The 8 Best Yoga Blocks of 2019

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First Look

Best Overall: Gaiam Yoga Blocks at Amazon

"Made out of EVA foam, which is free from latex and lightweight."

Best Budget: AmazonBasics Yoga Block Set at Amazon

"Has two great blocks for the cost of one reasonably priced block."

Best Cork: Manduka Cork Yoga Block at Amazon

"Made out of 50-75% recycled composition."

Best Foam: Manduka Recycled Foam Block at Amazon

"Provides the support, balance, and feel of foam."

Best for Beginners: Pavandeep Yoga Block Set at Amazon

"An affordable set that's perfect for beginners or given as a gift."

Best for Handstands: Lift and Lengthen Block at Lululemon

"Both soft and strong enough to support a handstand."

Best Block and Strap Set: JBM Yoga Blocks with Strap at Amazon

"Includes one yoga strap and two blocks." 

Best Booster: Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster at Amazon

"Has handles on each end for easy movement."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Gaiam Yoga Blocks

Gaiam Yoga Block

 Courtesy of Yoga Outlet

If shopping for yoga blocks feels overwhelming, remember: just breathe. The Gaiam Yoga Block block is simple in its design and may look a lot like the competition at first glance, but it tops our list for its comfort, support, and ease of use.

The Gaiam Yoga Block is made with EVA foam, which is free from latex and lightweight. It's supportive for your neck and back and has a non-slip surface as well as beveled edges for a good-looking and easy-to-grab design. This textured foam brick is ideal for yoga as well as pilates and meditation. Available in more than a dozen designs, you can choose from solid colors like green and teal, patterned designs, or even a fun, multi-layer, multi-color option that will look great with your mat.

Best Budget: AmazonBasics Yoga Block Set

One of the best deals among yoga blocks is the set of AmazonBasics Yoga Blocks: you get two great blocks for the price of one. Available in purple or black, they're made of comfortable high-density foam that is supportive and long-lasting. The block sports rounded edges for added comfort when pushed against your body mid-pose as well as a slip-resistant surface all over.

They're 9 inches long, 4 inches high, and 6 inches wide for a versatile size featuring three “heights” that can assist with just about any pose. Choose to use these two blocks stacked together, spread on your back, or separately.

Best Cork: Manduka Cork Yoga Block

If you are among the many yoga lovers who are also trying to minimize your environmental impact, you may want to consider a cork yoga block. Instead of the high-density foam made from chemicals found with many yoga blocks, the Manduka blocks are made completely of Cork Oak Tree, a sustainable material.

The Manduka Cork Block gives you the same firm support and pose versatility of other yoga blocks. However, this renewably grown product has a different feel and texture than foam or wood. Unlike other cork blocks, this Manduka block uses fine-grain cork for a surface that grips easily and features contoured edges. On top of all of the other benefits, this 9 x 6 x 4-inch block just plain looks good.

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Best Foam: Manduka Recycled Foam Block

Cork isn’t the only way that you can find an environmentally friendly yoga block. Manduka also makes a great yoga block out of 50 to 75% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial EVA high-density foam.

The Manduka Foam block is a popular option for any yoga lovers who want the support, balance, and feel of foam but are concerned about the overuse of EVA foam. This standard-sized brick weighs less than one pound. It is soft to the touch, with a reliable grip and radius edges. You can choose from black or dark blue designs.

Best for Beginners: Pavandeep Yoga Block Set

The Pavandeep Yoga Block Set is a great option for beginners. It's an affordable set that features two yoga blocks and a strap. The blocks are made of non-toxic EVA medium-density foam. 

Starting yoga can be intimidating and these blocks will help you or the beginner in your life get the hang of it more quickly. They can be used to touch the ground or support your knees at first and then can be used for added challenges down the road.

Best for Handstands: LuluLemon Lift and Lengthen Block

Lift & Lengthen Yoga Block

Courtesy of Lululemon 

Step up your yoga regimen with a pick from one of the biggest names in yoga. The Lululemon Lift and Lengthen Block will help you do everything from supporting your neck to doing the perfect handstand

These blocks, which come in black, heather gray, and a vibrant pink design that looks more like Himalayan salt or soap, are certainly stylish. But they also deliver on the functionality you need. Simply place this block under your head, your hands or anywhere else you may want to get vertical upside down. Made with high-density foam, they're both soft and strong enough to support a handstand while you practice it to perfection.

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Best Block and Strap Set: JBM Yoga Blocks with Strap

The JBM Yoga Block and Strap and set is a beloved and affordable option that will set you up to master almost any pose. This set includes one yoga strap and two blocks made of high-density EVA foam or cork. 

The blocks, available in colors such as gray, blue, and purple, feature a gripable exterior and a firm feel. The whole set is designed to be resistant to odor, moisture, and bacteria. Each block weighs less than half a pound for a remarkably lightweight set. Use the strap to help you align your arms behind your back; use the blocks between your hands to improve your most difficult poses.

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Best Booster: Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

If you're looking for something a little different than a traditional yoga block, try the Hugger Mugger Bolster, which boosts you in your poses. 

This 25 x 11 x 6-inch bolster is significantly larger than a typical yoga block, and features a flat top and bottom for great support and sturdiness while you use it. The booster has handles on each end for easy movement, and it sports upholstery-grade fabric to last longer. This may not be the right yoga accessory for every yogi, but it certainly can improve the experience for those who want or need it. 

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