Best Whole30 Meal Delivery Services

Eat the 80 is our top pick for Whole30 meal delivery

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Our Top Picks

The Whole30 program is a 30-day elimination diet with a focus on eating whole foods, including meat, seafood, eggs, fruits, vegetables, natural fats, herbs, seasonings, and spices. According to the Whole30 website, the following foods are avoided for 30 days: all sugars and artificial sweeteners, alcohol, grains, legumes (beans, peanuts, soy), dairy, carrageenan, MSG, sulfites, baked goods, and junk food. There is not one specific outcome the program targets, but proponents report benefits from feeling better to having fewer cravings to identifying food sensitivities.

When a diet eliminates several food groups, meal planning becomes more laborious. That’s where Whole30 meal delivery services come in—you can let someone else do the work for you by putting together meals with Whole30-approved ingredients. We scoured the market for the best Whole30 meal delivery services and compared them based on cost, availability, and more.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Eat the 80

Eat the 80 in black font on white background

Eat the 80

Key Specs

  • Lowest Price Per Serving: $12.11
  • Number of Diets Served: 6
  • Number of Recipes: 26

Pros & Cons

  • Adheres to Whole30 guidelines

  • Can order up to 28 meals per week

  • Affordable with discount

  • Kitchen not free of all allergens

  • Does not accommodate specific allergy requests


Eat the 80 is a Whole30-approved meal delivery service that gives you the option to choose up to 28 meals per week, making it a great option if you’re feeding a family. These meals are gluten-free and free of preservatives. Eat the 80 prioritizes farm-to-table meals that support local farmers. Their beef is grass-fed, chicken and pork are free of antibiotics and hormones, and fish is always caught wild.

You can select from one of six meal plans, of which one is Whole30. Then choose how many meals you want—five, seven, 10, 14, 21, or 28—and how often you want them, either weekly or biweekly. You can pause, cancel, or edit your plan at any time. Plans range from $12.11 to $14.60 per serving. All meals are delivered fresh.

Eat the 80 ships to the lower 48 states.

Best for Whole30 First Timers: Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen in grey font on white background

Snap Kitchen

Key Specs

  • Lowest Price Per Serving: $10.50
  • Number of Diets Served: 6
  • Number of Recipes: 25

Pros & Cons

  • No gluten, soy, or artificial preservatives

  • Extensive filter options

  • Delivered fresh, never frozen

  • Not available nationwide


If you are new to Whole30, Snap Kitchen strives to do the work for you. There is no need to sift through ingredient lists to figure out what to eat and avoid. Simply sign up for six or 12 meals per week and choose the Whole30 filter. You’ll receive Whole30 meals weekly unless you skip or cancel, which you can do anytime. All of Snap Kitchen's more than 25 meals are designed by dietitians and prepared by chefs.

Meals range from 300 to 600 calories on average, and when you click on a menu item, you can see the rest of the nutrition information. Snap Kitchen has extensive filtering options, including filtering for ranges of calories, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and sodium-conscious options.

You get to choose your meals each week, which are cooked to order and packaged fresh with insulation. Meals stay fresh during travel for 72 hours (at 41 degrees or less) and are meant to be refrigerated after unpacking. The company notes that if meals are delivered and do not feel cool to the touch, and are not at the appropriate temperature to contact their customer service team. With a starting price of $10.50 per meal and free shipping, Snap Kitchen is also one of the more affordable Whole30 meal delivery services.

Best for Whole30 Veterans: Trifecta

Trifecta in orange font on white background


Key Specs

  • Lowest Price Per Serving: $11.42
  • Number of Diets Served: 5
  • Number of Recipes: 60

Pros & Cons

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options

  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic

  • Delivered fresh

  • Does not have a specific Whole30 menu

  • More expensive than other options


If you are a Whole30 veteran, we’re going to assume you’ve done your homework. But you won’t have to do too much work when you sign up for Trifecta. While the company does not have a specific Whole30 meal plan, it does have a paleo meal plan, which comes pretty close. A Trifecta subscription also comes with free support from the company's nutrition coaches and community support from other Trifecta members.

Trifecta's meals emphasize whole foods, organic ingredients, and proteins that are grass-fed or sustainably caught. Choose from one of five plans: Clean, Paleo, Keto, Vegan, or Vegetarian. After choosing a plan, you can opt for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or a third entrée. Then select how many days per week you want meals, either five to seven. Finally, you can nix two of eight items from your meals based on preferences or allergies.

Meals are vacuum-sealed and last in the refrigerator for six to 10 days or in the freezer for three months. Trifecta delivers to all 50 states.

Best for Three Meals a Day: The Good Kitchen

The Good Kitchen in red and black font on white background

The Good Kitchen

Key Specs

  • Lowest Price Per Serving: $14
  • Number of Diets Served: 6
  • Number of Recipes: 25

Pros & Cons

  • Offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Allows filtering for food allergies and preferences

  • Free of gluten, peanuts, and soy

  • More expensive than other services


The Good Kitchen is one of Whole30's approved meal delivery services that deliver farm-to-table meals weekly, biweekly, or monthly. It’s also one of the few Whole30 meal delivery services that offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With mouthwatering morning meals like ranchero chicken and eggs and Tex Mex style chorizo scramble, letting The Good Kitchen feed you all three meals a day will likely satisfy your taste buds.

