The 8 Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers of 2019

Stay on track when you hit the water

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Wearable fitness trackers aren't just a fad, they're vital for many people to keep up with just how well (or not so well) they're doing to meet their fitness goals. They measure everything from miles to steps, your heart rate and even how well you sleep. Many of them are waterproof too, which is a bonus even if you’re not a swimmer. That means you can leave many of them on in the shower, while you wash dishes or even dive into a pool without having to worry about water damage.

They come in a variety of styles and cater to every fitness level. Whether you want to just make sure you’re meeting the minimum activity guidelines or have your eye on some serious athletic goals, there’s a fitness tracker out there for you. Here are some of the best waterproof fitness trackers on the market today.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Fitbit® Flex 2 Fitness Wristband


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For a basic, waterproof fitness tracker at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with the Fitbit Flex 2. If you’re a serious swimmer or triathlete, you may want one with more functionality (keep reading for more on those), but for a simple way to track your fitness, this band is a great choice.

The battery lasts for up to five days, and it tracks your activity day and night, even when you sleep. Whether you're going for a run or swimming laps in a pool, it will track all of your movement. The Flex 2 also provides vibrating and lighted reminders when it’s time for you to move. An LED display helps you know when you reach goals you set, and it will alert you when you’re getting calls or texts if your phone is nearby.

While this one comes with a wristband, you can also remove the tracking device located inside and wear it in a pendant or other accessory (for purchase separately) if you choose. Customers give this fitness tracker high marks all around saying it’s simple to use, lightweight and a great way to stay motivated.

Best Budget: LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker from LETSCOM comes at a stellar price, but you don't miss out on any quality. It provides most of the features of more expensive models, including heart rate and sleep monitoring, as well as activity tracking capabilities for running, biking, hiking and more. Pair it with your phone, and you’ll receive notifications of texts, emails and more. It also displays the time and date, which is a nice bonus.

This one has a USB plug built in so you can plug it right into your computer or any USB block, with no need for an extra cable. One charge will last about seven days. Customers say they’re pleasantly surprised with the performance of this fitness tracker, particularly for the price.

Best for Triathlons: Garmin Forerunner 735XT - Black & Gray

For serious athletes, the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is ready to compete. Lightweight and comfortable, it won't get in the way no matter where you're workout takes you. It includes tracking and support for any sport you’re tackling including running, biking, swimming and beyond.

It provides 24/7 heart rate monitoring, without the need for a strap, though you can also add a chest strap for even more advanced statistics. It also connects wirelessly with your phone to help you save and evaluate your statistics and offers training plans for all levels and distances that can be sent to your watch for real-time coaching. Customers say it’s comfortable, easy to understand and is a fantastic daily watch, no matter what activity you set out to conquer.

Best With Heart Monitor: Moov HR Sweat, Swim Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

A bit different from traditional bands that are worn on the wrist, this waterproof fitness tracker is designed to be worn as a headband. Not only does it monitor your heart rate, but it also provides real-time coaching based on it. It even works while you’re in the pool doing laps and tracks your performances there.

Customers say while it can take a bit of time to figure out all the features, it provides accurate heart rate monitoring, and they love the coaching. It’s lightweight and comfortable enough that you hardly notice you’re wearing it and works for pretty much any activity from kickboxing to running and beyond. Bonus: It absorbs sweat while you’re working out and prevents it from running down your face.

Best for Water Aerobics: Huawei Band 2 Pro All-in-One Activity Tracker

Are you doing your best Jane Fonda impression with some water aerobics? Well, the Huawei Band 2 is the perfect fitness tracker for you. Slim and light, it won't get in the way no matter what activity you're up to. It’s also more affordable than some of the more technical watches, but still offers all the basic features most people want in a fitness tracker, including built-in GPS (no need for your phone to track your progress) and a heart rate monitor. It’s also equipped with a running coach that provides workout data instantly and will track the quality of your sleep too.

The battery lasts up to 21 days for everyday wear and between four and five hours in workout mode. Though some customers report issues with the clasp, most say it’s a great value and the features are impressive.

Best With Music: TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music, GPS Fitness Watch

If you want to track your activity and listen to your tunes at the same time, look no further than the TomTom Spark 3. It provides activity tracking for a variety of sports—including swimming, running and gym workouts—but what sets it apart is its Bluetooth music player (with storage for up to 500 of your favorite songs) and included wireless headphones. If music motivates you to move, this is the watch for you.

It also has a built-in heart monitor, GPS tracking and provides notifications from your phone. The battery lasts up to three weeks in standard mode and up to five hours with the GPS on and music playing. Customers say updates make this version better than those that have gone before, and that it’s an overall great fitness tracker, particularly if you don’t want to have to carry your phone too.

Best for Kids: Garmin vivofit JR. - Real Flower

Fitness trackers are a great way to get kids motivated to move as they can see just how much progress they’re making on any goals they set. This one is designed for ages 4 to 9, and it comes in several fun prints including flowers and camo that kids will love. Because it’s waterproof, you don’t have to worry about them taking it off before bath time or when they jump in the pool.

The battery life lasts up to a year without having to charge it, and it can connect to an app on mom and dad’s phone so you can view your kids’ activity. It also includes fun and useful features like chore management tools and rewards for activity. Made kid-tough and comfortable enough to wear day and night, it also displays the time so it serves as watch too. Parents say it’s a fun and useful tracker, and kids love it.

Best for Runners: Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

This fitness tracker from Polar is a prime pick for runners who don’t want to worry about sweat or rain ruining their fitness tracker or those who love to jump in a pool or the shower after a long, hard run. With integrated GPS, heart-rate monitoring and a running program, it’s everything you need to slay your training goals, indoors or out. The battery life is impressive too, offering up to 30 hours of training time with multiple GPS recording options.

Customers say the heart-rate tracking is accurate and it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. Some report glitches with syncing the watch to your mobile device, but most say it’s a feature-rich device that makes the perfect running companion.​​

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