The 8 Best Walking Shoes to Buy for High Arches in 2018

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If you have high arches, your feet are not as good at absorbing shock as the average foot. You put more stress on your heel and the metatarsal area just behind your toes when you walk or run. This can result in foot pain or increased fatigue after a day of wearing shoes that don’t give the right support.

People with high arches can have heels that turn inward, too. This gives them less natural stability and they may have a higher frequency of ankle sprains as a result. The best types of walking shoes for those with high arches provide stability and cushioning. They also need to be of higher volume, meaning there is more height in the upper part of the shoe to accommodate a “taller” foot.

Built-in arch support is usually lacking in athletic shoe designs. Instead, they have a removable footbed so you can replace it with an arch support or orthotic that meets your specific needs. Be sure to use your inserts when you try on shoes to ensure that they work well together. You may also want to ask at athletic and walking shoe stores for good insoles or even custom molded insoles they can prepare on site.

To learn more about the best walking shoes to buy for high arches, read on.

Our Top Picks

Best Budget for Women: Propet Life Walker

It is a challenge to shop for a bargain when you need a shoe that will provide enough stability and cushion for high arches. Propet shoes are a brand trusted by many for walking comfort when you have foot problems.

This is a casual shoe that many buyers say works great for walking all day. Since every high-arched foot is different, it is important to get a shoe that can accommodate your own custom insole or orthotic. These shoes are light in weight and deep enough for your chosen insole.

They are made with a full-grain leather upper that should last you longer than mesh or canvas shoes, contributing to the value. They are available in narrow, regular and wide. If you want built-in arch support and even more stability, you may want to look at the Propet Stability Walker at a little higher of price point.

Best Budget for Men: New Balance 577

Well-constructed men’s shoes are even more difficult to find at a bargain price. New Balance designed this shoe specifically for walking. The leather uppers give the structure and support you need with high arches.

It has excellent cushioning and shock absorption in the heel. You will need to add your own insole or orthotic to give your arch further support. They are available in four widths so you can find the right fit as well.

Best Men's Sneakers: Brooks Adrenaline GTS

If you need an athletic walking shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS can take you as far and as fast as you need to go. These shoes are lighter and more flexible than leather walking shoes. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is a stability running shoe with a high level of cushioning.

This model has been a favorite for over 18 years. They keep the look fresh and offer six different colors and four widths. The cushioning adapts to your foot as you wear it. You’ll appreciate the mesh uppers that can keep your feet fresh.

Best Women’s Sneakers: ASICS GT-2000 6

For fast walking when you have high arches, this stability running shoe has the flexibility, cushioning, and stability you need. This shoe also gets the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. It has gel cushioning in the forefoot and rear foot, right where people with high arches need it.

For the model 6, they made the shoes even lighter and expanded the toe box so there is more room for women who have a bunion. Many women say they bought these for walking and love them.

Best Men’s Walking Shoes: Brooks Addiction Walker

The Brooks Addiction Walker is built for stability, support, and cushioning. They can be perfect for taking a healthy fitness walk or spending all day on your feet. With high arches, you need the extra cushioning they build into the heel and forefoot of this shoe. This provides the shock absorption you need with each step.

The Addiction Walker also provides motion control so your foot is stabilized. The shoes have a removable liner and enough volume to accommodate your own arch support insole or orthotic. These shoes are made with full-grain leather, three color choices, and four widths for classic style, comfort, and durability.

This style has stood the test of time and garnered thousands of online reviews from buyers. They overwhelmingly give it five stars and many comment that they are, well, addicted to the Addiction Walker.

Best Women’s Walking Shoes: Saucony Grid Omni Walker

This walking shoe will give you the support and cushioning you need with Saucony’s grid system. The forefoot padding should provide extra comfort for the metatarsals. Wearers say they can really feel the stability and can stride confidently in this shoe.

Many tout its arch support, but it also has enough room for you to substitute your own insole or orthotic. It has classic leather styling and many women like it as an all-weather walking shoe. It comes in narrow, regular, and wide so you can get the best fit for your foot shape.

Best Women’s Sandals: Vionic with Orthaheel Amber Women's Sandal

This sandal will look great at the office or on the go, but it has features that make it work well for walking too. The Orthaheel technology provides a built-in orthotic designed to provide arch support. It even bears the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The midsole provides the shock absorption you need when you have a high arch.

You can adjust the fit on all four straps. Having a heel strap allows you to use a brisk walking stride when you need it, without fear that you’ll walk right out of your sandals. Women who bought them give them overwhelming five-star reviews. Many say they bought them due to plantar fasciitis or foot pain and now have no aching feet. Some even had their podiatrists recommend Vionic shoes.

Best Men’s Sandals: Vionic Neil

The problem with sandals when you have a high arch is that the arch support must be built in as you can’t swap out the footbed for an orthotic. These sandals feature the Orthaheel orthotic support technology and men report that they have dramatic arch support. 

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