In addition to filtering for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, you can customize your plan to eliminate any foods you are allergic to or don’t like. None of the meals contain gluten, peanuts, or soy. The Good Kitchen prioritizes sustainable sourcing practices with non-GMO ingredients that are mostly organic. They also choose grass-fed beef and chicken and eggs that are free of antibiotics and hormones. Meals are pre-cooked and arrive frozen. Simply heat and eat.

The only downside to The Good Kitchen is the price tag. At $14 per single-serve meal, it’s more expensive than some of its competitors in the Whole30 space. You can purchase meals from The Good Kitchen on its website, along with Walmart and Amazon. The company delivers to all 50 states.

Final Verdict

Eat the 80 is our best Whole30 meal delivery service because of its full slate of options, including the ability to order up to more than two dozen meals per week. The service is also officially approved by the Whole30 program. Eat the 80 delivers to the continental U.S., making it available to 48 states.

Guide to Choosing the Best Whole30 Meal Delivery Services

Is Whole30 Right for You?

“Whole30 is not for everyone. In fact, it's not for most people," says Nicole Stefanow, M.S., RDN. "Although you may experience weight loss due to the restrictive nature of the program, it is not a weight loss diet. Whole30 is an elimination challenge, which is closer to a diagnostic tool than a diet."

If you are considering a Whole30 eating plan, consider these factors:

  • Food Sensitivities: Whole30 may be able to help you identify foods you are sensitive to. However, it’s recommended to work with your doctor and a dietitian before doing an elimination diet.
  • Reset: If you feel like you have not been eating healthful foods, Whole30 brings the focus back to whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Keep in mind that this is only meant to be followed for 30 days and that continuing to eliminate several food groups over time could cause nutrient deficiencies.

Comparing Whole30 Meal Delivery Services

When comparing meal delivery services, look for companies that have a specific Whole30 menu plan. If they don’t have one, look for the ability to customize and filter foods and ingredients to manually customize the recipes to fit Whole30 as much as possible. Paleo meal plans, for example, closely fit Whole30. Cost, availability, and cooking time are also considerations.

These factors should be considered in your search:

  • Whole30 Meal Plan: Look for Whole30-approved meal delivery services by checking the website for a Whole30 Meal Plan. This means they have done the work for you in terms of nixing the food groups that aren’t allowed.
  • Customization: If a specific Whole30 meal plan is not available, look for companies that provide the option to filter out unwanted ingredients so you can manually create a Whole30 plan or look for a Paleo meal plan.
  • Cost: Compare the cost per serving to see what fits within your budget. Ordering fewer meals per week or skipping a week every so often will save money.
  • Cooking Time: Do you want a meal kit with ingredients ready for you to cook or a fully cooked meal that only needs to be reheated? Different companies have different offerings.

Incorporating Whole30 Into Your Lifestyle

The Whole30 program isn’t meant to be followed forever. Perhaps you do it once, once a year, or once a quarter. When you do, ordering from a Whole30 meal delivery service can make your life easier by saving time. The great thing about meal delivery services is that most can be paused, canceled, or restarted at any time. Consider how often you will use Whole30 meal delivery services, how many meals and servings you will order, and what type of meals you want.

  • How Often: Consider your schedule for the Whole30 program and whether you want to order a meal delivery service every time you do it. Perhaps you aren’t following Whole30 but you like the meals in the Whole30 meal delivery service and choose to order them every so often when you’re in a cooking rut.
  • The Number of Meals: Decide if you want the Whole30 meal delivery service to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner or just dinners. Choosing a service that provides all meals makes it easier to stick to the program, but it is more expensive and not all companies have this option.
  • The Number of Servings: Are you the only person in your household ordering the Whole30 meal kits or will others be eating the meals as well? This will determine if you choose single-serving meal kits or kits with additional servings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Begin An Elimination Diet Using a Whole30 Meal Delivery Service?

Yes. In fact, it might be easier to start with a Whole30 approved meal plan instead of doing all the work yourself. These services follow Whole30 standards and offer meals that fit into this diet.

How Much Do Whole30 Meal Delivery Services Cost?

The cost varies by company. The lowest price per serving for the Whole30 meal kits listed here ranges from $10.49 to $14. Most companies offer a first-time discount, which can significantly reduce the price, but only for your first order. The more meals you order, the lower the price per serving, but the overall cost will be more. Some companies offer free shipping.


To curate this list of the best Whole30 meal delivery services, we looked for meal delivery companies that offered a specific Whole30-approved meal plan or the ability to customize and filter to manually fit meals to Whole30. Most of the meals listed are heat and eat because there were limited to no options for Whole30 meal kits that came with ingredients you cook yourself. We took into account cost, customization options, ability to filter allergens, and availability.

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