboo Yoga Block
  • Long-lasting

  • Includes additional block for increased balance

  • Requires daily cleaning

  • Harder on joints

Wooden-Life’s bamboo yoga block set comes with two eco-friendly, high-density blocks to support you in your yoga practice. Covered with a thin protective coat of lacquer to provide a comfortable grip, the 3-inch blocks are able to take on full body weight without bending or losing their rectangular form.

These blocks are exceptional for anyone looking for a long-lasting product, especially those who regularly practice hot yoga and require a water-resistant block to avoid slipping during their flow. 

The bamboo does require a little more upkeep than your average block, but daily cleaning can be done simply with a damp cloth and then air-drying the block before storing it. 

Material: Bamboo | Width: 3-inches  | Shape: Rectangle

Best Bolster: AJNA Yoga Bolster Pillow

Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow for Meditation and Support
  • Offers prenatal support

  • Eco-friendly

  • Easy to clean

  • Limited use for poses

The Ajna bolster pillow is crafted with multiple layers of recycled foam, each varying in density to provide a long-lasting structure. A bolster pillow is designed to take the strain off your body as you move through particular poses, and they’re most commonly used in restorative flows or for prenatal yogis who require additional stability.

These pillows provide a larger support swatch than traditional blocks, meaning they are able to take the strain off the main sections of your body. Ajna’s pillow has a soft outer cover that is comfortable as well as convenient. To clean the pillow, simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine. 

Material: Recycled foam | Width: 25.6 x 10.2 x 5.9 inches | Shape: Rectangular pillow

Best Curved: Manduka UnBlok Yoga Block

Manduka UnBlok Yoga Block
  • Ideal for sensitive wrists

  • Comfortable foam

  • Less durable than cork or wood

  • May not work well for every pose

Manduka’s 4-inch curved yoga block provides reprieve for individuals with sensitive wrists. The curved shape puts less strain on the wrists than a traditional rectangular block, and it’s also an excellent option for individuals who use blocks under their backs.

Made from high-density foam, this block is durable while maintaining its comfort. Whether used to prepare for backbends or simply to take some weight off your wrists, a curved block can be a game-changer in many yoga practices. 

If you really want to level up your wrist’s comfort, especially if you’re a beginner with sensitive wrists, two blocks may be the best option. 

Material: Foam | Width: 4-inches | Shape: Curved 

Best Wedge: COENGWO Cork Yoga Blocks 2-Pack

COENGWO Cork Yoga Blocks 2-Pack

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Offers additional wrist support

  • Durable

  • Limited use for poses

  • Harder on joints

Wedge blocks are another excellent option for individuals seeking additional wrist support. This set of eco-friendly cork wedges from COENGWO offers multifunctional purposes. Individuals can use them for planks, as the wedges help yogis distribute weight correctly throughout hands, shoulders, and wrists. But they don’t stop with wrist support—your heels can benefit from wedges as well, especially if you struggle with keeping your feet flat during Downward Dog

As these blocks are 4-inches and made from high-quality cork, most people can quickly add them into their practice. The non-slip, odor-resistant material will last for years to come. 

Beginners may find the cork aggressive on their hands, in which case foam blocks may be preferable. 

Material: Cork | Width: 4-inches | Shape: Wedge

Best Foam Block and Strap Set: Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block & Strap Set

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block & Strap Set

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Easy to grip

  • Additional block for increased balance

  • Bonus strap

  • Less durable than cork or wood options

Gaiam’s yoga block set is a wise option for individuals looking for helpful, necessary accessories to support their yoga practice. Two 4-inch supportive foam blocks—complete with a non-slip surface and beveled edges for easy gripping—and an eight-foot strap allow yogis of all skillsets to level up as they deepen each pose.

These tools also encourage an increased range of motion while preventing injury, making sure you stay safe and challenge yourself at the same time. 

This set is an excellent option for all yogis, but more advanced individuals may opt for a more durable block, like wood or cork. 

Material: Foam | Width: 4-inches (with an 8-foot strap) | Shape: Rectangle

Best Cork Block and Strap Set: JBM International Yoga Block & Strap

JBM International Yoga Block & Strap


  • Slip-resistant

  • Eco-friendly

  • Offers additional block for increased balance

  • Bonus strap

  • Some users report dust coming off blocks

JBM’s yoga block and strap set comes with two 4-inch cork yoga blocks and an eight-foot-long strap. The eco-friendly cork has a soft grip while staying slip-resistant and sturdy, able to assist your workouts for years to come. The strap provides an additional tool that individuals of all skill levels can use to deepen stretches and fix alignment, encouraging safe, proper form in each movement. 

While foam may be more comfortable for some beginners, JBM’s cork set will most likely last longer. The blocks are sturdy, sustainable, and easy to clean with cold water and a soft cloth.

Material: Cork | Width: 4-inches (with an 8-foot strap) | Shape: Rectangle

Final Verdict

Manduka’s Recycled Foam Yoga Block is as close as you can come to one-size-fits-all, with its comfortable grip and high-quality foam makeup. Beginners may want to purchase two blocks for added stability, and seasoned pros may find the foam a nice break for their wrists after days of using cork and wood blocks.

For more advanced yogis or individuals who regularly partake in hot yoga flows, Wooden-Life’s Bamboo Yoga Block is a great option. Investing in a long-lasting block like that shows commitment to the practice, as well as devotion to personal wellness while providing options that allow your body to move without the worry of injury. 

What to Look for in a Yoga Block


There are three different materials that yoga blocks can be made of: wood, cork, and foam. Wood blocks offer a heavier, no-slip choice, making them an excellent option for individuals participating in hot yoga classes. Cork blocks are eco-friendly and have natural friction to them so they can be trusted to provide stability. Foam blocks are the most popular—they’re light and affordable, as well as comfortable for your joints. 


Many yoga studios will provide standard, 4-inch blocks. For individuals with a smaller frame, 3-inch blocks are available. 5-inch blocks are also on the market, ideal for taller individuals who need additional support. While most everyone is able to make a 4-inch block work (which is why studios choose them), a smaller or larger block could be useful as individuals progress in their practice or need something better suited for their stature. 


You’ll rarely need a block that is not a standard rectangle, but that doesn’t mean uniquely shaped blocks aren’t helpful. Curved or wedge blocks are designed to be more comfortable for your wrists. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why use a yoga block?

    Yoga blocks are a great accompaniment to your practice, no matter what stage you’re in. Beginners can benefit from the extra support and stability, while advanced individuals can use blocks to challenge their flexibility. Everyone benefits from the options that yoga blocks provide. 

    “In my opinion, yoga blocks are not only used to assist your practice but to elevate and sustain it. I’ve seen many students get discouraged from practicing yoga, simply because our bodies do not all look and feel the same, so it’s important to offer variations. Using blocks and other props can make the arms longer, the floor closer, and even deepen the stretch of a yoga pose," says Bridget.

  • How do you use yoga blocks?

    Yoga blocks can be added to your practice simply by placing them where you need extra support and flexibility. A great example of this is in the Triangle Pose—if you’re unable to place your hand fully on the ground, place a block under your hand to give your wrist something to lean into as you fully stretch. This allows beginners to practice the pose while avoiding any injuries. 

  • What size yoga block is best?

    Yoga studios carry 4-inch rectangular blocks because both shorter and taller individuals are able to benefit from them. If you’re looking for a block that’s more specific to your stature, 3-inch blocks and 5-inch blocks can easily be found online or in stores. 

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