6 Best Ways to Take Your Walking Indoors

Walking an Indoor Track at the Gym

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Are you taking your exercise indoors because you don't like the heat, wet, or cold outdoors? You don't have to stop walking. There are options and tactics to keep walking indoors. The benefits of indoor walking are easier access to water and restrooms. But, a drawback is the boredom factor for treadmills and indoor tracks.


A treadmill is touted as the exercise machine most likely to be used. You don't need to learn anything new, just turn it on and hop on, adjust the speed and off you go. You may be tempted to hold onto the handrails at first, but you will get the most benefit of walking hands-free as you do outdoors. Use your treadmill time to work on your walking posture, heel strike, rolling through each step. Being able to control the speed and not having to navigate curbs and obstacles, this is a great opportunity to hone your walking form.

The boredom factor is high when it comes to treadmills, especially since it is often a solo activity. Audio and video on your mobile phone or tablet can come to the rescue, especially if the treadmill isn't positioned to watch TV. You can watch streaming treadmill workout videos or use an app.

When considering buying a treadmill, you need to look at the motor power, stability, and workout features built into the treadmill. This is one piece of equipment where you usually get what you pay for, so it is best to shop for the best machine you can afford. Another good option is to look for a quality used treadmill. Then, get moving with treadmill workouts

Indoor Walking Tracks

Some gyms and health facilities have indoor walking and running tracks. As with a treadmill, these give you an opportunity to work on your walking posture and form, free from obstacles. You will need to observe their rules, such as which direction and lane to use, and not obstructing others on the track.

Mall Walking

Most malls open early for walkers, as do some larger stores. Mall walking offers a more social atmosphere than walking on a treadmill or indoor track, and with a chance to window shop and stop at the coffee stand. You can easily walk with friends or make new friends with the other mall walkers. Many walkers appreciate feeling more secure in the mall, away from traffic, and having access to restrooms and water.

The floors are usually underlain with concrete, so you may want to wear a more cushioned shoe than you would for a treadmill. Time your walk to finish when the stores open, especially during the holiday season when the mall will fill up fast with shoppers.

Video Walking Indoors

Leslie Sansone has a series of indoor walking workout videos designed for those with limited space to get a walking workout without a treadmill. All you need to do is clear a space in front of the TV or computer monitor and play the video or DVD to be led through a workout. These workouts burn calories and tone muscles. If you are training for a long walk, these videos do not substitute for training outdoors or on a treadmill as different muscles are worked.

Walk the Halls and Stairs

Make your own walking circuit at your workplace or school. Any large building has opportunities for adding steps. Wear a pedometer or fitness band, and aim to increase your average daily steps by 2,000 as a start. Use the stairs whenever going up or down one to three floors. You may make new friends in other areas of your workplace, enjoy a networking opportunity, or even start your own walking club. You'll be more in the know about what's going on as well as getting needed activity.

Airport Walking Paths for Travelers

As an antidote to sitting on the plane, airports are adding marked walking paths in the terminal. They can help you get in your 10,000 steps on a day you are traveling by plane.

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